Aldebaran's POV

Love is way of expressing yourself to others. Kisses will be thrown, hugs will be exchange throughout the day that when nightfall comes all that we expect from them is to make love at the end. Such a beautiful thing to be a part of that I wish it happened to me.

But look at me. I am tall as tree, broad with a muscular shape, a single eyebrow on my face along with a scowl, and my short brown hair. I find myself not attractive but—closing the bathroom mirror—a man with an ugly face. Sigh……..I wasn't meant to have anyone.

"Aldebaran!" Ugh now I'm too weak to even look for Mu.


"I'm in here!" I shouted to him as I grabbed my toothbrush along with the paste.

"Ah Aldebaran, I need to speak to you." I wish I could speak to you but unfortunately I'm mopping and also brushing my teeth.

Turning on the facet, I grabbed a handful of water to place in my mouth to rinse the paste away. Mu sat silently at the edge of my bed waiting for me to finish.

As I dry my hands, I glance at him again to find him STILL staring at me. I bet he is noticing all the flaws that I carry.

"What is it Mu?" I asked.

"Aphrodite has invited us to join breakfast with him."

"Aphrodite?" I asked in alert.

"Yes." It's been years since I talked to him. I mean sure I see him around but I haven't fully talked to him like I do with Mu and Shaka.

"Are you sure?"

"Ha-ha I'm sure Aldebaran." I rubbed the back of my head thinking more ways to know for sure if Aphrodite indeed invited us. Mu started to laugh, standing up from my bed to walk out of my room. Stopping by my bedroom door, he turned halfway with a smile on his face.

"Aldebaran, it was the past. I'm sure he has forgotten." I hope so too.

I sat on my bed, pondering on what Mu said before he left. Maybe he is right, maybe Aphrodite did forget.

"Look at that girl. How come she doesn't have a mask?" asked Deathmask. I caught what he meant, seeing a girl around our age—which by the way we were kids—walking around, showing her pretty face.

"She's pretty." Indeed she was. I truly believe I felled in love with her at first sight.

"Bah she's ugly." What?! I looked at Deathmask seeing if he went nuts but he had a serious sincere face.

"You're crazy."Looking back at her, I smiled. "She's BEAUTIFUL." Deathmask gave a disgusted face as he grabbed me to face him again.

"She's a guy."

"What?! No way!"

"Look I'm telling you," putting his hands on his hips."She's a guy."

I shook my head in disbelief. "No way!"

"Look your liking a girl with a dick." I scrunch my face in disgust. What horrid language he used. "Is that a better way to tell you?"


"Fine," putting his hands down to his sides."Whatever."

"To prove that your wrong, I'm gonna go talk to her." Deathmask's eyes grew huge with shock as I walked with determination to greet this young girl. But I was having second thoughts, I mean what happened if he was right. Too late to go back now for she stood right in front of me.

"Um hey." I started awkwardly yet when I look upon her gorgeous face; I had the courage to speak confidently to her.

"I find you very attractive that I think I felled in love with you." She stayed silent letting me endure a silence of torture. How long will she take? I glanced around me to see my other comrades nearby. When did they get here? I think I've made a mistake.

"Uh." She finally started to speak that my heart leapt in joy. "Thanks." Just as it leapt in joy, my heart started to die when hearing her, I mean, his voice. What did I just do?

A roaring laughter started to surround me that I felt ashamed of myself and putting him on the spotlight. But I couldn't apologize to him for he left running before I even had the chance.

Since then I've been put down till the commotion with Aioros started which I was proud that it did. Is it wrong for me to think this way? I'm so sorry for thinking such malicious deeds.

Standing up from the bed, I couldn't help but feel sick that I decided not to go to Pisces temple. Maybe it's for the best but I can't deal with him right now. I just hope he understands as I went back inside my covers to sleep again.