PROMPT: One Giant Leap (China Beach)


PROMPT: The Superhero Secret (Pokemon)

Emily fell into his kiss, letting herself go the same way she always did. There was nothing else she could do, not with him. It didn't matter that they were in the middle of a crowded bar or that their entire team was looking on. All that mattered, all she could focus on, was the feeling of his mouth on hers and the feeling of his body brushing against hers. He swung her upright as they broke away and she felt the world spin. Her breath came short as she clung to him.

"You're good at that."

He chuckled, wrapping his arms more firmly around her to keep her upright. "Dancing?"

"Kissing," she replied, leaning up to kiss him again.

He indulged her for a few moments before pulling away. "I think we've proven to them that there is something between us."

She huffed. "Now we have to go back and face them."

"I thought you wanted to show them."

"Well, yes, but I'm really not looking forward to the Spanish Inquisition we're about to experience," she replied wryly. "Can you imagine all of the questions we're about to face."

"Better late than never," he pointed out.

She chuckled. "You've never been on the receiving end of a Penelope interrogation. She could put you to shame."

His hands perched on her hips as she started to weave her way through the crowd and back to the table. JJ's mouth was still open. Penelope was bouncing in her seat. Reid looked almost fearful where Dave just seemed smug. Derek looked utterly triumphant. They stopped at Hotch's seat and he refused to let her go. Emily bit her lip.

"I'm assuming this isn't new?"

"Well, we suspected..." Dave began.

"I knew!" Penelope exclaimed.

"Me too," Derek agreed.

"Ditto," JJ added, raising her hand.

Reid nodded his agreement.

"How?" Hotch asked. They'd been careful, they both knew they'd been careful.

JJ smiled softly. "I saw you, Em, bring Hotch a suit. You kissed."

"A case a few weeks back," Derek answered. He nodded at Emily. "You were able to calm Hotch down."

"Security cameras," Penelope admitted sheepishly.

Hotch sighed, his eyes narrowing. "Garcia, how many times have we talked about your extra-curricular camera watching?"

"I know, sir, but it's so easy!" Penelope defended.

Emily chewed her lip. "Dave?"

"Behaviourally speaking, it was pretty obvious once you knew what you were looking for. And the way you denied everything so vehemently... I figured there was something going on," Dave answered.


All attention turned to the young genius. His cheeks started going red. "Um... I knew first."

"You what?" Emily exclaimed. Usually, Reid was the absolute last person to know about anything personal. The entire team knew that.

"That's what we said!" Penelope agreed enthusiastically. It was obvious she was still over the moon about what had just happened, about the way Hotch refused to let go of Emily and the way her fingers had slid in between his where his hand rested on her hip.

"Hey! I'm a profiler too!" Reid said indignantly.

"Yes, sweetie, but you're a little behind the times when it comes to the team," Penelope said, consolingly reaching out to pat his hand.

Reid scowled.

"How long?" JJ asked.

"Screw how long!" Penelope interrupted, "How serious?"

Emily bit her lip. They were okay with this. And that, more than any of the numerous discussions they'd had over the past couple of weeks, made the decision she'd been warring with. "We're moving in together."

"We are?"

She tilted her head to look at him, taking in the slightly shocked look on his face. She had been the one that despite bringing up the topic a few times, was the most reluctant. It required a lot of sacrificing on her part, not because of actually moving, but because she'd never lived with a man before. "Yeah."

The smile that stretched across his face was huge and genuine and made Emily smile back. The butterflies started up in her stomach. They were going to move in together. Her reservations be damned, they were going to do it. He leaned towards her and she could tell he was simply giddy with the idea of having her with him full time. She tilted her head, oblivious to the team behind her, meeting his mouth.

Penelope actually squealed, breaking the spell between them. Emily blushed bright red, and, much to her amusement, so did Hotch. JJ beamed and Emily had to admit, it was nice to know her friends were on board with this. They were happy for her.

"Moving in?" Reid blurted, bringing them back to the original topic. "You guys are really good! Well, except with the actually hiding it part."

Emily blew out a breath. "It's not our fault all of you happened to look when..." Then her mouth dropped open as she went redder and her head whipped to Penelope. "Security camera, you say?"

Penelope shrugged. "You should have known better than to choose the file room. There are cameras everywhere in there."

Emily groaned.

I'm not sure if I like this or not. The whole point was to tell the team, talk to the team and get into the whole 'moving in' part. I may come back and change things later, but I've been working and working on it...

Anyway guys, assuming I don't come back and edit it, this is the end of "Keeping Secrets". Thanks for reading!