I will touch the sun or die trying. Of all of my plans, this one I would not feel ashamed of. I'd show them all the skin of a true killer. Sparkle, shine – they'd see it all. The Volturi will just have to take me out. It would immediately knock that smug look off of Aro's face.

The clock began its descent to my fate.

Each second the clocked chimed above my head I knew I was getting closer to the angel. Death was what I came here for, and now I would greet it with an untamed, wild pleasure. There was nothing left in me. Slowly, calmly, I unbuttoned my shirt and yanked it free of my body. It was meaningless. I held it between two fingers as my arm went limply at my side. Through the thoughts and the steady hum of the crowd there was a whimsical voice – beautiful, frantic – screaming my name. It was familiar. Bella, I thought devotedly. Was she calling me from the heavens? I'm coming, my sweet. My shirt wavered in the breeze filled air until it dropped lifelessly to the ground, a semblance of my impending doom. The booming chime from above vibrated in the souls of my feet, shook me deep in my core. I took a step, listening to the heavenly voice calling my name.


I closed my eyes, picturing her heart shaped face, porcelain cheeks, and her long brown hair. I stepped closer to the golden glow of the sun, letting the light shine only inches from my feet. In two seconds I would cross the line from life to death. Forgive me, I thought, opening my palms face up in prayer – to whichever god would be listening – before I let it all go. Everything was meaningless, after all.

"Edward, no!" I heard in the distance. Again, the angelic sound had returned, louder this time. A hallucination. My subconscious giving me what I needed in my final moments. My face was serene, tranquil. I had accepted my fate and here Bella was to greet me.

Maybe things weren't so meaningless after all, I mused.

The clock tolled again, the booming chime echoing through the square. The end had come.

I took another step toward the light. "No! Edward, look at me!" I heard in that same musical, hysterical voice. And then, she was in my arms. My hands grasped her warm body immediately as I took in the sweet, seductive scent of her blood. She was tangible, real. It was in that second that I knew I was finally in heaven.

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