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Chapter 1

First Encounter






Nothing else mattered that moment. It was just him and her. No vampire or hunter. No past or future. No responsibility or guilt. No right or wrong. Nothing but raw emotions.

'I missed you.'

His mouth hungrily covered her lips as his arm gently circled her waist, pulling her flush to his own body. She responded with the same passion as if wanting to make up for the years they were apart. Clothes began to scatter on the floor but there was not a word uttered between the two. He lay on top of her, supporting himself with his hands to look into her reddish brown eyes. The dark brown hair that splayed around her face was short, just like the way she wore it when they were—

He stopped his thoughts all at once. He didn't want to think. All he wanted was to seize this moment and cherish her. He wanted to stay locked up in this room and never leave her side again. A soft smile made its way on her lips as she reached out her arms to circle his neck lovingly. He willingly came to her, their eyes never losing contact as their lips met. Their kiss was sweet and slow yet full of passion, both wanting it to last forever yet wanting to do so much more. He released her captive lips and continued exploring her with his mouth. His tongue leisurely traced a path down her neck, stopping on that familiar juncture where he would usually bite her. He could feel her pulse quickening even more as his tongue rested there to reminisce the taste and feel. For a moment he stayed like that, only listening to her breathing. Then he began to move again. His tongue licked the familiar spot as if preparing to bite, eliciting a sensual anticipating gasp from his partner. He smiled smugly at the wonderful sound that reached his ears.

'She remembers.'

Clamping his mouth on her neck playfully, he casually moved his hand to capture one of her breasts with his touch. The warm and rough texture of his palm over her breast's crown only made her squirm and whimper in plea. His fangs teased her skin lightly, grazing it to make her moan yet not fully piercing her skin to give her the pleasure she wanted.

She pressed her breast more towards his pleasing hand, silently begging him for more. Complying with her request, he treated the other breast with the same loving. She had her lips pressed firmly together but the moans escaping her throat and the way her body danced beneath him was enough to spur him on. A disappointed groan was heard from her when he finally released her neck from the pleasurable torture and sat up. He gazed at her with eyes full of mixed emotion, his inner self thrown into turmoil. His lips were pursed tight but he looked at her intently and opened his mouth to utter a word, to say her name and tell her everything that was going on inside his mind right now. It was complicated and it might take a long time for them to finish talking but he wanted her to listen. Before he claimed her as his, he wanted them to talk. Alarm became evident on her face. She bolted up and quickly touched one slender finger on his lips.


He only saw the word from her eyes, her lips remained taut and unmoving. She didn't dare to speak and she didn't want him to speak either. She only let her eyes do the talking, hoping that he would understand what she meant. He closed his eyes and threw all thoughts into oblivion once again. He would grant her wish and maintain the silence. He got to admit, he also didn't want to break this atmosphere around them. If he said her name, he might wake up and find out that it was all a dream. He wouldn't want to let her go again. Never again.

He didn't avoid her touch but instead welcomed it, wanting to feel her warm touch to remind him that this was really happening. The hunter opened his mouth to capture her finger delicately. His tongue lapped and danced around her finger sensuously like a sweet delicacy, making her watch his actions intently as if in a trance. Finally freeing her finger, he went to tease her ear with a lick while smelling the floral scent of her shampoo in her hair. His tongue didn't linger though, traveling south to reach her twin mounds. Not wasting a single moment, he lavished one mound with utmost attention, drinking every moan and plea that she cried out as his tongue did wonders. He still hasn't sucked her peak yet it was already ripe and erect. Prolonging her agony, he teased her other breast's nipple by rolling it between his fingers. That made her arch her back towards his touch as her eyes pleaded for him to grant her need.

'Please! Please!' Her eyes looked into his mauve eyes with urgent need for release. She looked very tempted to speak, ready to abandon everything just to gain what she wanted the most at that moment. To him, she looked very alluring and beautiful that instant that he gave in at last and gave one of her aching buds a thorough lick. Her reaction was instant and he was more than willing to give her more. Her cries encouraged him to keep going, teaching him where to go next and what she liked best.

Finding his way to that sweet spot between her thighs, he was contented to know that she was quite ready for him. Stroking her lightly at first then making her buck towards his magical fingers, he did everything he could to pleasure her—everything to keep her with him. So she would never leave him again.

He was determined to make her his. Right now, right here. Nothing else would matter as long as he had her by his side. Carefully, he started to enter her but felt her tense underneath him. It was only a bit but he could see fear in her eyes. He lightly pressed his lips to hers reassuringly and whispered to her right ear, "Relax…" Then he gathered her hands and placed them on his chest. He took a deep breath and softly said, "Push me away if you don't want it." The words were hard to get out but he never wanted to force her into something she would regret. She gave a small nod to show her consent and then closed her eyes. As he began to lower himself to her, he touched her cheek tenderly and smiled comfortingly. It was painfully slow for him but he endured it, taking extra caution so he wouldn't cause her pain. All the time he was on guard for any sign of rejection but her hands stayed firmly on his chest. Even as he moved gradually inside her, she never moved to push him away. When he thought it was all right to move faster, her hands left her chest though—but only to feel them on his back pushing him closer towards her.

Passion and utmost joy welled in his heart that moment. He moved faster and faster, wanting her to be his and his alone. Moans and gasps of ecstasy echoed inside the room as their movements become more and more passionate. He was about to explode, he could feel his climax starting to unknot in his groin. He looked at the girl beneath him and touched her nub the way she liked it, still continuing to drive himself into her irresistible heat. Together they reached their orgasm which finally elicited a word from her sweet lips.


He gently got off her worn out body and lay on his side to look at her. The only thought that crossed his mind was… 'I love you.' He wanted to tell her—tell her and beg her to stay beside him. He reached out his hand and caressed her cheek thoughtfully, feeling her lean towards his touch as she closed her eyes to slumber. "Zero…" The second word that left her lips softly was filled with tenderness and warmth. The last time he heard his name spoken with such gentleness from her lips, they were saying their goodbyes. His heart tightened all of a sudden, remembering how he wanted her so much yet realizing that she never became his all those times.

Because he was a hunter and she was a pureblood vampire.

Because he was a vampire that would eventually fall into its end.

Because he would only cause her pain if she stayed with him.

Because he never deserved her warmth and kindness.

Destiny had a thousand reasons why they shouldn't be together. He only had one reason why he needed her beside him.

'I love her.'

A single reason was all he had. Seeing her again and feeling her warmth once again made it harder for him to part with her—harder than before. He lifted his hand away from her sleeping face and watched her contentedly. Pride, guilt and responsibility were all forgotten as he rested beside his beloved. If he could keep her right beside him like this, he didn't mind forgetting them forever. She stirred from her sleep, turning her back towards him yet leaning close to feel his comforting warmth. He wrapped his strong arms around her, imprisoning her in his tight embrace and then willing himself to fall asleep. For now, this was all he could ask for.

'Please stay with me.'


'Yuuki!' Zero woke up with a start but soon enough calmed down when he felt the familiar presence of the girl in his thoughts. 'She didn't go anywhere.' The thought brought immense relief to his heart. It was awful how he lived those days without her. Every day he would convince himself that it was the right decision, no matter how wrong it felt inside him. Every day he would dream of her, wishing it was reality but always waking up to the harsh truth that it was all a dream. Every day he would live his life secretly wishing to meet her again yet fearing the day he would see her again as well. Every day he would remember those painful words he said to her before they parted ways.

'The next time we meet, I will kill you.'

Why did he say those words again? Why did he have to hurt her so much? Didn't he love her? Then why did he endure to be apart from her if he wanted her to be always with him?

"Kaname-oniisama… I'm so sorry…"

Her cries were almost silent but the words were clearer than crystal to Zero's ears. Her shoulders weren't shaking but he was sure that her eyes were wet with tears—tears of regret and shame. Harsh reality went crashing down on him worse than it ever did whenever he woke up from one of his dreams.

'That was why…'

The one reason he had that kept him wanting her beside him was his love for her but one of destiny's reasons always outweighed that selfish reason of his. It was always no match for that one reason. How could he forget the most important reason they were never together from the start?

They weren't together because she always had someone else in her heart.


Zero opened his eyes and found himself staring at the ceiling. Instinctively, he turned his head to look beside him and smiled wryly. 'What a sick joke.' He rose from his bed and headed for the shower. Before he opened the bathroom door, he looked back at his bed and pictured a young lady with dark chocolate hair lying on it. 'Yeah, only in my dreams…' He frowned at the thought and corrected himself immediately. 'No, only in my nightmares…'

He turned on the showers and got under the cold soothing water. How many years has it been since he last saw her? Two years, three years or was it four years? He had long lost count already. The number of years didn't matter because it was surely going to be an eternity anyway. Never again would he cross her path. She would run away from him and he would do the same. He wouldn't allow them to meet each other—not in this lifetime, not even in his next lifetime.

'It would only be painful for both of us if we met again…'

As he ended his shower, he forcefully stopped his thoughts of her. It had been a while since he actually dreamed of her—usually, he was too tired to dream. Working as a vampire hunter to justify his existence and forget his past had been a daily stressful routine for him. Ever since he left Cross Academy, he followed his mentor, Yagari, and helped him. Both he and Yagari looked for capable vampire hunters to create their own vampire hunter association—not like the one which was actually secretly controlled by the vampire council. 'Speaking of the vampire council… we haven't really had much activity from them as before. The Kurans have beaten Shirabuki and took over the council with the help of the Aidou clan. I guess Kuran Kaname's ideals are already established that's why it's getting a bit more peaceful lately…'

Just when he thought his train of thoughts was finally straying away from the vampire pureblood princess, he began to reminisce how Yuuki would always say that peace between vampires and hunters could become possible. 'You still have a long way to go, Yuuki…' He sat himself on the edge of his bed and dried his hair nonchalantly with a towel.

'That's all right! I'll work hard so Zero can smile too!'

Zero couldn't help but smile sarcastically to himself. It was as if he had just heard Yuuki speaking in his head the way she did back when they were high school students. Years had already passed and yet it was still fresh in his mind. Just when he thought he had forgotten—even just a little, every memory would come rushing back to him with renewed clarity. Every memory haunted his thoughts, every memory of her warmth only burned his wounded heart even more. 'Please don't make this harder for me…' He begged his mind to stop thinking—stop all thoughts and just be blank. If only he had never dreamed of—


For a moment the feminine voice he unmistakingly heard had actually stopped all thoughts in his head—all thoughts except her. He was not hearing it from his head—she was calling for him. He raised his head up, secretly hoping to find himself staring back at her warm red orbs. One part of his heart that remained hopeful actually wished that he was back in his room in the academy—back when Yuuki was still a clumsy, happy-go-lucky, cheerful girl who was not a vampire but just a prefect who had secretly crushed on Kuran Kaname for so long.

A part of him still wanted to go back to the time when he was free to stay by her side.


Snapping out of his hallucination, the voice reached him more distinctly this time.

It wasn't her.

He was looking at her directly but the tiny sparkle of hope in his eyes dimmed inconspicuously when he found light brown eyes rather than fiery red eyes staring questioningly at him. The sinking feeling only made him even more miserable than he already was. He knew it was more than impossible for her to be here yet he couldn't suppress the small part of him that kept on silently wishing—no matter how many times he pushed it away, it still remained in him. That part of him secretly continued to hope even though a greater part of him wished that they wouldn't see each other again.

"What are you doing in my room, Mira?" He donned his uncaring mask and huffed a discontented sigh at the girl before him.

The girl smiled bubbly and ignored Zero's brewing bad mood—she was used to it by now anyway. "Ehehe…" She giggled and threw a wink at his direction. "Just wondering if I could get a glimpse of you in the shower."

Zero's lips maintained the scowl he was sporting. "Too bad, I'm already done." He stated dryly, eyes showing complete disinterest at her attempt to joke.

"Jeez!" Mira pouted her lips and placed both hands on her hips. "What a boring guy!" She stuck her tongue out, feeling annoyed with Zero's sarcastic reply. She cheered up again though and tried another conversation with him. "So are you ready for our date then?"

Another disgruntled sigh escaped Zero as he stood up to go towards his closet of clothes. "You mean we have another one after yesterday?" He complained, mentally asking himself if this job was ever worth the stress. "Don't we get any rest day in here?" He looked back at Mira and asked with irritation, "And why do you have to always tag along with me anyway?!"

'This guy really does get on my nerves! He can never be polite, can he?' This time she forced a smile on her lips and replied casually, "Yagari-sensei doesn't like you being alone." Then she remembered what their mentor once told her. "He said you have suicidal tendencies." She smirked at him triumphantly.

"That rusty old hunter! I better get his tongue straight one day!" Zero promised himself to have a talk with his teacher and make him stop spreading bad jokes like that. "And you! Don't believe him right off the bat!" He pointed a finger accusingly at her, reminding Mira of how a younger sister felt when she was being scolded by an elder brother.

Her lips curled into a sheepish smile at the thought. "Well…"

"Don't tell me I do look like someone who have suicidal tendecies." Zero retorted, feeling stupid for having such a conversation at his age. He was already twenty-four and yet here he was arguing with a twenty-four-year-old lady who acted like she was still in high school. For a moment he wondered if that was a symptom of falling to level E.

"Exactly what I was thinking!" She clapped her hands together merrily as if to congratulate Zero for guessing what was on her mind. Zero may be crude and a jerk to her but she never got tired of teasing him. 'He's just the type you can never leave alone.' She grinned inwardly.

"I'm not buying you lunch this time." He stated flatly as he rummaged the closet for his coat.

"Eh?! You cheapskate!!!"

"Yes, yes." He walked towards her and placed both hands on her back, pushing her gently towards the exit. "Now let me be alone…"

"You better hurry up, okay!?" The door softly clicked behind her but she continued to stare at it. All of a sudden her eyes became confused and worried at the same time.

'Zero… why did you have that look on your face?' She remembered how he looked when he raised his face and looked at her. It was as if he wasn't seeing her but someone else—expecting someone else. 'But why did his eyes look so pained and sad…?' It was more than five years that they'd been working together but this was the first time she saw him looking so lost and vulnerable.

That moment, she really wanted to give him a hug.


Zero leaned on the door then slowly sank into a sitting position. 'Damn it… Why can't I just forget her completely?' Tears stung his eyes and threatened to fall but he didn't let them. The moment he became alone, he remembered how he actually hoped to see her. It had been years already and he thought that years of pretending finally made him forget but that part of him still existed. Even though it was only a little, that hope still existed and it frightened him. It scared him that it would grow again until it became unbearable. It scared him that it would cause him to have those nightmares again. It scared him that he would never be able to pretend to forget anymore. He hated that part of him that was weak. It was a part of him that always belonged to her alone.

It was a part of him that always reminded him that he still loved her.


Zero walked around the busy town without any success. 'I'm just wasting my time here. A level E vampire would not go so openly like this.' Usually they would search for deserted places like abandoned houses or factories but the information they got this time said that there was one lurking around deserted alleys in town. 'It's market day though. There won't be that many deserted alleys… I'll just let Mira handle this.' Deciding to give up his search, he stretched his arms lazily and headed to look for a nice, quiet place to take a nap instead.

His feet carried him to the riverbank area. Not much people were there because a lot of them were busy with the bargains and sales happening in the town market. Zero scanned the area for a moment, looking for a nice and comfortable spot to get some snooze. It was a bit cloudy so he didn't really need a tree shade for his napping.

"I said give me back the kitty!"

"Hehe! If you want her so bad then go reach her, shortie!"

"Hehe… With her height, that would be tough!"

Zero sighed. 'So much for nice and quiet…' He looked at the three children, two boys and a girl, arguing at the riverside and was about to turn around when he suddenly sensed something.

"Give her back!" The little girl kept insisting, reaching desperately for the kitty that was placed in a transparent plastic bag. She was short though so her attempt didn't seem to give her any progress. "Give her back!" But she still kept on jumping, reaching for the mewling kitten.

'A vampire child? What is she doing here?' Zero watched her back with sudden interest.

"Hahaha! Giving up already?" One of the boys pushed her down, waving the plastic bag even more to make the cat cry louder in fright.

"Oh look, she's about to cry now! Haha!" The other boy cooed in mockery, laughing.

"Heh… Go on! Cry for your mommy!" The boy holding the cat challenged the little girl tauntingly then laughed with his friend.

But the little girl didn't cry though. She rose to her feet and clenched her fists together on her sides. "I said GIVE HER BACK!" She looked menacingly at the two boys who were still laughing together. Her aura was flaring but the two kids didn't notice anything. It was not simply an aura, it was an aura that was possible to hurt someone—pretty badly.

Zero—though—noticed and was immediately alarmed. 'Wait—! This is bad!' He ran towards the trio to stop the impending danger that was about to befall on the two mischief makers. "Oi! Stop that!" He called out, trying to get the attention of the little vampire child.

The attention he got though was from the two boys. "Oh no! Let's get out of here!" The boy who carried the cat tossed the plastic hurriedly on the ground and made a run for it, his friend following him closely behind.

'Ah… I guess to them it looks like I'm trying to save the girl from their bullying.' He scratched the back of his head and watched the little girl as she squatted her little legs to release the cat from its imprisonment.

"Ah! Kitty-chan!" She hugged the kitten in relief. "You're safe now… Good kitty…" She stroked the cat's back comfortingly, unaware of her audience that was Zero.

Remembering that he did not actually run there to rescue the cat but rather rescue the two boys, he suddenly felt the need to scold the vampire child. 'Where are her parents anyway?!' Zero griped mentally. "Hey, you! What the heck were you about to do a while ago?!" Until now, the little girl didn't seem to notice him at all, her back remained completely turned towards him.

"Now, let's go home, okay?"

Zero could feel his patience being stretched thin as he continued to stare down at the little vampire who was beginning to get on his nerves. 'Why this little—!' He copied the vampire kid and crouched as well to try to be at least closer to her height. "Oi, don't ignore me!"

The girl's shoulders rose a little in surprise. Finally, she took notice of Zero's presence and stood up to face him. "Oh I'm sorry. I was just very happy that Kitty-chan's safe." She apologized sincerely while the cat contentedly snuggled in her arms.

Zero's jaw dropped in outrageous disbelief the moment he saw her face. That straight dark brown hair that went past her shoulders, that small thin lips and those wide and innocent reddish eyes… She looked exactly just like a younger version of her—a younger version of her eleven-year-old self.

She tilted her head curiously at Zero's surprised reaction. "Hey mister…" Her little voice was meek but the words were clear. "Can you please help me get home?"

'There is no mistaking it! This is her daughter!'






to be continued

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