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Hebi: Ha! See!

ME: If you are here, then you get to do the thingie were I say I do not own something, that someone else does.

Hebi: A disclaimer?
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"Hey you need to get up."

Drowsily the girl in the bed opened an eye, only to shut it again.

"Turn off the lights, do you want me to go blind from the sheer brightness..." the girl mumbled as she threw the blankets over her exposed head.

"You need to get up now or your going to miss your first day at Seiyo." yelled her mother in the poor girls ear,
"Do I need to get THAT to wake you up."

The girl flew out of bed yanked her uniform on and ran down the hall to the bathroom. Her mother just stood back watching this go down with an evil like smirk on her face.



"Today we have a new student, she just moved here with her family from America, I ask only that you treat her generously and with the up most respect..."

"Tadase do you know who it is?" Amu whispered.
"Haven't a clue. They didn't say any thing about a new student in the update..." he muttered.

All heads shot up as the door slid open revealing a girl. She seemed very composed as she walked to the front of the class.

"Hello my name is Alice Kumori, I am very happy to be in Japan. I hope to be good friends with you all!" She smiled a dazzling smile.

The class just stared at her. She was acting so... ladylike. She also seemed the opposite of the 'cool and spicy' Amu.

"Uh. Oh, you can sit second seat from the window. Class we are going to talk about..."


Alice POV

'That was by far one of the most embarrassing things that has ever happened to me! Wahh! They were all staring at me! Plus I don't understand why I was acting like that... that's so strange... ' I pondered.

The window seat was always my favitore spot to sit. I can doodle what's outside.. watch the trees blow in the wind.
Good times, good times. I wonder what the students here are like.. I guess that will have to wait till the lunch break.

I was woken up from my day dream when the teacher called me to answer a question. I glanced around me, then back at him.


"Were you listening to what I just said?"


"I asked you.."

"To read, yes I know."

"Then you can do it then"


Inside I was mentally moaning. I can't read in front of people. Plus it looks like a poem, in English at that, I really don't want to show off. I know flawless English, my father after all was American.

I took a deep breath and let the words flow out of my mouth.

"She wasn't discouraged nor did she cry at her fate.
She was beautiful.

She didn't fawn anyone and fought them all by herself.
She was noble.

She shined brightly, like a divine figure.
I needed someone like her."

-Frederica Bernkastel

"She really is American!"
"Her English is perfect!"
"I wish I could speak English so elegantly"

I rolled my eyes at the senseless comments. These girls really didn't think I was American? Well, PART American, but still I grew up there my whole life..

The teacher quieted them down, before saying,

"I am very delighted with your speaking, you probably better then even me."

"Thank you, Sensei."


I relize this is a bit short, but I just wanted to vent my ideas. I got bored. The poem used is from,
Tsumihoroboshi-hen ( In Higurashi When We Cry), by Frederica Bernkastel. I DO NOT own it.

Anywho, I should tell you Alice's name meaning, huh?

Alice: Noble kind; of the noble sort

Kumori: Cloudy, Shadow

If I went all out I could use the Japanese, Arisu, but Alice is half American.. so it works.

I should give a little info on Alice-chan!

Age: 13

Likes: Manga, quiet, poems, doodling, Pocky, music, fan-fics, Art class, History, MTV, books; mostly mystery,sci-fiction and light novels, napping, cake, red pandas.

Dislikes: People who are bossy and rude, people who sterotype, FANGIRLS!, yuri, loudness, waking up.

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