Chapter 12: One Final Shot

Time was running out for Ra's al-Ghul to help his subversives succeed in having the new Southern rebel states as his own private banana republics. Yet the Union states were getting crafty. They had managed to hire one of the most ruthless generals yet to be seen. The Confederate rebel state of Georgia was especially ravaged by the new ruthless general, and also other major battles were lost by the Confederate rebel states. After the leading Confederate general signed a surrender and peace treaty with his Northern counterpart, Ra's sat down in disbelief with Thomas at his side along with a few members of his inner circle.

"How are we going to try to accomplish this boy?" asked Ra's as he looked around the table with all those from his inner circle having blank faces on themselves.

"How'd about we take out the American President?" asked Thomas as he turned toward Ra's.

"Ah, good work on selecting our next target" replied Ra's, "since we failed to encourage the South to rise up and take our side, we must give them one last inspiration to rise up against their oppressor. This American President is very much responsible for the destruction of their own culture, if we can show them that is the true way of thinking, they'd always be on our side."

"But who would be brave enough to take down the American President?" asked Thomas.

"I think I would be able to take him down" replied Deadshot as he entered the scene arriving late as usual.

"So it's settled, we have the right opportunity to certainly stop this President from doing any further damage to our cause" said Ra's, "ending his reign would bring a smile upon those rebels, and they'd gladly help us out."

Prior to the American President arriving at the theater he was going to be targeted, Ra's had members of the Black Arm Society scout out the location of the theater, get info on where the President would be sitting and also having Black Arm Society members be de-masked as spies among the audience whom would witness the assassination. But Ra's plan would have an obvious monkey wrench in it, a certain Bruce Wayne, a.k.a. Batman was prepared to attend the event the American President was along with Dick Grayson and also John Stewart Anderson. As the four days went by, it was time for that particular event to unfold.

"Time for some relaxation" said John Stewart in a happy tone of voice.

"I'm not so sure about this, letting down our guard?" replied Bruce.

"Relax, we should enjoy ourselves for now" replied John Stewart, "the war is nearing an end, and it looks like my old master has given up."

"Somehow, I doubt that" said Bruce as he recognized a familiar face he had seen during the riots.

As Bruce took a closer look at a man dressed up with what appeared to be his wife for the event, that man was the same man he saw agitating in the riots back in Gotham a few years back.

"Does he or anyone else in this crowd look familiar to you?" asked Bruce to John Stewart.

"You're being paranoid Bruce" replied John Stewart, "oh, you may want to ditch your Batman costume. Dick has already done so with his Robin suit."

"Er, I'd just keep it just in case" said Bruce.

As Bruce along with Dick and John Stewart were heading to their seats, the security for the American President were being swiftly knocked out by members of the Black Arms Society. They had managed to literally knock each one of the guards out and putting their own members in trading in their uniforms as a disguise. It was all in preparation for the American President to arrive right on the scene. After getting out of his carriage, the American President headed up toward the private part of the theater, usually held by the super elites. As Bruce looked up to the balcony where the American President would sit, he noticed there was something wrong with the guards, as if they were trying to give the right signal to someone in the audience or from behind.

"Something's not right here" said Bruce as he got up from his seat.

"What, you don't like opera?" asked John Stewart.

"No, not that, the guards, they are not acting like the way they should act" replied Bruce.

"Let him go" said Dick as he sat down in his seat and laid right back making it a bit uncomfortable for the man sitting behind him.

Bruce headed toward where the restroom area was located. As he crept into the restroom, he immediately put on his Batman suit and began to head toward the area where the American President was going to sit. Just then, the American President had arrived on the private balcony and was prepared to sit down and watch some opera. The guards whom were really Black Arm Society members whom had knocked out the real guards unconscious gave the nod signal to a certain Deadshot which they had led in earlier.

"Now Mr. President, it's time to get your just dessert" laughed Deadshot as he pulled out a gun.

It was too late for Bruce whom couldn't arrive on time to save the American President whom had been shot by Deadshot. The crowd gasp, along with Black Arm Society members whom pretended to be shocked. As Deadshot then made a dash to the exit, Bruce Wayne in his Batman suit appeared in front of him.

"Hi there" said Bruce.

Bruce then immediately began to fight with Deadshot, to which the two rolled down the stairway. He couldn't believe he had failed to stop Ra's from his goals as he continued to fight Deadshot. During the fight, Bruce had managed to quickly unmask Deadshot whom ended up to be a man with a mustache.

"You're a fool for trying to stop Ra's!" laughed the revealed assassin, "Soon we'll rise up once again!"

"I don't think so" replied Bruce.

Bruce gave the assassin another good punch, but as the man got up, he immediately began to try to escape from Bruce. Bruce, however was in a thrust for revenge for what happen back with the assassination of the American President. The assassin managed to get outside the theater to which the chase continued.

"Catch me if you can, you so called Batman!" laughed the assassin.

As Bruce knew he couldn't catch up to the assassin, he immediately noticed a taxi carriage was nearby.

"I need to use this" said Bruce to the taxi cabby.

"For what reason?" asked the cabby.

"I'm chasing down an assassin" replied Bruce to which the taxi cabby promptly allowed him to take his horses and carriage.

Bruce gave it all he could as he gave chase toward the assassin. But as the assassin headed toward a swampy area near the theater, Bruce somehow lost track of the assassin. It was just then that a certain Commander Gordon was nearby and noticed there was something not right with Bruce.

"There's an assassin loose" said Bruce to Commander Gordon.

"Don't you worry" replied Commander Gordon, "my men and I shall catch up to him. Best you get out of here."

After Commander Gordon eventually caught up with the assassin and immediately ended the assassin's life, Bruce hanged up his Batman costume for good knowing that he couldn't be there to save the American President. As for the others of this Earth, Thomas Wayne Jr., was last seen establishing the White Owl Society whom vowed to continue Ra's goals in the south despite their lose; Jason Todd was last seen in the territories trying to agitate Native American tribes to repel attacks from the American military and a certain Dick Grayson had taken on the mantle of changing to Nightwing being Gotham's guardian. The Batman would rise again in this Earth, though it would have to be another Bruce Wayne to take up the mantle.