Title: Awakening

Summary: What happened when Alice first woke up, all alone, as a vampire.

I can feel each individual blade of grass beneath me as I lay, wherever I am.

It's like soft feathers caressing my back.

I know that something has happened to me, that I've changed somehow, but I can't be sure how. I can't seem to remember anything.

Every time I try to go back, all I get is an empty expanse of blackness, and a hollow feeling envelopes me. Like there is nothing to back to. I don't know who I am, though I hear the name Mary-Alice ringing faintly, echoing inside my head.

Is that my name? I have no idea...

I don't know how I got to be wherever I am, apparently outside somewhere.

Had someone brought me out here? I can't be sure what has happened since the moment I succumbed to the numbing darkness.

I've just woken up, and I have yet to open my eyes. The darkness is all I know now, and I am strangely comforted by it's imposing presence. It will be my constant in this time of confusion, my one consolation. The one thing that I will be able to rely on.

As I lay in the gentle grass, unmoving and seeing only the dark blankness of my mind, a scent so wonderfully alluring, and appetizing wreaks havoc on my senses. My throat burns at the thought of devouring something so delicious smelling, but what is it? My eyes snap open, and I am immediately shocked by the vivid colors of the night. They surround me, and I can see them perfectly, everything is in flawless detail. As I merely think about sitting up to become closer to the brilliant colors, I am suddenly upright in a movement so fast, it couldn't be possible.

But I saw everything clearly, I think to myself, it was like I never moved……

Just then, the delicious scent is back, consuming me, and I am once again to overcome by it to truly ponder, or care about, what I have become. I follow the scent through the tall, darkened trees that line the small clearing I was laying in only seconds ago. The tracking of the wonderful scent is instinctual, and I am merely following my need to quench my appetite. I fly through the dense forest, and the hard earth feels like velvet against my bare feet. I can see them now, two people, two men, walking along the blackened path leading through the woods. I realize right away that the glorious scent is coming from them, and I begin to slow my pace a little.

It's them? I wonder to myself in shock, but I am still moving towards them and know that nothing will save these two men who I don't even know.

I am almost to them when I begin to feel slightly disoriented. It feels like I am falling down a long tunnel of constantly changing, blurry pictures, and I have nothing to ground me. But then it stops and I see a face so inhumanly beautiful that I want to do nothing more than gaze at it forever. I know instinctually that he is like me, whatever that may be.

Then the picture changes, but the man is still there, coming through the door of a small diner. His golden hair is wet from the downpour outside, and he looks as if he has not slept in days, maybe weeks. I can see a perfectly shaped, half moon scar on his neck, and I fleetingly wonder how he got it. It doesn't matter, I decide. Though he looks tired, and half drowned, he is still the most beautiful being I have ever seen. As I watch him scan the small dining room with anxious, hungry looking eyes, I am overcome with intense feelings of love and protectiveness.

I love this man....

I sense myself walk up to him, and watch his face as it becomes first suspicious, then confused. I giggle to myself.

"You've kept me waiting a long time," I tell him. My voice sounds like the lovely tinkling of wind chimes. His confused expression is still in place as, after a brief hesitation, he ducks his head like a good southern gentleman and says, "I'm sorry, ma'am." His husky, lyrical voice is the most beautiful sound I have ever heard, even more beautiful than my own. I hold out my hand to him, and look into his eyes. I look past the disturbing crimson color , and search for something deeper. As I search I see my own hope reflected back at me, and I am absolutely delighted when he takes it without a second of uncertainty.

Then I am falling again, the wave of disorientation hitting me harshly. When it is all over, and I am returned to consciousness, I am on my knees in the woods, exactly where I was before the first wave hit.

What was that? I wonder in awe, and I pray that it was not a dream. That the perfect, beautiful man I just envisioned was not a mere fantasy.

No. I tell myself, He is real, whoever he is, he is real and I will find him.

Then I realize that I can no longer smell the appetizing scent that had drawn me through the dark woods. The men have moved on, and taken their delicious scent with them. I can still feel the burn in my throat that their scent caused, but with the fresh, night breeze, I am able to keep it under control.

Control? I ask myself disgustedly, I have to control myself from killing people now?

I bring myself to my feet and back away from the path where the men were walking. I turn on my heel and race back to my little clearing. Whoever the beautiful, golden haired man is, he saved those men, and me from the monstrous act I was going to commit.

I have to find him I think to myself. I have to find him…..

Authors Note: So this was actually an older one shot that was originally titled Saving Grace, but I decided not to make into a story. Sorry it was so short guys, I promise to make the others longer. Hope you liked it, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE REVIEW!!