Hurrah! Another Lavi x Kanda story finished and waiting to be uploaded 3

Disclaimer: I own neither -Man nor the Little Mermaid.

Also, I realise that another Little Mermaid based story has been written but, apart from the general theme, the plot is entirely different (for a start, Kanda plays the role of the mermaid, ahem, merman).

Poinless Author's notes aside, Enjoy!


Kanda scowled at his father.

"I refuse to parade myself in front of that crowd of snobs. Get one of my sisters to do it," he sneered, "they'll be more than happy to."

He flicked his long hair, which floated out behind him.

"Now, now Yuu, you are my son. You will do as I tell you. Everyone in the kingdom agrees you have the best voice of all-"

Kanda cut him off. "I don't care. I will not parade around that stage singing for those idiots. I don't even like singing. The only reason I do it at all is because you promised to get me a sword. But you got me the sword for my 18th birthday anyway, now there's nothing you can bribe me with... And don't call me that!"

"Yuu be reasonable."

"Tempting but I have to decline. I'm leaving."

"But Yuu..."

Kanda turned and swam indignantly away without another word.


Kanda was annoyed. Really, really pissed off. So pissed off, in fact that he hurried away to do the one thing that his father had told him to never do. He swam to the surface.

Not that he hadn't been there before, of course. He didn't see the big deal. All it was, was fresh air and some noisy, annoying birds. In his opinion there was nothing up there he needed to be cautious about. Not even those strange, tailless mermaids that particularly worried his father.

The thought was fresh in his mind as he followed one of the creature's – humans, if he remembered correctly – floating vessels. He moved along side it, pausing at a wide hole in its exterior. Curious (he'd never been angry enough to get this close to a human vessel before), he looked inside.

His eyes were quickly drawn to an odd weapon in the hand of one of the humans. His eyes widened. He'd never seen anything like it before. It was amazing. Unique.

He wanted it.

The hammer.

It would be perfect for his weapon collection. Slightly awed, his gaze shifted around the room for anything else of interest. Only one other thing caught his eye, a large, carved statue of the merman without-a-tail, wielding the giant hammer against an unseen foe.

He must be a war god. Kanda looked at the statue, impressed. He must have that too.

Kanda fell back in shock as lightning struck the boat. Now lighting was dangerous. He knew that one for a fact. When it hit the edge of his tail it had taken weeks to heal. And it had hurt. A lot. He was about to turn and swim back to his lair when he saw the... human... with the hammer fall into the water.

It was his lucky day. He could take the hammer while the human couldn't do anything about it.

Kanda swam to the human and pulled on the hammer. "Damn it," he muttered. The human held the hammer in a death grip. He couldn't get it free. Without thinking he pulled at the human, dragging him unintentionally to the surface.

The human took a deep breath and opened his eye. He seemed to gasp for a moment before he spoke.


Kanda wasn't quite sure what had happened. Suddenly he found himself flying through the air. One hand gripped the hammer, which seemed to be growing and the other gripped the human's upper-body garment.

They hit the ground with a thud, the hammer shrinking almost immediately and skidding across the sand.

Kanda was trying to disentangle himself from the human when he felt something grasping his upper arm, pulling him forward roughly.

"You saved my life..." The human reached forward with his other hand, brushing the hair from Kanda's face. "You're such a pretty girl..." Kanda smacked him, watching in satisfaction as his eye rolled back into his head.

Turning, he dove back into the water. "Delusional idiot," Kanda growled, tempted to go back and hit him again.

Instead of going back to his palace, Kanda went to the only place in the ocean that gave him a shred of comfort. His secret armoury.

Hidden in a cave in the outskirts of his Kingdom, Kanda's armoury was filled with human weapons. He had found them in the water after fights on their vessels, or after they had been destroyed by storms. He didn't understand how his father could hate creatures that had such good taste in weaponry.

Kanda's eyes widened in surprise when he entered the cave, immediately noticing the new addition. It was the statue. Just sitting there, right in between the swords and pistols. He swam over to it, looking for breaks. He was thrilled to find that it was still perfectly intact; not even the spiky extremities of his hair had snapped.

Kanda traced his fingers over the eye-patch, wondering if it was the result of some epic battle. His other hand trailed to the figure's thigh, running lightly over the tiny holster strapped there, remembering the way the hammer shrunk to fit it.

"So that's how it is?" His father's booming voice filled the cavern, echoing as it bounced off the stone walls. "I guess this is why you rejected all those lovely mermaids I brought before you." He was livid. His face was red and he couldn't continue to speak.

"What the hell are you talking about? Those girls were vapid idiots and I don't see what they have to do with anything."

"How dare you insult me like this? Did you think I wouldn't find out?"

"Of course I thought that! This is the only place I can get away from you and all the other daft excuses for mermaids in the entire kingdom!"

"Not for long," his father's whisper was dangerously low. It only got like this when he was absolutely furious. Too much so to yell. Kanda narrowed his eyes.

"What do you mean?"

He saw as his father raise his magic trident, the points glowing red with energy. Lightning bolts flashed about the cave, shattering everything they hit. Kanda watched, horrified, as his collection was blown to pieces. Everything he had worked so hard to acquire was being destroyed before his eyes.

The rubble cleared away. Only his statue still stood proud, the last thing left intact. Kanda spun to face his father, mortified. The Sea King raised the trident once more.

"Don't look away. This is your punishment."

"Don't. You. Dare," Kanda growled, shaking with fury.

There was a loud crack as the statue seemed to explode from the inside, pieces flying like missiles. The dust slowly settled to the ocean floor.

"Bastard." Kanda swam from the cave without looking back; too angry to care where he was going.

"Yuu, I..." he watched his son's retreating back with a sigh.


"She was real, Allen." Lavi looked wistfully out to the ocean. "You should'a seen 'er. She had the most beautiful hair and eyes..." Lavi thought for a moment, rubbing his bruised chin. "...and one helluva right hook."

"Yet she disappeared without a trace and no-one's seen anyone who looks even similar to what you're describing."

"But she was there, I tell ya. She had the most exotic features. I've never seen anythin' like it. Beautiful. I hafta find her."

Allen dropped his head into his hand; there was no convincing him when he had his mind set like this.

"We'll do what we can," he sighed.