Splish Splash
by Edmondia Dantes

Disclaimer: Not mine.

AN: Prompted by Whiteangel.

- - -

"You're being very childish," Light said mildly, settling himself delicately down into the oversized tub and keeping his eyes down in a mockery of modesty while L kicked off his jeans.

"You," L replied, "started it."

"Like that's any better," Light muttered, and closed his eyes as L slipped into the tub with a small splash.

"Perhaps you shouldn't have smashed that cake in my hair."

"Perhaps you shouldn't have provoked me."

"The shampoo is to your left," L supplied helpfully.

"I hate you very much," Light said sincerely. "And - isn't this imported? From Austria?"

"Maybe," L said, and turned his back. Light glared at it.

"You have to get your hair wet first," he pointed out, and L glanced over his shoulder through half-slitted eyes.

"If you attempt to hold me down," L said pointedly, "I will be forced to make Misa-Misa a very unhappy woman."

Light blinked for a moment, processing the threat, then discreetly scooted as far back as he could possibly get without falling out of the tub.

"Better," L mumbled, and fell back with a spectacular splash that left Light spluttering and wiping water out of his eyes.

"Bastard," he half-growled, and had a moment's disconcertion when L popped back out of the water with a rather soggy stare that was creepier than usual, due both to his uncomfortable proximity to Light's person and the dark hair plastered down around his face.

"Quite probably," he said after a moment's silence. "Shampoo?"

Light heaved a resigned sigh and reached for the bottle. "I really do hate you."


"And your hair makes you look like a girl."


"I hope this gets in your eyes," he mumbled resentfully, and reached forward to start scrubbing.

"If it does," L replied after a long moment's silence, "I'll tell Misa how much you enjoy fondling naked men."

"This is not fondling," Light hissed, "And you're making me do it."

"So you claim, but my hair has already been thoroughly lathered. Why haven't you let go?"

Light stared at his where his treacherous hands were rather thoroughly entangled - and from the looks of things, at the beginning of a massage - for a very long moment of complete silence.

"I... kind of have this thing. About nice hair. Keeping it neat." Light began the rather delicate process of pulling out his fingers without pulling out any of L's hair. L's pretty, pretty soft hair which actually wasn't so bad when it wasn't pointing in seventeen directions at once.

"I know and accept this as a part of your character. Will Misa?"

Light frowned. "If I make you an apology cake, will you promise never to mention this to anyone?"

L stared at him, a ridiculously frothy pile of bubbles on his head. Somehow this did nothing to lessen the intensity of his gaze.

"What kind of cake?"

Light stared at him. Blinked once, and then twice. Then a third time. "You'd better not have done all this just to get a replacement cake out of me."

"Would I do something like that?" L wondered aloud, and then dunked himself before Light could swat at him.

- - -