This is just a way I thought Kate and Matt would meet 1st, I know its completely differnet from the book, but I'm just starting out here. This is my first time ever writing, and I am kind of new on here. So bare with me, I hope you enjoy what I have written so far. I'll continue to write based on the feed-back I get. I don't know how old everyone is on here but I am only 14 so excuse the grammer and mistakes.

Airborn-Kate and Matt 1st meeting

Chapter 1 Kate

I got on the airship filled with anticipation that I would be able to, at least catch a glimpse at what my grandfather saw. "And make sure you don't drop anything and handle my items with care." I assumed this was the voice of my chaperon talking to the cabin boy down the hall.

I was worried she was already making a bad impression of herself and me. I rubbed my gloved hand over my forehead and removed my sun cap. I heard footsteps approaching from behind. I assumed it was the cabin boy waiting to pick up my things. Unlike the stereotype associated with an only rich child: I believed I was different. I immediately turned around to the sound of the footsteps prepared to tell him, "I can handle my things on my own", but as I looked up it was just Miss Simpkins, my chaperon.

"Kate please hurry with your things. I'm heading up to the room now. I'm expecting you to do the same", she said as she was adjusting her purse and coat in her hand. Turning gracefully on her heels, she headed towards her cabin. I saw the Captain coming towards me as he extended his hand to greet me.

I smiled sweetly at him as I began too introduce myself, "Kate de Vries. This is my chaperon, Miss. Simpkins." He nodded 'Hello', as he shook my. He was a medium sized man, and good looking for someone his age. I presume he was in his late thirties. Anyway I had a good vibe about him. I trusted him to fly us safely.

"Miss de Vries, I'll have your luggage delivered to your cabin right away", I was about to protest but he turned and said, "this is Mr. Matt Cruise he will assist you on this voyage.

Mr. Cruise in this case was about my age and completely attractive, he wasn't the finest boy you will meet but he definitely was putting a good impression on me.

I think they were talking about something that included me because; they were staring at me intensely, so I smoothed down my outfit and lifted my chin, extending my hand,

He took my hand and I felt a warm tingle crawl up my arm, I looked up at him because he was about a good 6 inches taller than me. "Kate de Vries, thank you, there is really no need,"

He smiled, and a wonderful smile at that, I couldn't help but smile myself, he lifted up my carry-ons and pushed the rest on a cart.

"Oh no it's fine, just doing my job." He smiled again and waves his hand foreword,

"This way miss" I finally took my gazed from him and noticed we we're alone. I removed my gloves from my hands and held them, following him with the cart between us.

Chapter 2 Matt

She was beautiful, and I was completely taken, she seemed about my age, maybe older, younger, I was so nervous around her. We were walking down the B deck corridor alone, and I wanted to start small talk, I was thinking about saying something to her, but when I looked over at her I think I caught her staring at me, I realized she was when she caught my eye and looked down blushing. Whoa, that was strange, it didn't seem like she was looking at my disgustingly, it was a sweet look, like she kind of…found me appealing. I new I wasn't ugly, I actually thought I was kind of decent, I mean I could get a girlfriend if I want, but I was dedicated to my ship, well, the Aurora. I glanced over again and saw her, putting her gloves on and then off again, she was so pretty, that I laughed at her fiddling, I didn't mean to but, I did, I regained my composer, and lost it laughing again,

She looked at me confused and opened her mouth to speak, but I guess she thought against it, and just looked at me.

"Having trouble deciding?" I said teasingly

She blushed, "oh no, I mean, just thinking", I guess she decided not to wear her gloves, because she took them off and place them on the cart.

She looked so nervous, that I wanted to relax her, "care to share", I joked. Kate smiled at that, "just about this ship, it's quite something, isn't it." She motioned with her hand.

"well, I mean, this is my first time aboard an airship, like this one, I am quite shocked at how much its similar to, well, a 1st class hotel. She laughed to herself.

I smiled at her, "well that makes me proud, a satisfied passenger, and I hope to keep it that way. Even if I am just a cabin boy, I like to think of it as baby steps to owning my own ship one day." I glanced at her, she seemed interested in what I had to say, so I went on, "my father used to come home and tell me stories of his adventures aboard his ships. I fell in love with it the day I was born, I was actually born in an airship, so I guess it's built in me somewhere," I laughed.

She gasped, "no way! You're pulling my leg." her eyes seemed bright with amusement.

I rose my hands, "mums word" she laughed at that, boy, did she have a nice laugh, soft and sweet, it sent a tingle up my spine, giving me the same feeling I felt when I shook her hand. We arrived at her door, and I unloaded her stuff, she seemed different now, avoiding my looks at her, I understood it was because her chaperon was giving me dirty glares.

I walked towards the door and said, "it was a pleasure," I nodded at her chaperon, and then turned towards Kate, "Miss de Vries" I moved so I can closed the door, and when I saw her chaperon not looking, I stuck my tongue out at her, winked at Kate and hurriedly closed the door.

I could hear Kate laughing as I grabbed the cart to leave outside the door, I was almost halfway down the hallway when I heard Kate's voice whispering, "pissst, Matt"

I turned around and saw Kate leaning out her door; she smiled and waved her hand, "bye, Matt."

Waving back I laughed and thought that was the cutest thing, I had ever seen.