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Chapter One

Ichigo sighed heavily snapping his cell phone closed after listening to Orihime crying for over three hours about how he had missed her birthday, and how a good boyfriend would never miss his girlfriend's birthday. Ichigo had been working, he had told Orihime he'd be working and would make it up to her over the weekend with dinner and a play that she'd been wanting to see; he was planning on doing al the romantic crap that Orihime wanted, but she had been so busy going on this dress that she'd bought the night before, and not listened to word that Ichigo had said to her.

Ichigo had no idea why he had even thought of marrying Orihime, she was self-centered, annoying, needy, greedy, clingy, whiny and never gave Ichigo five seconds to himself. They'd been together two years, Orihime wasn't working, or going to school, she was just sucking Ichigo dry like an emotional vampire. But Ichigo didn't leave her, and he was the one driving from his work to the florist to buy flowers to apologize to Orihime. Not only that but he knew that he'd be the one dropping half of his pay check this weekend to take her to dinner, and that damn fucking play she'd been dying to see.

Ichigo parked his car in front of the humble looking flower shop and got out, putting his hands in his pockets and walked inside. The flora scent reached Ichigo quickly, but it didn't make him feel sick the way that Orihime's perfume did.

"Hello?" Ichigo said walking over to the counter.

"I'll be with you in a moment," A deep voice said from a flower filled walk in cooler which was behind the counter. Ichigo nodded to himself and walked over a purple glass vase full of flowers. The vase was on a stand in the center of the shop, the flowers were light pink but faded to dark orange. Ichigo reached up carefully and touched the flower petals.

"They are Calla Lily hybrids,"

Ichigo jumped and turned carefully so he didn't knock over the vase. Standing in front of him now was a dark skinned adonis with his long hair in braids pulled back in a tie. He wore tight short sleeve skin tight white shirt that and jeans and a green apron around his waist.

"I didn't mean to frighten you," The man said smiling.

"It's okay," Ichigo said smiling back nervously.

"I'm Tousen," The man said smiling. "What can I do for you?"

"I need something to apologize to my girlfriend for missing her birthday, she's pretty upset," Ichigo said.

"Well, I'll tell you this," Tousen said walking past Ichigo. "Lilies are beautiful, and so are roses, but they aren't good for apologizing."

"Why not?" Ichigo asked trying to see where Tousen had gone.

" They are the most most common flowers bought, I suggest hyacinths," Tousen came back and holding a group of purple flowers. "Paired with some Meadow Cranesbills, it'll be a good combination. But do you like it and will she?"

" I've never seen or heard either of them," Ichigo said taking the flower from Tousen. "It's stunning, but I think she might like them,"

Tousen smiled. Ichigo took a moment to look into Tousen's eyes, then noticed that they were cloudy and white. "I'll make an arrangement and put them in a vase," Tousen said.

"Thank you," Ichigo said smiling nervously.

"Orihime, I'm home," Ichigo said opening the front door of the apartment holding the vase of flowers in his arms. Ichigo closed the door with his foot carefully and went into the living room. "Orihime?" Ichigo set the flowers on the kitchen counter. Ichigo went down the hall and tried to open the bedroom door, but the door was locked. "Hime, babe?" Ichigo jiggled the handle.

The door flung open hard and knocked Ichigo hard in the face, Ichigo scrambled back clutching his nose as it started to gush blood.

"Where have you been?" Orihime asked crossing her arms over her large chest

"I was at work, then I stopped to get you something," Ichigo said looking up at Orihime, her hair was sticking to her face and she had sweat on her face. Ichigo swallowed, but shook his head.

"Why do you smell like perfume?" Orihime asked.

"..... Fuck, it's flowers, damnit," Ichigo said, clutching his nose. "I stopped to buy your flowers, there in the kitchen,"

"Roses?" Orihime chirped hopefully. " They are my favorite,"

" I know," Ichigo said. "But no, I didn't buy you roses. Just go look at them, while I fix my nose and change into some comfortably clothes," Ichigo said.

Orihime walked past Ichigo, who shook his head and went into the bathroom and turned on the water and started to wash the blood from his face. Ichigo thought he heard the front door open and close, but shook it off then went into the bathroom, drying his face slowly and paused, looking at the bed. The sheets had been stripped off the bed, and Ichigo's brow furrowed, Ichigo had changed the sheets this morning. Again Ichigo shook the thoughts from his mind, then changed from his suit into a pair of sweatpants and t-shirt. Ichigo walked into the kitchen, Orihime was looking at the flowers with a very hypocritical eye.

"Do you like them?" Ichigo asked hopefully putting his hands in his pockets.

Orihime hummed, running her fingers over the petals of the flowers. "They're not roses," Orihime said and glanced at Ichigo.

"I know, but I thought that you'd like them," Ichigo said.

"No," Orihime said. "Roses are the flower of love and passion, if you don't get roses, you obviously don't care about me enough,"

Ichigo gritted his teeth. "Fine, alright, I'll go out and buy you six dozen roses," Ichigo said and Orihime smiled. " But you're going to take every single fucking one of them and take them and all your shit to the guy you were fucking earlier," Ichigo said.

"What?!" Orihime cried.

"You think I'm stupid?" Ichigo asked. " That I wouldn't notice," Ichigo shifted. "I just changed the sheets last night, I heard the front door open and close. I'm not a fucking moron Orihime. You never locked the bedroom door. So just tell me one thing.... do I know him?"

"I don't know what you're talking about?" Orihime asked. "Besides, if you think I'm cheating it's because you are cheating," She said.

"Don't fucking blame me!" Ichigo snapped. " I had a fucking ring waiting for you, waiting for you to change Orihime," Ichigo snapped.

Orihime put a hand over her mouth.

"I had my mother's ring waiting to put on your hand," Ichigo said. "But now I'm glad that I didn't do it. Now you've got an hour to get all your shit and get the fuck out," Ichigo said.

"I've got nowhere to go," Orihime said.

"You should've thought about that before," Ichigo said pulling away as Orihime moved against him. "Better start packing, anything you leave behind I'm going to burn or sell," Ichigo said and Orihime stepped back. " I'll kick you out, find someone else to leech off of," Ichigo sat down at the kitchen table, and sighed. Orihime reached for the flowers. " No, those are staying here," Ichigo said looking at her.

Orihime shifted, then walked out of the kitchen and into the living room. Ichigo sat in silence for over an hour, then scoffed when Orihime glanced into the kitchen, she shifted her bags.

"Oh, one more thing, I want the necklace, the earrings, and the car keys," Ichigo said. Orihime set the stuff down. "Credit cards, and cash," Ichigo said. Orihime set the cards and money on the table. Ichigo couldn't help but laugh. "Now get the hell out, you can walk, I'll be canceling your cellphone tonight," Ichigo said. " Make your new boy toy do pay for it,"

"Ichigo," Orihime said.

"Good bye," Ichigo said leaning back in his chair.

Orihime walked from the house and Ichigo laughed leaning back in his chair and looked at the flowers. ' I wonder if you can return flowers?' Ichigo thought and laughed again leaning forward and running his fingers through his hair.

End of Chapter One

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