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Wake Up Dreaming: A Tenchi Muyo! Story.

Chapter 1

The sun shown brightly down on the beach below reflecting light off the brilliant blue water. Birds made noises quietly in the distance. The wind was blowing softly and crystal clear seawater lapped peacefully against the sand. However, the serene atmosphere betrayed the view of the tropical beach. It looked like a war zone or bomb had just destroyed it. Bits and pieces of wreckage, twisted metal, and wood were strewn around the area completely ruining the smooth sandy landscape. Some of the debris was still on fire from the terrible crash. There amongst the smoldering ruin lying in the sand was a woman.

She was quite the breathtaking sight. Any man would go weak in the knees and tight certain other places just looking at her. She was the epitome of exotic female beauty. She was tall and muscular, but not overly so with strong slender arms and luxuriously long smooth legs. She had a tight stomach that showed just a hint of abdominal definition when she exerted the muscles. She had a rather full and large bust, but it was proportional to the rest of her body. Her facial features were nothing to exclude either. A large distinct mane of cyan colored hair adorned her head. Several thin, sharp bangs hung down in front of her face and two long thick locks hung in front of her ears by her cheeks. The rest of her hair was wild and spiked back giving her an extremely sexy, feral cat like appearance. She had a small thin nose with full sexy lips that made the most arousing expressions. To top it all off were thin cyan colored eyebrows above one of her most exotic features. Her eyes. The woman's eyes, although closed now, were an extremely vibrant amber-gold color, truly unique in the universe. And even that was an understatement of the brilliance of color. They tended to look more like hot chunks of molten lava, and gave off an entirely sexual connotation with almost every look. Her pupils were also not rounded like most humanoid creatures. Instead, they were vertical black slits, like a cat and only helped emphasize the appearance.

The woman's name was Ryoko Hakubi. She was lying of the deserted beach unconscious, covered in dirt and sand. There was dried blood caked on her forehead. She was wearing an intricately designed red and black skintight jumpsuit, part of which even covered half of her face. When it wasn't damaged at all, the suit left little to the imagination and now it was in ruins. The legging portion was badly torn exposing her creamy skin. One of the sleeves was almost completely torn off and the other one was quite mangled from the elbow down. The torso was torn and ripped in multiple places, exposing parts of her firm belly and one stray rip even went all the way up her right side exposing part of her breast and clavicle.

"Ungh—unh," Ryoko groaned in pain and discomfort as she regained consciousness.

She gingerly rolled to her side and coughed up seawater roughly and struggled to start breathing normally again. She rested her dirty sweat covered forehead in the warm sand trying to get bearings on her surroundings. She squinted as the bright sun shined brightly down upon her. She very slowly and tenderly moved her right leg, trying to pull it up to curl herself in a fetal position.

"Aaahhhhh---ungh," she screamed loudly in pain and immediately stopped moving it and started breathing out in rough gasps again.

She swallowed hard; her mouth was dry and tried to remember what got her here. She remembered that the leg and arm had broken as they were falling from the stars… She flexed her fingers and again pain shot through her but this time she only grunted. Her body must've repaired itself already, but she was extremely sore all over. She looked out to see the burning wreckage all around her. Suddenly her eyes widened with realization.

"TENCHI!" she yelled as best she could. Her throat hurt but she called again, "TENNNCHHIII!" Tears started to pour down her cheeks and she struggled to get to her feet.

She tried several times and eventually gave up on standing and just crawled to her hands and knees. She hurt all over but she still lifted her head and scanned the beach. She couldn't see her companion anywhere.

"TENCHhhiiii," she tried to yell again but her voice cracked and got weak. The tears flowed uncontrollably and her nose started to run too.

The pain she started to feel in her chest prevented her from moving anymore and the tears stung her eyes and made her vision blurry. She felt physically weak and fell to her elbows in the sand. Ryoko made one last effort and lifted her head and in one desperate attempt howled.

"TEENNNCHHIIII," she yelled as loud as she could. As she lowered her head she saw something in the distance. It didn't look like spaceship wreckage. It was far off and her eyes were still blurred. She wiped her face on her arm and looked again. It looked almost like a body.

"Tenchi!" Ryoko breathed to herself and the thought that it could be him filled her blood with adrenaline. The extra chemicals allowed her to stumble to her feet and run.

She ran as fast as she could towards the object. As she got closer her brow furrowed and she started to slow down. It wasn't him. It wasn't even a body. After slowing to a walk she limped over to a small jagged piece of twisted metal in the sand.

"Aaah – hua – aahh," Ryoko fell to her knees and started crying anew. Her chest was heaving and she took in as much breath as possible. "Arrrgh! TENCHIIII!" Ryoko screamed his name as loud as she could and smashed both her fists down on the twisted metal shattering it into separate pieces. "Ten – hua – ha –chiii," Ryoko moaned.

The tears rolled down her cheeks uncontrollably. Her thoughts were racing again but this time there weren't any glimmers of hope on the horizon. What if he really was dead? Ryoko clutched her head and screamed in heart-wrenching pain.

"My Tenchi, My Tenn – chiiii…" Ryoko sniveled.

For all her strength, she could barely hold herself up. She let herself fall over onto her side in the sand. After a few minutes her panic started to subside. Her thoughts were a little clearer, coherent.

"Ungh," she moaned and wiped her eyes on her arm. He has to be alive. No reason to break down over one false alarm, Ryoko reassured herself. Her thin cyan eyebrows quickly shifted downward into a worried face as she scanned the beach in both directions. Tenchi was strong but he couldn't regenerate. What if he was hurt somewhere? Ryoko shook her head as her thoughts began to grow darker. She took a deep breath and tried to take off. She only got a few feet off the ground before she felt drained. She drifted back to the soft white sand and knelt down. Her breathing came out in puffs and her hair whipped in the wind.

"I won't give up… My Tenchi," Ryoko said to whatever spirit may be listening, hoping it would carry her message to its recipient. She slowly rose to her feet and tried to fly again. She grunted and forced herself to go further and faster down the beach.


"Aeka, please!" he begged. "Please stay here! I don't know what I would do if you got hurt," he wanted to say more but he didn't know what else to say.

"Lord Tenchi," Aeka said, "I thank you for the concern but I cannot let you fight alone. What if something were to go wrong? You might need my help," she said all in one breath. "What if – you…" she started again but Tenchi placed a finger against her lips.

"I won't. And I'll be back here soon. I promise. I promise I'll be back for you."

"Tenchi!" Aeka exclaimed foregoing her usual formal title for him. Her brilliant fuchsia eyes widened as ideas of what Tenchi might say next danced in her head. "Please, Tenchi. Please don't say something you don't mean," her normally confident high-pitched voice was suddenly shaky.

"I promise you I'm coming back," Tenchi said sternly and looked straight into her eyes.

He leaned closer and pulled her gently toward him. Aeka held her breath and closed her eyes as she felt Tenchi's lips press against hers. It was a strong and confident kiss. Aeka relaxed and began to melt into his strong embrace. And then it was over. She frowned inwardly wishing it had lasted longer. By the time she got back to reality, Tenchi had turned away and started walking down the long corridor away from Aeka's room.

"Tenchi. Tenchi!" Aeka called down the hallway.

He didn't look back. He felt terrible for doing it but he would break if he responded to her. He would never be able to go through with it. He had never kissed one of the girls like that before. He licked his lips. Admittedly, it was pleasurable, even if it was so short. He never lied to one of the girls like that either. That didn't sit well with him at all. I hope this works he thought. If it doesn't… he sighed and tried not to think about it.

"Goodbye, Aeka…"


"Uhhhngh," a young man, Tenchi Masaki, groggily moaned and opened his dark brown eyes. He felt as if bricks were weighing them down and it took all his strength to find out he was staring straight up into a bright sun. He squinted as he looked up. His throat was dry. He tried to talk, make some kind of sound but he couldn't.

"Hey, hey there don't move," a slightly nasally female voice, said. "You're pretty messed up and I haven't gotten to patch you up yet."

He vaguely realized that he was moving. In what, he didn't know. Who was even talking to him? Was he hallucinating? Who knows? All of a sudden whatever he was moving in hit a bump and unimaginable pain shot through his body. Tenchi yelled out in pain and tried to move instinctively and more pain shot through him.

"Ryoko," he mumbled and blacked out.

"Hm… sorry about that cutie," the nasally voice said.


The cyan-haired beauty looked up for a moment, her eyes widening, as if she heard someone call her name.

"Tenchi?" she asked whimsically.

She scanned the beach for anything that might have been the object of her search. She breathed a tired sigh and looked up at the sky, listening to the complaining cries of strange birds.

"Are we even on Earth?" Ryoko asked aloud.

She couldn't tell. There were many planets that resembled Earth when there was no civilization around to define them. She had started to give thought to some questions that quite honestly she didn't care about the answers too, but they helped her keep her mind away from the depressing thoughts that had almost crippled her search for Tenchi before she had even started it. She looked back down and started clearing away some more wood and metal debris from the space tree's wreckage.

"Tenchi…" she sighed.

Every time she tore through a big piece of debris a pit formed in her stomach. Every unchecked area gave way to anxiety. What if he was trapped under something she missed? Worse, what if she found a mangled corpse.

After going through one especially large chunk of the Juraian battleship, Ryoko stopped and sat down pulling her legs up to her chest and hiding her face. She felt so helpless. There was nothing around here, time was against her, and she had no clue where she was. At least if she could get back to Aeka and the others they would be able to help look. Aeka. Her thoughts stopped and dwelled on the violet-haired princess for a moment. She let out an odd choking sound as tears forced their way from her eyes. She hugged her legs closer as her chest seized up tighter and tighter. She bit her bottom lip but it didn't stop her from crying.


She followed Tenchi silently through the halls of the great ship. A mischievous smile played across her lips in the dark as she stalked her prey. Ryoko wasn't one for sleeping too long and when she heard Tenchi come out of his room, she decided to follow him. She stopped suddenly and furrowed her brow as she realized where he was going. She flew up and quietly perched behind the large ornate wooden carvings adorning the hallway. The royal quarter was dark. Tenchi stopped in front of the large door at the end of his destination. He visibly shivered and stood still for a moment gaining composure. Ryoko wasn't too sure what he was doing; she narrowed her feline eyes and strained to listen as Aeka came to the door.

"Damn," she whispered quietly to herself.

Even with her excellent hearing, she couldn't make out what they were saying. Ryoko swallowed hard and reeled from her perch as she watched Tenchi grip Aeka's shoulders. Her heart pounded in her chest as she watched and suddenly it seemed to come to an icy halt. Tenchi tenderly pulled Aeka's face towards his and kissed her. Ryoko trembled from her hiding spot and blinked several times. It didn't stop the tears. She quickly moved a hand up to cover her mouth as a small whimper escaped her lips. She turned her face away and teleported to the very small quarter of the ship she was staying in. Once in the room she stumbled and collapsed to her knees before she even made it to the cramped bunk. She was crying so hard that she barely made sounds. Huge heaves of breath escaped her as she replayed the image of her Tenchi willingly pulling Aeka to him and kissing her.


Similar heaves of breath escaped Ryoko's lips now as she relived the heart-shattering event again. It had come to her repeatedly throughout the day as she had searched for Tenchi.

"Aaaaaaargh! I hate you Tenchi! I hate you!" she screamed as loud as she could and gripped the sides of her head. "I need you, My Tenchi. I need you," she whimpered.

After a few minutes Ryoko finally regained her composure and looked up. It was getting dark. The planet's moon was already shining in the sky and a few bright stars started to dot the sky.

"No!" Ryoko exclaimed. She started to panic. "I let too much time pass. Tenchi…" all her thoughts were focused towards finding him.

She turned to get up and fly away but she ran right into a huge lumbering figure. Her strength sent the hulk flying but she did recoil out of surprise.

"Get her now!" a booming voice yelled.

With lightning speed Ryoko swiveled around toward the voice and her fingers pulsed as pure orange energy seeped from them into her palm. The energy condensed into a small sphere and she closed her palm igniting the ball into a long plasma like blade. She quickly saw that there were several attackers. They looked human enough but their weapons sure weren't. One of the smaller humanoids launched his rifle-like weapon. Ryoko easily dodged it and threw her lance at his feet causing a mild explosion in the sand. She re-ignited the sword in her right hand and her left hand trembled slightly as the same energy quickly built up in her forearm and pushed its way out of her fingers into her palm.

"Go! Go! Don't let her escape!" one of the voices yelled out.

Ryoko gracefully back-flipped out of the middle of the group of attackers and scattered them with the small sphere of orange energy. They continued to fire at her. Even in her exhausted state they were no match. She had fought for centuries against the most powerful beings in the universe as one herself. These thugs with guns weren't a threat.

"Hey!" she yelled. "Who are you? What do you want from me?" she called to her attackers while dodging and deflecting the energy blasts they fired at her.

There was no answer from her attackers and one lucky shot got by her defenses. The glowing blue blast hit her right shoulder. She suddenly lost her saber as her arm went numb.

"What the hell?" Ryoko yelped and ignited the sword again but in her left hand this time.

She launched the sword at one of the dark attackers. The explosion sent him flying along with two of the others. With superhuman speed and grace she rushed the big one she bumped into at first and this time smashed her fist into his face. Pleased with the sound of his nose breaking, Ryoko turned towards the remaining three. It was too late. All three shot their beam like weapons and before Ryoko could teleport to safety all three blasts hit her. She forced her arms to reach out and catch herself as she fell forward into the sand. She groaned and looked up. The leader who had been barking all the orders stepped out with his own weapon drawn and looked down at her.

"Bring the containment unit! Please be careful, this one's feisty!" he yelled.

Ryoko looked around and more humanoids wearing strange suits and masks seemed to appear out of nowhere. Ryoko was suddenly filled with panic. I can't let him down she thought.

"Tenchi!" she yelled.

With a roar of power she stood up and fired multiple orange energy blasts a full 360 degrees around her. Mini explosions all around her sent many of the masked men flying into the air. Blue plasma bolts fired back in response at her hitting their mark. Ryoko was too tired and weak to fend off these simple humanoids. She felt herself slipping into unconsciousness but before she did there was only one thing on her mind.

"TENCHIIII!" she called out again as loud as she could manage. And then, it was dark.