Title: A special Occasion

Summary: Alice and Jasper's first wedding. Takes place in the 1950's, just a few years after they joined the Cullens.

A/N: Alice and Rosalie dresses on profile.

Everything was perfect.

"Alice," Esme breathed, her small hand reaching up and resting over her heart, " You look absolutely beautiful." My large topaz eyes found hers in the in the reflection of the full length mirror that was placed at the center of mine and Jasper's bedroom.

"Thank you Esme," I told her with a smile, "For everything. I can't believe that I'm actually nervous." I let out a small laugh, and my hands flitted anxiously at the skirt of my long, satin dress.

"Me either," Rosalie chuckled as she entered the room holding what would be the finishing touch to my ensemble. She looked heartbreakingly beautiful in the strapless red dress that reached just above her knees. Her long golden hair was parted to the side, barley covering one eye, and cascaded down in soft waves.

"Rosalie," Esme chided her lightly," I seem to remember you being plenty nervous…"

"Yes," She replied, her crimson lips spreading into a grin, " But that's different, Alice and Jasper have been together longer than Emmett and I have."

"True," Esme smiled fondly at her. We all knew the difference Emmett made in Rosalie. Even Jasper and I, who weren't even with the family yet when he was changed, knew that Emmett had truly saved Rosalie in all the ways the mattered. She couldn't be happy without him.

He was her Jasper.


My mind took me back to all the experiences Jasper and I had been through together. Thanks to my vampire mind, I could remember perfectly the day that he took my hand in that small diner, the time I had met his creator Maria, the first time he told me he loved me. I had not begun to truly live until that rainy day in Philadelphia, when I looked into his then crimson eyes and saw my own hope reflected back at me.

"You're right Rose," I said suddenly, my silvery voice taking on a new tone of confidence. Both she and Esme stopped discussing tonight's hunting trip, and turned to look at me. "I have absolutely no reason to be nervous."

"Absolutely," Rosalie said with a broad smile, and Esme beamed. Rosalie took a step forward then, and placed the white, lacey veil on the top of my short, black hair which had been styled into loose finger waves.

" There," Esme said as she put a hand on my small shoulder, " You're perfect." In the mirror I saw Rosalie agree with a smile and nod of her head. Just then, one of the large white doors leading into the bedroom opened, and the man I consider to be my father in every way that's relevant, walked in. He looked very handsome in his black tuxedo with his flaxen hair slicked back.

"It's time," He announced , a quiet smile playing on his lips. Esme and Rosalie both gave me a quick hug and kiss on the cheek, then disappeared out the door.

I looked back at my reflection.

To an outsider I'm sure it looked we were rushing into things, being reckless. Two teenagers in the throws of young love whose parents would have to rescue them when things went bad.

But those people didn't know the truth. Sure, our love would always remain young because we would always remain young, never changing from who we were when we were still alive. But Jasper and I were literally two halves of the same whole, one could simply not be without the other.

"Ready Alice?" Carlisle asked softly.

"Yes," I answered, stealing one last glance at the girl in the mirror.

Yes I was ready…

I took Carlisle's extended arm, and let him lead me down the long hallway. We of course could already hear the music, not the typical wedding march, but a hauntingly sweet piano melody that Edward had created to commemorate mine and Jasper's relationship.

Thank you Edward I thought, knowing he could hear me.

Carlisle and I descended the stairs at a human pace, then rounded the corner to our family and guests which were comprised of the Denali sisters, Jaspers friends Peter and Charlotte, and other various nomads and covens we had become friends with over the years. My eyes immediately found Jasper, and he smiled. I knew that if my heart were still beating, it would have missed a few of its beats. He looked devastatingly handsome in his dark suit, his honeyed curls in ordered disarray. His eyes were not the deep crimson from my memory, but a warm gold that was seeing nothing but me. My love and adoration were being returned in heightened waves, and Jaspers smile widened a little more. When Carlisle and I finally reached the end of the aisle, he let my arm go and kissed my cheek. He then stepped forward and turned to face us.

Jasper took my small hands in his.

"Ladies and gentleman," Carlisle started, "We are gathered here today to join this man and this women in Holy matrimony." Jasper and I stood hand in hand, staring into each others eyes as he then proceeded to recite the traditional matrimonial sermon. When we got to the vows, Jasper went first.

"Mary-Alice Cullen," He began, " The day I took your hand in that café was the day I started living. You brought me to life Alice. You've given me something I never thought I would get to have. Love. I never thought that I would be lucky enough to be in love with my best friend. I love you so much." I was crying tearless sobs by the time he was done. Unlike Rose and Emmett, Jasper and I don't flaunt our relationship. We don't often even need to speak to communicate, we just know what the other is trying to say. His spoken declaration meant the world to me. Jasper then took a diamond ring from Emmett, and slid it onto my small finger.

It was my turn.

"Jasper Whitlock-Hale," I paused trying to get the words out, " I have loved you for as long as I can, or care to remember. Your face is what kept me sane, and strong when I thought I was alone in this world. You're the reason for my forever. I love you." With those words I took the silver band from Rosalie and slid it on to his finger .

"By the power vested in me," Carlisle stated, " I now pronounce you man and wife. Jasper, you may now kiss the bride." Jasper winked as he grabbed my waist, and brought his lips to mine. Everyone clapped for the rare display of public affection, and Emmett hollered like the monkey he is. After the ceremony, we all gravitated outside. The sun was just below the trees of the surrounding forest, Twilight was settling in. Jasper still had his arm around me as he led me to the to the small, make-shift dance floor that was set up under a canopy of twinkling lights. Music began to play softly as Jasper and I began to dance. I looked up at him and stared into his eyes.

How could Edward believe we didn't have souls? All I had to do was look into Jaspers warm, honey colored eyes and I can see it. His beautiful, loving soul.

"Edward said that you were nervous," He whispered to me.

"I was," I whispered back after a second of hesitation.

"I didn't feel it," He said, confusion lacing his tone. We were still gliding across the dance floor.

"I got over it," I said with a smile.

"Alice…I….are you sure?" He asked with true concern, as if he was expecting me to change my mind.

"I'm sure about you," I told him, and assaulted him with waves of love to make my point, " Besides, don't you think it's a little late to change my mind? Nope, you're stuck with me." I felt his relief and love crash into me with shocking force. "Though I almost grabbed you and dashed for the bedroom when Carlisle and I rounded the corner." He laughed, and the sound made my dead heart swell. Then he stopped abruptly, and looked down at me in amazement.

"Wait," He said in disbelief, "Alice, are you telling me you didn't look to the future to see all this today?"

I smiled serenely up at him and said, "No, I wanted today to be a surprise for me. Like normal brides. I'm glad I did it to, everything was perfect."

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