The boy crawled over the broken glass and blood on the floor. His mother and father dead beneath him. His bright red eyes flashed between them a sense of fear in him, but he didn't know why. The two had just torn each other to shreds out of blind furry. The child had been able to stay out of the way and was unharmed.

He looked over the bodies again, his stomach growled in angry protest to the lack of food he'd been receiving for the past month. The boy could only look at the bodies of his parents unmoving, by this time, they weren't his parents anymore, the were great hunks of rotting flesh on the ground. So, starved, the boy moved in and had no choice but to eat the only meat he could find.

Had the boy's brain not been ravaged by the decease he might have remembered who he was. The sun of a roadside burger hut owner. His mother was a picky woman, who was a neat freak at the time and his father a jolly fat guy. The boy himself had been energetic, a soccer player and courageous for his age. He was a leader amongst his friends, who idolized him. The only problem was the location of the burger hut. Along the side of the road, and far from his friends. But he'd always entertained himself by playing with the dog outside. This dog hadn't lasted the full 28 days.

The boy now wandering the interior of the burger shop he'd grown up in, was again hungry. It had been weeks since his parents had died, the meat gone from their bodies, the meat for burgers an exhausted resource. The boy was reduced to an animal, his red eyes sickly, his body thin and pounding with ill blood.

Soon he was starving again, and this wasn't a good feeling in combination with the ailment. His chest hurt, his legs hurt, his face hurt, everything hurt. He felt the only way to stop it was to find food. And food came to him.

One day while he was resting in the side room of the burger shop he heard a noise, like the crunching of gravel rapidly. The boy peered out the window, a vehicle with people in it had pulled up. One, a tall man, began towards the stand, holding a bat. The boy's heart leaped, food, food was coming for him.

The man entered and looked around, The boy leaped out at him, screaming a battle cry of hungry. The man reacted quicker then the boy intended and brought the bat crashing into his head. The next thing the boy knew he was on the ground, pinned by the man's shoe. The boy roared and struggled, only to have the bat crash into his head over, and over, and over. The boy's vision and feeling went vacant. He heard the bat hitting him, but didn't feel it. Soon all was over, and the boy fell limp, bleeding dark blood.

The man left.


Yeah i felt like doing a narrative of the infected, it was just for fun. hope you liked it