Title: Rendezvous

Pairings/Characters: Walt/OC

Rated: PG-15

Word count:

Disclaimer: I do not own or know the real Marines etc, etc.

A/N: This was written for Lola, in reply to her amazing fics, but especially for Proposition. Lyrics from Big Country


Rest your head on my shoulder, baby

Sleep there till dawn

Walt had gone over many scenarios in his head on how he'd ask Lola to marry him. They been dating almost a year and a half now and though he hadn't jumped into it after six months like Claire and Ray, he felt now was the right time.

It was just how to do it that was troubling him. Ray had asked Claire in his bathroom after an argument. His dad had asked his mom on a camping trip. For his brother, Pete, the first words he even spoke to his wife, Jessie were 'Marry me.' Now that had been a surprise for her; she had been new to the school and for him it was love at first sight. After three months, he'd finally gotten the nerve to go up to her and ask her to marry him. She said yes and they were married at 18.

Walt wanted to make it special, but still wasn't sure. He didn't want to do the whole posh dinner thing; Lola didn't like to go all fancy and expensive, seeing as she thought all business men were wankers and she had every right too. After the whole Luka/John problem, he knew that wouldn't be a good choice. Thoughtful, yes, but not good.

He already had the ring, embedded in the velvet of the box in his pocket. His stomach actually ached with nerves as he paced the kitchen. It was almost 5AM. He'd been up all night, trying to think of ways to ask Lola. He knew if he didn't do it now, he'd chicken out and Ray would most likely do it for him. With a sigh, he sunk down into a chair, running his hand through his blond hair, leaving his spiked. And then it came to him.

Lola yawned, opening bleary eyes and smiling as Walt entered the room carrying a tray. The sun shone through the window, light spilling over her sleepy form. She stretched, dark hair messed up, before sitting up and smiling.

'Breakfast in bed?' she asked, pushing up the strap of her nightgown that had fallen down her arm. Walt just grinned, moving over to sit on the edge of the bed, handing her the tray. Lola smiled, grabbing a piece of toast and crunching into it. That's when she noticed the item shining in the sunlight. She stopped chewing, eyes wide as she stared down at the engagement ring, lying in the box.

'Ohmafookingood,' she said, voice muffled because of the toast. Walt licked his bottom lip, picking it up. Lola quickly chewed and swallowed. 'Oh, my god,' she repeated, setting down the toast. She'd gone a little pale.

'Will you marry me, Lola?' he asked, voice strangely steady, though his hand was shaking ever so slightly. She looked up at him, blinked and gaped. 'Lola?' he frowned.

'Of course, I will,' she said, voice faint. Walt gave a small grin, juice and breakfast spilling over the bed covers as she suddenly launched herself at him. They almost toppled off the bed, but he held her hips as she lavished his face with kisses. He managed to slip the ring onto her finger, surprised to see she was now crying.

'Lola?' he frowned, but she just waved him off with a teary laugh and leapt off the bed.

'Need to tell Claire,' she managed to say through her tears, but Walt moved and managed to snag her hand, pulling her back into his chest.

'That can wait,' he grinned, letting his lips meet hers.