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Chapter 1 – Not One For Words

Nock, draw, aim, shoot.

Nock, draw, aim, shoot.

Nock, draw, aim, -

"Watch your right elbow doesn't drop Will."

Readjust, shoot.

Will turned around to look at his mentor. "You know Halt, that can really scare some people."

"What can?"

"The way you just...appear."

"But not you?"

Will shook his head smiling. "Never me." He started walking towards the targets to collect his arrows. "How'd the meeting with the Baron go?" he called back.


"Anything new that I should know about?"


"Anything new at all?"


Will sighed, Halt definitely wasn't one for words. "Are you going to tell me?" he asked.


"Depends on what?"

"Depends if you make a satisfying dinner," Halt answered at length, and with that he turned round and walked into the cottage.

"Well," Will muttered quietly to himself, "that was a lovely conversation."

He turned back to one of the targets and gently wiggled an arrow out, then the next and the next. By the time Will was pulling out the last arrow he was so engrossed in his task he barely heard the man come up behind him. Luckily, at the last moment, Will whipped around.

"Hello," said the man coolly. He was a tall man, obviously well muscled and fit, dressed well, with a sword hanging from his hip. His blonde hair was cut short and he was cleanly shaved.

"Um, hi," Will answered, slightly unnerved. He didn't mind Halt randomly popping from nowhere but people whom he had never met, well, it was freaky. The man took a step closer. "What do you want?"

"Ah, you see that's were a misunderstanding is taking place," he stated. "It's not what I want, it's what my master wants." He took another step closer.

"And who is your master?"

"You'll find out...soon enough..."

He quickly took the final step to close the gap between them and swung his fist at Will's head. Will was ready for it and he ducked, he took a step backwards to give himself some room but came back into the target. Damn, Will thought, I never should've let him get so close. He ducked another blow but this time when he came back up the man elbowed him on the top of his head. The force of it made Will fall to his knees, the man kicked at Will wildly until all he could do was curl into a ball as a feeble attempt to protect himself. The man stepped back and looked at the sobbing boy below him.

"Pathetic," the man spat.

Will looked up at him, wishing that Halt would come out of the cottage and kill the man. Will would've done it himself but in his present condition found it hard to even sit up, let alone stand. Then, as if he heard his wishes, Halt stepped out of the cottage.

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