To Earn a Knights Love

Chapter 1

Hisoka Lover: Hello people of the internet! I have returned and be assured I have not given up on When Night Arrives I'm just in a creative slump in that area. So here you have it To Earn a Knights Love.

I've never been particularly loved, in fact I've never been particularly liked. Since my birth I was put down, cut down and beaten down but not anymore. Today I stand up I won't take it anymore! 'You mean we won't my dear' Yes, yes we won't take the pain anymore.

Red and blue lights flashed from all sides people murmured about a boy being brought out the house on a stretcher bloody and beaten. A man and two other children stood at the door, slowly closing it the man turned his back on his son and the world.

'Beep, beep, beep' Steady beeping could be heard throughout the sterile hospital room all white no cards nor flowers decorated the room just barren walls. Slowly teal eyes blinked open, fear, the first thing always felt by the boy then there was the pain, always pain. Try as he might the boy could not control the scream that graced his lips from the pure anguish enlisted in his body. Soon after a nurse came rushing in, surprised no doubt, by the scream. Quickly she put something into the boys IV bag and the scream subsided. Soon after she left a doctor walked in seemingly undisturbed by the low growl coming from his patient.

"Well now," he began sitting stiffly in an armchair close to the bed, "All that screaming. What a headache I have now" he placed a hand on his head while checking over the boys vitals. " Oy, now to the standard questions. Do you know who you are?' A nod "where you are?" another nod "know who put you here AGAIN?" silence then a soft 'yes' could be heard from the small tenor. " And yet you want nothing done?" After a fierce shake of the boys head he continued. "I can't do this anymore, Gaara, you know why?... Because everyone saw something this time not just me. This time he almost killed you. I can't sit idly by watching you die. I can't and I won't."


" HE WHAT GAARA HE WHAT? What did not mean to? Thats bullshit and you know it"

"No I-"

"Now don't start with how its your fault again!"

"Will you let me finish?" The boys voice sounded so dangerously low it effectively shut the doctor up. "Thank you. It was my fault this time I provoked him."

"You finished?" A nod "THAT does not excuse him almost killing you! The courts will have to see it that way. He's been doing this for years! Look i know why you don't want to turn him in and it's a good concept but if you die what will that prove?" After saying this he left in a huff perfectly executed as if by a three year old.

'It would solve our pain' said a thick poisoned honey voice. "No it would not" the boy answered 'But it would. It would solve everyones pain as well. All their pain is your fault!' silence ensued from the boy 'oh someones grumpy today. No witty comeback or smart remark?' "No not today" The boy rolled over and tried to sleep.

A crash was heard and the boy jumped awake. "Now see what you did?" A blond woman reprimanded her black haired, red eyed, partner. The boy started to growl at the couple looking very confused and clearly angry. "Well now that your awake...Hi I'm Tsunade and don't worry about him. She sighed and shifted her weight to the chair. "Anyway as you may have guessed your doctor called us to...." she trailed off upon seeing the look of pure hatred she was receiving. "Uh- and he...ummm...he...Excuse me is something wrong?"

"We don't need you nor do we want your help. We want you to go the hell away and then we won't be hurt."

"What are you talking about?" Tsunade managed to get out after her shock wore off at the sudden change in the boy's voice and demeanor.

"I am Shukaku released by th boys fear I thank you for that." she said pointedly at the man. "We are happy at home we are happy to be hurt if it protects our siblings. Thats from him."

"So your here now? and then when will he come out?" Tsunade asked. The red-eyed man nodded slowly, rose, and left. Tsunade did not see this however because right at that instant the boys body in front of her fell with a soft 'thud' to the bed.

Hisoka Lover: So what do you think? Not beta-ed so maybe a little rough I apologize for that. Next chapter will be longer promise.