I dedicate this fic to all soldiers lost in the horror of war, both at home and overseas; on the eve of ANZAC Day. Lest we forget.

I am Australian, but all I own is my citizenship and a copy of the DVD… I'll swap either for Hugh Jackman :D

Sarah listened to Nullah recount the story of his from Mission Island as she watched the Drover negotiate to get them a car. It felt wrong to be happy in the midst of such devastation, but the hole in her heart that she had simply come to live with had been filled. She managed to restrain a giggle as she watched the Drover get more and more frustrated, and wondered how long it would be until he started negotiating with his fists. He was eventually handed a set of keys and walked back over to Sarah and Nullah.

"I will have you both know that what we are doing is against all possible orders and could be considered a crime against the Crown. With that in mind, let's go." The Drover smirked, and looped his arm with Sarah's before leading them to the car.

"Let me drive" Sarah whispered as they approached the military issued convertible commandeered for their use. The Drover just raised an eyebrow at her.

"Not likely Sarah." He finished packing the belongings that had survived the bombing and moved towards the driver's seat, before seeing the look on Sarah's face. She was less than impressed. He pulled Sarah into his arms.

"Look, I know you're as capable as any man. I know you could do this drive, but Sarah, you nearly died. Please, just let me take care of you," he pressed a whiskery kiss to her cheek. He felt her posture soften, and felt her nod. They climbed in the car where Nullah was waiting; and Drover carefully maneuvered through the wreckage strewn through the Darwin streets. When he finally got the car safely onto the open road, he shot Sarah and Nullah a joyful grin as he took Sarah's hand and sped up.

Day turned to night as it usually does, and Nullah eventually placed his head on Sarah's lap and fell asleep. Sarah yawned lightly and rested her head on the Drover's shoulder.

"I must be the luckiest person alive" Sarah murmured. She ran her hand through Nullah's hair and glanced up at the Drover, who was looking at her questioningly. She smiled.

"I got both my boys back. It's more than I ever deserved." The Drover let out a hearty chuckle, before he kissed her temple.

"I don't know how lucky you are Sarah, because I think you're gonna be stuck with me for a long time." Sarah blushed and blinked back a stray tear before replying,

"Oh crickey."


To all Australians and New Zealanders… Happy ANZAC Day… do the diggers proud and have a cold beer in their memory!