In sleep he sang to me

In dreams he came.

That voice which calls to me.

And speaks my name.

Gwen let the lyrics build by inside her, the music filling her mind and soul. She had always thought it was best to listen to the audition song before really auditioning.

She had loved the story of the Phantom of the Opera ever since she was a child. She had been to Broadway, seen the movie about twenty times, and even had a left over costume from countless Halloween excursions. She wasn't a musical dork. She was a Phantomite. Yeah…giving it a name made her even more of a weirdo, but it was what she was. She couldn't deny it.

A man, almost like a reed, strutted out. How come most theatre guys were obviously gay? She mused. It wasn't to be mean, it was just a fact.

The man wore a flamboyant puffy shirt that reminded her instantly of a pirate, along with a purple silk scarf. She paused Sarah Brightman as she listened to him call the names.

"Janey Laurence."

A mouse like girl stood shyly, smiling nervously. She was built like a true dancer, a tall willowy blonde with a petite face and long graceful limbs. She shuffled into the auditorium, clutching at her music like it was a life line. The poor girl was scared to death.

"Mellisa Petelli."

The girl next to her rose with a flourish, as if she owned the world. It was as if she was the opposite of that Janey girl. On the plump side, she carried herself with the air of a diva. Her chocolate hair was curled elaborately, and her makeup was just a little too thick. With a toss of her hair, she strut her way into through the double doors.

"Carl Lambe."

He was hot and that's all there was too it. Thick blonde hair, electric blue eyes, and a killer smile. He seemed to attract all the attention in the room, and just burst color. Gwen looked him over skeptically. After all, she had seen her share of beautiful people, and they weren't always what they were cracked up to be. He gave a friendly grin as he joined the others in the dark auditorium.

"Gwendola Harfston."

With a quick intake of breath, Gwen rose from her seat. She shoved the music player hastily into her pocket, and straightened up, trying to seem confident. Her black hair was pulled in a ponytail, and she had barely any makeup on. She had overslept, and hadn't been able to put much time into her appearance.

Some people would say Gwen was pretty, and some would say she wasn't. She was slightly pale, but that came from never getting involved in any sports, or going outside. Her thin build showed that she was one of those people who could eat all they want and never gain a pound. She thanked genetics for that one. Her attractive feature was her hazel eyes. Large and full of laughter, they took away from the plainness of the rest of her face. But, not completely. She was still very plain by normal standards. She wasn't a curvy little latino like Mellisa, or a tall beautiful blonde like Janey. She was just…Gwen. Not short, not tall; not pretty not ugly.

As she entered the auditorium, she hoped the director would see past that. She took a deep breath, and walked through the doors to face her enemy: The Audition.