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+ Genre: Romance / Drama / Angst

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Chapter 8

"Thomas...you're such an idiot!" I whispered to nothing.

/Too foolish...../

/Too stupid to realize that his death could bring me such pain not even death could ever relieve./

/Why does it have to be this way? Why did fate let me meet him? Why does she have to let him be so nice...so kind to me that he'd be willing to do anything...anything...just to make me happy? Why couldn't I acknowledge his love for me?

And why did destiny have to rip us apart after letting us be so close?/


A tear slid down her cheek as she involuntarily relived every moment of him sacrificing himself for her sake.

She has always denied her feelings for him, instead submerging in her own illusion, her selfishness...

Now it's too late...

Standing, Helga walked over to a chair and pulled a blanket over her shoulders. She crossed the room and opened a pair of glass doors that led onto a balcony. A breeze swept over her, clearing her mind of her thoughts and allowing her to sort things through. Glancing up at the moon in the sky, she sighed to herself.

If someone had passed by and looked up at the balcony, they would have sworn they were seeing an illusion. The light graced Helga's skin an inhumanly ivory glow and the breeze rocked her black silky locks back and forth. But if you looked closely, you would see a pain-staking reality in the kind eyes that gave so many people so much support and comfort. The pain that shown through those eyes now reflected a wound never to be healed, never to be closed.

End of Part 1


Author's final notes: This is the end of "As Rain falls along the Road" - part 1 of my three-part saga. Thank you very much for your reading everyone!! *hug* LOVE YOU ALL!!! ;)