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The clock in the hallway read three o' clock, and only a handful of students were left in the otherwise empty halls. Claire Redfield, on her way to meet her brother and their friends at the Raccoon City Mall, stopped at her locker to gather her books for the weekend. She set her backpack on the ground, deep red and hand decorated with the words Let Me Live scrawled across the top in yellow paint.

She wore a red tank top that ended right above her navel, her jeans were tight and low cut, hugging every curve of her hips and thighs. A silver star shaped piercing rested against her flat stomach. Her brown leather boots had a slight heel that helped shape her already round backside. She piled her books into her bag, zipping it up and shouldering it as she closed her locker.


Alexia examined herself in the full length mirror, making sure every detail was perfect. Her black broomstick style skirt hung from her waist, flowing to her ankles where it ended with frayed edges. Her purple top clung to her skin, her black vest hugging closely to her body. Her long blonde hair hung past her shoulders. She stood several inches taller than her twin brother, thanks to her five inch pumps. Her long fingers were decorated in delicate black lace, her tips the only thing peeking out.

Her lips were a pale pink, her eyelids covered in silver glitter and lined with black eyeliner. Not a single blemish was on her skin, making it resemble a porcelain doll's. Around her neck glittered a rather large ruby cabochon choker, made of genuine velvet, of course.

She smiled at her reflection, putting on the finishing touch; something that she hated to leave the house without, her tiara. It was made of white gold and gleaming white sapphires. It guaranteed attention anywhere she happened to go. As the heiress of a multi-million dollar pharmaceutical company, she wanted to be treated like a princess.

There was a knock at the door, and she turned to face the visitor. She smiled, her white teeth gleaming.

Her twin brother, Alfred, stood in the doorway. He smiled back at her.

"You look beautiful today, Alexia."

There was almost a sneer from the girl. "I know. I always do. But you, on the other hand..."

Alfred blinked rapidly, peering down at himself. It was a pair of ripped jeans and a somewhat loose t-shirt. It wasn't that bad. But he was used to Alexia making him change clothes when they went out together.

"What do you want me to wear?" He asked, steeping into the room.

The girl paused, turning and disappearing into the huge walk-in closet. She returned moments later, holding up some clothes for her brother.

"First, this shirt." She held up a red, silk button-up shirt. "Yours is so...ill-fitting." she tossed it to him.

Alfred caught it, running the soft, fluid-like material through his fingers.

"Now." Alexia continued, holding up a pair of yellow jeans. "These will bring out those eyes of yours." She tossed the jeans to him now.

The boy hesitated before nodding, turning to leave to try them on. He was always so devoted to his sister, doing whatever she asked – or usually, demanded. He never questioned her. Or disobeyed. He loved to please her.

When he returned, donning the somewhat peculiar outfit, Alexia seemed very content.

"When are we to meet the others at the mall, Alfie?" Alexia asked, slipping on some red ruby jewelery. Alfred glanced to the clock, counting silently to himself before answering.

"Uh, about half an hour, why?"

"We have got to do something about your hair. I am not leaving this house with you looking like you have not gone to a salon in weeks."


Chris walked hand in hand with his girlfriend as they strolled past the stores in the mall. They were alone for now, having come early for that very reason.

His hair was neatly slicked back, sitting neatly on the top of his head. The metal dog tags clinked together with each step he took. The sleeves were ripped off his camouflage shirt showing his toned arms; he was toned but not overly buff. His pants were a simple beige, and his shoes black.

"Hey, legs check out here." He tugged on Jill's hand, heading towards the arcade. Jill sighed, but followed, deciding a few minutes in the arcade wouldn't be so bad.

Chris tugged Jill in, looking around for something fun to play. She followed with a shake of her head.

"Oh hey, lets play this one." He pointed to a game with the name DEADLY SILENCE blinking in red lights. Two guns were sticking out from metal slots on the front of the machine.

Jill cocked an eyebrow, looking to Chris. "This? A shooting game?"

"A zombie killing game!" Chris pointed enthusiastically to the opening movie which began to roll.

The brunette gave a hesitant sigh, but nodded, moving to grab one of the guns as Chris put the coins in.

The game began and they were going down the halls of an old mansion. Badly rendered 3D zombies were popping out from behind corners.

Chris seemed to be having a bit of trouble keeping his gun straight, while Jill was doing perfectly well.

When the game was over, Chris grumbled under his breath, a little embarrassed and disappointed that he didn't get to impress his girlfriend.

Jill smiled at him, brushing a tuft of her short hair from her face.

"Now I get to take you somewhere." She grabbed his hand, leading him out of the dark arcade.


Being the first two to arrive together at the designated rendezvous point, Leon and Ada were in the food court. Leon was munching on some French fries and drinking down a chocolate milk shake, while Ada was eating as mall Cesar salad with a diet soda.

Leon, though currently dating Claire, spent any of his free time with Ada, probably too much time. He enjoyed being with her in more than one way, but he was sure to keep it quiet. He enjoyed having a woman on the side, he wasn't about to let it be ruined.

Ada watched Leon from behind a pair of designed sunglasses. He was a perfect target for her. Cute, but dumb. Popular, but trusting. Not to mention, not bad in the sack...

She sipped her soda, wondering how long they had alone together before someone came and ruined it...

Leon found himself staring at Ada's chest. She wasn't wearing a bra beneath her red halter top, he could tell. Her red skirt was short, only came to about mid thigh, and ended in cute ruffles. She wore black fishnet stockings and knee high red boots. On her lap rested her leather jacket, a gift from her former boyfriend, as most of her pricier posessions were.

Leon wore a blue and yellow letterman Jacket. He played football for the high school team, the stars. His pants were simple, just jeans. He didn't care much about what he wore.

"Leon," Ada licked her upper lip slowly in an attempt to get the boy to pay attention to her. It always worked.

"Huh?" He looked up and she smiled at him.

"What are you thinking?"

"About you, babe." He gave a toothy grin.

Ada smiled. That was exactly what she wanted to hear. She had complete control over him, and she loved it.