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The king of the Merpeople's head broke through the water's surface. It had become a regular event for him to swim up to watch the stars. Yuu had loved stargazing. He had always come to the surface against orders to look at them. The king sighed, they were beautiful.

The king saw a ship in the distance and watched with vague interest as it sailed closer. Ships were another thing that his son had had a strange obsession with. Even as it came up close, he still couldn't understand Yuu's fascination.

A young man leaning over the railing of the ship caught the king's eyes. He had long black hair and sharp grey eyes. He looked oddly familiar. The king gasped, he had a striking resemblance to...

...It couldn't be.

The king swam closer. It was him. Older, human, but definitely his Yuu.

The king watched as a red-haired man came up behind him, hugging him around the waist. He stared in shock as his son looked over his shoulder at the other man, his lips curling into a genuine smile.

The king beamed at his son before swimming away. Yuu was human now...

But at least he was alive.