Author notes: Hello back again with a new story. It sort of came out suddenly after reading and watching Rosario + Vampire, I was looking for new anime and happened across this series which seemed perfect for a sequel for a previous work that I did back when I would write more often then type. Of course at that time my style was absolutely horrible I have to thank writing fanfiction and to my fans who pressed for better work which in turn made me work harder on improving. Unfortunately that series that prequels this one was lost two years ago when rain leaked in my house and ruined three of my story journals which included that series as well and except for the more crucial parts I've completely forgotten how I wrote it.

I can summarize what I can recall though it was a Ranma and Darkstalkers crossover in which shortly after the incident of Ryuugenzawa, Ranma accidentally ends up in Makai there he is pushed to the maximum of his abilities when he was attacked by soul bees. After barely beating them he meets Felicia and is soon running away, Long story short he befriends Felicia, Jon Talbain, Morrigan, Lilith (to an extent), Hsien-Ko and Mei-Ling. He gets training from Jon, Hsien-Ko and Mei-Ling using knowledge that was lost by the Chinese Amazons long ago due to Happosai undo the Cats Tongue Pressure Point that had been conflicting with the Phoenix Pill which grants Ranma pretty much immunity to fire. Felicia's constant positive presence rids Ranma of his fear of cats. Morrigan although flirtatious is very fond of Ranma teaches Ranma how to better harness the neko-ken's dark powers. Of course things get out of hand with Jedah being around and things get worse when Ranma ends up fighting Dimitri one on one and things escalate as both Dimitri and Ranma end up going into bestial like forms in their fight, The fight reveals that Ranma's bestial form is catlike but black and with two fluffy tails and wields black fire. Dimitri loses and Ranma reverts back and falls unconscious where Morrigan picks him up while mumbling. "This isn't good he is starting to rise once again." I ended the story here hoping that after Savior there would be another Darkstalker game so I could write a sequel but as we all know there wasn't and it bothered me all these years. That's where Rosario + Vampire came in as soon as I saw it I realized I had the perfect material for a sequel or at least a sequel which would satisfy me in a way. I hope you will enjoy it. On that note I'm not going to try rewrite that previous series that prequels this one because I can't remember much except the more important details and trying to remember is giving me a headache. Just think of this as an alternate universe where Ranma splits off the main thread and ends up with the darkstalkers, although I do wish I could have given you a guys a better idea of my old story.

Disclaimer: Man that was the longest notes I've ever written, okay Rosario + Vampire, Ranma ½ and Darkstalkers (You won't be seeing much of them until nearing the end of the series) do not belong to me, but you all know that already so I'll stop wasting time and start the damn story.

Ranma looked out the window as the rice paddies flowed past one after another. 'So this is it.' He thought as he picked at his uniform, it wasn't like him to be wearing a uniform at first he had absolutely rejected the wearing of the uniform at first but thanks to Felicia he now had it on his person and felt rather restricted in it. So many things had happened when he finally returned to the human world things had changed at least for his previous life. Ranma grit his teeth at the memories when he returned to the Tendo Dojo everyone seemed happy to see him at first until of course they started to repeat the same things they did before he was transported to Makai, so Ranma did what he was taught back in Makai. He defended himself even slapped Akane who constantly tried to punish him. Ranma wouldn't stand for it anymore though and with his training he was way ahead of almost everyone for maybe Cologne and Happosai but the two elders seemed more inclined to stand on the sidelines and let things go. Still things hadn't stopped they got worse, Ranma got treated worse which forced him to defend himself at higher levels.

Things began to get dangerous in fact Akane was almost arrested when she hit a bystander in her blind rage while she was trying to hit Ranma. The young Saotome found himself almost under constant attack. Finally just two weeks after he returned the first and only attempt on his life occurred, worse still was that Akane was the one with the knife. They saw him as an animal that has grown to big and powerful to be kept under control. It was the final straw the Tendo Dojo stood no more and aside from Kasumi everyone in the household was left with a permanent physical reminder of Ranma's wrath. Soun had a two foot raking scar on his back, Genma received a broken jaw that would now enable him to only eat liquid foods, Akane who received the most injuries was now a paraplegic never would she punch or kick someone ever again. Even Nabiki wasn't untouched her threats were met with a scar that now marred her face, and although she suffered no physical injuries Kasumi suffered mental scarring at seeing such blatant violence from Ranma. The results of his burst of outrage were quickly dealt with by the darkstalkeres as best as possible. Kasumi was swiftly swept away and was now attending Tokyo University majoring in nursing, her tuition and allowance being handled by the Aensland clan. Morrigan even handled the medical bills for the Tendo's paying off each of their injuries in full except for Akane, in which she only covered half. Punishment for what the spoiled girl tried to do to her boya. Ranma was now feared by all of Nerima and word spread of his violent behavior.

Ranma shook his head to rid himself of the thoughts of the past and looked down at what tied around his waist. It was chain with what looked like a stopwatch that hung just over his right thigh. 'If it hadn't been for this I wouldn't be here.' He thought and once again his thoughts drifted off to when he first received it, right after his battle with Dimitri. He remembered waking up and found Felicia in her cat form curled up and sleeping next to him.

"You're finally awake boya." The familiar sultry tone that held a hint of amusement spoke out to him.

He turned to the origin of the voice to spot a familiar green-haired succubus she was in her human form knowing it made Ranma more comfortable, although it was amusing to see Ranma fluster at her true appearance the time now was not good for it. "Morrigan…" Ranma nodded at her. "Did I win?"

Morrigan giggled at Ranma's question. "Yes Ranma, you defeated Dimitri."

"That's good." Ranma said as he sat up. "How long was I out?"

"A week, give or take." She replied smiling at Ranma's surprised look. "Don't be so surprised Ranma you spent a lot of energy out there."

"I see…" Ranma slowly got off the bed careful to not disturb Felicia. As he stood he felt something was off. He looked himself over but he felt fine and then he noticed the stopwatch device around his waist. "What the…" He said looking at the device.

"Notice something different?" Morrigan asked.

Ranma nodded in reply. "Yeah but I can't really tell what's off."

"That's no surprise." Another voice said from behind Morrigan. The figure stepped around the succubus to reveal himself.

"Talbain-shifu." Ranma said bowing slightly to greet his current teacher in martial arts.

Jon returned the bow. "A lot of things have happened Ranma and we have a lot to tell you."

"Is something wrong?" Ranma asked before turning after hearing a shuffling noise behind him, only to be engulfed by two scantily covered furry melons.

"Ranma thank goodness you're alright! I was so worried!" Felicia cried out hugging Ranma to her chest seemingly clueless to Ranma's struggles to get free, Morrigan giggled at the display before her while Jon shook his head and placed it in his palm.

"Hey Felicia let the poor kid come up for air otherwise your going to do what Dimitri couldn't." Another voice said as she entered. Felicia let go of Ranma who came out gasping and turning to see the new arrival.

"Hsien-Ko, Mei-Ling, you're here too?" He said.

"We have something to tell you Ranma." Mei-Ling said her calm, steady voice had always put Ranma at ease. "I think it would be best that you sit down."

Ranma scanned every individual around him seeing each possessing a very serious look, even Felicia. "Okay… What has happened to me?" He asked.

"First off Ranma that device around your waist is effectively sealing the majority of your Ki away." Mei-Ling stated.

"What?!" Ranma yelled out, no wonder he felt funny, his Ki was being forcefully suppressed the usual amount of power he had was sealed off. "Why the hell would you do that for?"

"It concerns the neko-ken Ranma." Morrigan spoke up this time. "There is a lot more to it then we thought I've checked the archives and it roots date back over ten thousand years ago."

"What is it? What's the big deal about the neko-ken that you guys had to go and seal away most of my Ki for?" Ranma asked.

"That's what we're about to tell you." Morrigan said.

"We're here young man." A new voice shook Ranma from his thoughts. It was the bus driver his constant smile and glowing white eyes slightly disturbed Ranma but he had seen worse especially the grin that Bishamon had when he fought him back in Makai. As he passed the driver he stopped and turned his head slightly to glance at the man.

"You know what I am right?" He asked.

"Of course…" The driver replied. "But these orders come from way up don't worry only a few know who you are and they can keep a secret."

"I wonder what made them think that the bus driver needed to know." Ranma muttered as he stepped off the bus hearing the bus departing he looked off in the distance, barren trees, crows, blood red sea. It looked more and more like Makai and Ranma couldn't help but feel slightly relieved at that. "So here I am." He muttered. "Youkai Gakuen." Then balled his fist as his left eyebrow twitched. "As a freshman again." He muttered curses under his breath before finally settling down. He looked down the dirt path. "I guess it's that way." He started down the path in the direction of the school.

A few minutes later…

"Okay what is it that noise?" He muttered for the last two minutes he was hearing the sounds that resembled squeaky tires that kept getting closer but he couldn't see where from. "Damn if my Ki wasn't suppressed I would be able to detect where it's coming from no problem." He looked around trying to locate the origin of the noise and tensed when the steadily increasing squeak ceased. "Where the… Ack!" Ranma turned just in time to meet the front tire of a pink bicycle he heard a feminine yelp and found himself tumbling on the ground before finally stopping. 'Geez I can't get a break someone already pulling off a Shampoo on me.' Ranma thought shaking his head to clear the ringing in it, reaching out a hand to steady himself he was surprised that where he touched was warm to the touch as well as soft. 'Hey that feels kinda nice.' He thought as his eyesight cleared and widened in alarm. His hand was placed on a very nicely shaped thigh.

"I'm sorry." A cute feminine voice said. "I got dizzy all of a sudden because of anemia." Ranma raised his eyes from his hand on the thigh of the girl to her face and was struck dumb.

'K-Kawaii…' He thought her voice was just as cute as she was. He never met such a cute girl in his life and that said a lot considering his former fiancées. He became even more enraptured when she opened her eyes revealing the bright green pupils that stared back at him almost mesmerizing him. The girl let out a squeak and her hands shot down to push her skirt down snapping Ranma out of his daze to bringing his attention back to the position he was in right now. "Wagh!" Ranma yelled out yanking his hand off the girl's thigh like it was a hot stove he winced as his hand struck a low branch in his haste to pull his hand away. "I'm sorry I didn't mean to do that!" Ranma shouted ignoring the pain and holding out his uninjured hand in defense.

"No it's alright it wouldn't have happened if I was paying attention." The girl blushed lightly, than stiffened as her eyes locked on Ranma's injured hand. "Oh no you're bleeding." She said pointing at his hand.

Ranma looked at his hand it had an inch long shallow cut from the rough back of the branch. "It's just a scratch, I'm fine." Ranma said smiling.

"It's not fine here, let me wipe it off. Oh now where is my handkerchief?" The girl rummaged in her uniform jacket for her handkerchief as Ranma looked her over.

'Wow she's nice, if I was back in Neri… no the human world I would have been beaten to a pulp.' Ranma thought. The girl finally found her handkerchief and reached out with her free hand and brought up his injured hand and stopped just as she was about to wipe the blood on his hand. Ranma blinked as the girl seemed to enter a daze as she inhaled deeply through her nose.

"I-II nioi." (Nice smell) She breathed out as her head lowered her head to his bleeding hand.

"Hey, what are you doing? Are you okay?" Ranma asked a feeling of unease slowly creeping through him at the girls' strange behavior. That feeling spiked high when she licked his cut. "Whoa!" Ranma yelled out yanking his hand from her grip. The girls face turned blissful as she pressed both hands to her cheek.

"It's good, It's really good." She breathed.

"Why the heck did you do that for?" Ranma said keeping his hand as far away as possible from the strange girl. He was surprised as the girl lunged at him grabbing shoulders and looking him straight in the eyes.

"Gomen ne, you see I happen to be a vampire." She said before she quickly bit into his neck.

Ranma was so stunned that he barely registered the bite until a few seconds later when she pulled back and snapped out of his state as she sighed in satisfaction. "Geez!" Ranma yelled out jerked back and clapped a hand to the spot on his neck that the girl bit. Looking back at the girl he saw she was blushing and looking a bit embarrassed.

"I'm so sorry, you just smelled so good I had to take a taste." She said looking away shyly. Any anger that Ranma had quickly left him as he saw how cute she looked being all embarrassed after biting him.

'Kuso, I'm such a pushover.' He thought. He waved his free hand to placate the girl. "It's alright it was just unexpected." He said, taking away his hand from his neck and looking at it he noted that there was hardly any blood. 'It healed up already?' He thought surprised.

The girl looked him over noting he wore the same uniform to the school she was going too. "Are you also attending Youkai Gakuen?" She asked bringing Ranma's attention back to her.

"Uh yeah, it's my first year though." Ranma replied.

The girl clapped her hands. "That's great! I'm also a first year as well."

"Oh is that so?" Ranma said as he picked up his school bag that he dropped when she ran him over.

The girl grabbed his hands holding them up to chest level as she stared at him with hopeful. "Would you become friend please?" She asked.

While a part of him winced at the familiar statement which had been said to him back when he first met the Tendo's Ranma couldn't help but nod at the girl after all she seemed nice enough totally different from how Akane acted and he wasn't a girl when he was asked the question. "Sure I don't see what's with that."

A bright smile crossed the girls face as she let go and hopped back. "This is great I've made my first friend." She placed both hand front of her lap and bowed slightly. "My name is Akashiya Moka, what's yours?" She asked.

Ranma mirrored her bow before replying. "My name is Saotome Ranma." 'At least for now.' He mentally added knowing that the darkstalkers were trying to get his name changed as well.

Moka picked up her bike and got on before shooting one last smile at Ranma. "I hope we see each other soon Ranma, I'll see you at school." Moka started off again toward the school her skirt fluttering in the wind.

Ranma stared at her retreating figure as he fought down a blush. "What's up with the uniform skirt?" He muttered. "It's too damn short." He grumbled about perverted uniform designers for a few seconds before reality kicked in. "Wait, what am I doing? I'll be late!" Ranma took off in a sprint for school hoping that he'd make it and not be embarrassed in being late for his first day.

A little while later…

"Good morning class." Nekonome-sensei called out as she cheerfully wrote her name on the board. "Welcome to Youkai Gakuen, as you all know this is a school for youkai, as of now the world is under control of humans. So in order for us youkai to survive we must coexist with humans."

'Yeah well tell that to those youkai that the sailor girls have to keep beating.' Ranma thought as he propped his head on his left arm.

The scene pauses briefly as a badly drawn bat appeared. "I'm a bat chu. Ranma is actually making a mistake since those youkai in Juuban are actually youma, but he doesn't know that chu."

Nekonome-sensei continued onto the rules of school. "Since we are trying to coexist with humans the number one rule is to stay in human form unless special situations arise. Rule number two is that no one should know about your true form. Everyone should follow these rules well okay?" She cheerfully stated.

'That's no problem for me.' Ranma thought smirking slightly.

"Oh such boring rules." A voice next to Ranma stated. Ranma glanced over to see a brown haired boy, with three earrings in his ear, his whole entire persona shouted "punk" out loud.

Oh you're Komiya Saizou-kun are you not?" Nekonome-sensei said as she looked at her class roster.

"Sensei, why don't we just eat those pesky humans? That's what I would do." Saizou said a long pink tongue extended from his mouth.

'As always somebody has to break the rules as soon as they are made.' Ranma thought.

"Oh well you shouldn't do that. You see the entire teaching staff and students here are youkai. We are inside a secret barrier if any humans happen to get inside the barrier, they'll be killed on the spot." Nekonome-sensei stated cheerfully.

'Oh that's just great instead of a bunch of morons trying to kill me if I'm found out the entire school will try to kill me. What the heck was Morrigan thinking?' Ranma thought before he noticed that the Saizou guy was looking at him. Ranma returned his gaze while casually resting his free hand on the stopwatch wrapped around his waist. Saizou broke off the stare first and Ranma let his hand on the watch fall away.

"That's funny because I thought I smelled a human just now." Saizou stated making Ranma rest his hand on the watch again. The door to the classroom opened drawing everyone's attention.

"I'm sorry for being a bit late." Moka stated.

"Oh, and you are?" Nekonome-sensei asked.

Moka walked in and stood in front of the class. "I'm Akashiya Moka."

Murmurs and whispers began to pass around class. "Wow she's hot.

"I agree she's pretty cute."

Ranma's eyes widened. 'It's that girl.' He thought, before tensing as she spotted him. 'Oh, crap.'

"It's Ranma! I'm so glad we're in the same class" Moka cried out glomping onto him.

A couple hours later give or take…

Ranma suppressed a groan as he was dragged along by his arm by Moka. He could feel the killer intent in the air from all the males around him as they envied him, he wanted to tell Moka to let go but the cheerful look on her face killed any words of protest. 'Ah man my first day at school and already pretty much all the guys hate me.' He thought as Moka dragged him outside of the building to a nearby vending machine. After making their drink choices they both reached into the drop slot for their drinks and both of their hands slightly brushed. "Ah!" Ranma jerked back. "Um, sorry I didn't mean to do that." He said sheepishly.

Moka blushed lightly before looking at Ranma. "Mou Ranma dara." She said before pushing him lightly. Well light in her terms. Ranma was sent reeling back before shifting his hips to brace one foot to slow him and one arm shot out to clap hard against the side of the pillar that was behind him that stopped his motion.

'Geez she's pretty strong.' He noted as he shook the hand that had impacted on the pillar. Shortly thereafter they both sat down on a nearby bench with their drinks. Ranma glanced over at Moka who sipped on her tomato juice.

"It's good isn't it?" She said.

"Yeah, it's pretty good." Ranma said sipping his own drink. 'She doesn't act anything like Dimitri, is she really a vampire?' He thought he had doubts since he did a little research to find out vampires were prideful and vain although they had tremendous power to back both up. Moka didn't act like that at all but still that event of her sucking his blood was definitely factual, he felt her bite him. His danger sense went off making him drop his drink and stand up in front of Moka with his back to her. Although it startled her the reason for his sudden moments revealed himself from behind one of the side structures in the sheltered walkway.

"You're Akashiya Moka aren't you?" Saizou said.

Ranma narrowed his eyes as he saw the look in the other student's eyes. 'I knew it this guy's one of those type of scum.' He thought as Saizou casually approached them then an arm shot out grabbing Ranma by his tie hauling him up in the air.

"Ranma!" Moka cried out in alarm.

"Why are you is a beautiful lady like you hanging around with a weak guy like this eh. Moka-san?" Saizou said turning his head to Moka it was the opening Ranma was looking for. He swung both legs up fully inverting himself and letting his tie slip out of his uniform jacket bending both legs to his chest he struck out with both slamming both soles into Saizou's surprised face. The youkai in human form released his grip reeling back a step while still in mid-air Ranma twisted his torso to face Saizou and like a spring released swung his hips around as well lashing out with his right foot as he did so. The kick impacted the side of Saizou's head sending him lurching to the side. Ranma landed neatly right beside a stunned Moka knees slightly bent and arms out in readiness. A few seconds of silence passed before Saizou turned back to them rubbing at the spots Ranma kicked but otherwise didn't look all that fazed.

"You little bastard, you dare to attack me!" He roared.

Ranma frowned. 'Damn it if my Ki wasn't sealed he would have gone down with the first blow.' He thought, sparing a quick glance at the watch. The seal heavily restricted his Ki letting only the bare minimum to flow through. While Ranma's strength had increased along with his Ki his inner energies were what helped him stay on par with the other darkstalkers, right now he only had strength to work with but from what Ranma could estimate he was no more powerful then he was when he first met the Tendo's. Suddenly a hand grabbed onto Ranma's own and the pig-tailed martial artist found himself being half-dragged with Moka leading the way.

Moka finally let Ranma go when they came to the top of the school roof. "That was really scary back there Ranma, are you okay?" Moka asked concerned at Ranma.

"Don't worry I'm fine." Ranma said as he tucked his tie back in his jacket and straightened his lapels.

"That was amazing Ranma, you attacked Saizou so fast that he couldn't react at all." Moka said.

"Yeah, lot of good that was. It looked like he didn't even feel it." Ranma said a bit pissed.

"It was still amazing though Ranma, although you do seem to be lacking in strength, what kind of youkai are you?" Moka asked then her eyes widened. "Oh wait we're not supposed to reveal our true forms, I take back my question."

"Why, you already told me you're a vampire?" Ranma said.

"I didn't know about the rule at that time." Moka said holding her cheeks as she blushed slightly.

Ranma cocked an eyebrow. "Okay I'm going to sound stupid but are you really a vampire? I read up a little about them and you don't seem to act like how it says in the book at all."

"Well only at the moment but…" Moka paused a little then placed both hands on either side of her rosary. "Look here." She said.

Ranma blushed slightly. "Look where? You mean your chest?" He said a bit flustered.

"Yes the rosary on my chest, you see when this rosary in removed I'll turn into a very scary true vampire." Moka said.

'True vampire, that's the same as Dimitri.' Ranma thought.

"That's why this is a protective seal, even I can't remove it myself." Moka said grasping her rosary.

'In a sense she's kinda like me.' Ranma thought his hand unconsciously brushing the stopwatch hanging from his waist. Looking at Moka he spoke out. "It's alright." Moka looked at him a little surprised. "So you're a vampire, so what. You are you that's what matters." He said in the back of his mind Ranma couldn't help but think that he just said something that was corny and overused.

"Ranma!" Moka cried out happily glomping onto Ranma. "I'm so happy you're my very first friend Ranma."

"Uh, that's really nice." Ranma said his nervousness growing at Moka's affectionate show.

"And you know Ranma, you're also my first love." Moka said as she pulled back.

"W-W-Wha-What?" Ranma said his eyes widening at the declaration.

"You see Ranma, until today I've always had to drink tomato juice or imbibe on transfusion packs, so sucking fresh blood like that it was..." Moka entered a daze as her hands floated up to encircle Ranma. "That scent, that feeling I can never forget it." Resting her head on Ranma's neck she softly licked the soft flesh there and for a second a strong pulse of her youki was released and an image flashed into Ranma's mind causing him to jerk. "Ranma?" Moka asked startled at his sudden movement.

'That image just now.' He thought as he looked at her. 'Was that her true form?'

"Ranma?" Moka repeated snapping Ranma from his thoughts. "Are you okay?"

"Oh, I'm fine Moka, I'm just not used to this atmosphere yet. I mean all this time before coming here was spent in the human world attending school and stuff weren't many youkai in my area so this takes getting used too." Ranma said.

"The human world… I hate humans." Moka said hanging her head which made her miss Ranma's visible flinch as she continued. "I went to a junior high school in the human world but no one believes in monsters so I was always alone. I never fit in anywhere I thought it would be best if I didn't exist at all." She grabbed onto Ranma who stiffened up significantly. "But you told me it's alright if I was a vampire so for the first time I didn't feel alone. That's why I was so happy"

"Is that so?" Ranma said but his voice lacked the warm tone that it held earlier. "Do you really hate humans that much Moka?"

"What do you mean Ranma?" Moka asked lifting her eyes up to meet Ranma's.

"Moka… I am human." Ranma stated simply his eyes once lively now held no emotion as he spoke.

Moka backed up her eyes wide. "No that's not possible it shouldn't be possible for humans to enter this school."

"Yeah I kinda wondered how that happened too." Ranma said his thoughts briefly going to Morrigan, Felicia and the others, the ones who sent him here. "But was that your answer Moka?"

"You're just joking right Ranma?" Moka said her voice shaky and unsure.

Ranma hung his head. "So it is that way huh?" He lifted his head again to look at her. "Well Moka this detestable human will leave you alone in peace." He turned away from her. "I'll just head back to the human world at least less people will try to kill me there."

Moka's eyes widened at his last statement. "Wait, Ranma what do you mean?" She called out but she was too late Ranma jumped the low fence bordering the roof slid down the shingles and leaped down to the ground landing easily before running off in the direction of the dorms to pick up his bag. Moka remained stunned for a few seconds before rushing for the stairwell. He said he was human yet he went and jumped from the third story and was running away from it.

It didn't take long for Ranma to grab his bag and head for the bus stop. He didn't have much things and he hadn't had any time to unpack anything before he had to head to class. He looked at the now distant building of the school behind him before sighing. "Alone and hated in the unknown or alone and hated on familiar grounds. Not much difference." He muttered as he turned away, even though there wasn't much difference the familiar ground offered a little more comfort.

He traveled a bit of distance when he heard a distant voice calling out his name. 'It's Moka…' He thought wondering why the girl would be looking for him, after all he was a human something she despised. "It's best you forget about me Moka." He muttered as he looked around. "Okay now which way was the bus stop again?" His pondering was shattered by a loud distressed scream. "Moka!" Ranma shouted his feet moved on instinct toward the origin of the scream. Hated or not a martial artist duty was to protect.

Ranma slid into a clearing seeing a downed Moka and a large ugly orc youkai cackling. Ranma recognized him immediately. "Saizou!" The orc turned to look at him. Ranma threw his bag to the side and dropped into an aggressive stance. "Get away from her."

"Well if it isn't the little weak bastard who dared to hit me. I'm going to pay you back for that little sting you gave me." Saizou rushed Ranma and threw a punch. His movements however were greatly telegraphed and Ranma leaped back in time leaving it to crash into the ground. Quickly he rushed forward running up Saizou extended arm grasping the surprised Orc's head and brought it down on his right knee a moment later his right arm raised and brought his elbow down on the Saizou's crown. Then he was off doing a high arc back flip as the orc swiped at the spot he had been a moment before.

"You little shit!" Saizou roared out as he rubbed his face.

'Crap he's even tougher now then he was before.' Ranma thought gritting his teeth. He quickly turned to Moka who was just getting up. "Run Moka, I'll hold him off here."

"Ranma no, you don't stand a chance." Moka said.

"Just do it." Ranma said looking back at Saizou just managing to catch of something pink and moving lightning fast before it wrapped around his leg. "Shimatta!" Ranma cursed as he was hauled off his feet flying straight toward Saizou.

"It's time to die you little bastard!" The orc cried out as he threw out a punch. Ranma could only cross his arms and brace for the hit. The impact was tremendous Ranma was sent flying across the clearing and down the hill.

"Ow that hurt." Ranma groaned as he picked himself up looking forward he couldn't help but let out an exasperated sigh. "Oh that figures." He muttered seeing the bus stop right in front of him. Shaking his head to clear it he eyed the hill above him. "He'll be coming soon, I just hope Moka got away." He smirked. "All the better it means I don't need to hold back. Ranma grasped the stopwatch and twisted the knob on top till the counter hand stopped on five. "That's all I'll need to finish this fight." A rustle above him caught his attention he dropped into a ready stance was surprised to see that it was Moka. "What are you doing here? I told you to run."

"You should be doing that." Moka said rushing up to him. "You're no match against him, the difference between youkai and humans are just too much.'

"I can handle it." Ranma snapped. "Beside what do you care? I'm just a detestable human."

"No!" Moka cried out. "It's not that at all! I'm a vampire, sucking blood and harming humans by doing it, but back in Junior High all I really wanted was a friend it didn't matter if it was human or youkai, all I wanted was a friend."

"Moka…" Ranma breathed out his eyes losing the steely edge that it held before.

"But really…" Moka sniffled as she wiped tears from her eyes. "It really is impossible isn't it?"

Ranma stared at her before lightly placing a hand on her shoulder catching her gaze with his. "No its not." He said.

"What the hell are you doing?" A voice yelled out. Ranma and Moka looked up toward the hill to see Saizou looking down at them. Ranma stepped in front of Moka pushing her back with an arm. "Get back Moka I'm finishing this fight."

"No Ranma you'll get killed." Moka said pulling his arm.

"I said I can handle it and I mean it." Ranma said as Saizou dropped down from the hill.

"Why are you so stubborn can't you see you can't win?" Moka cried out.

"No I'll win." Ranma said smiling at her. "I have something to worth fighting for again."

"You babble too much you little bastard!" Saizou swung a powerful blow. Ranma's hand rested on the stopwatch when Moka rushed in front to shield.

"Look out Ranma!" Moka yelled out as she threw herself in front of Ranma.

"Moka!" Ranma shouted rushing forward both hands shot out grabbing her and pulling her to him as he shifted to take entire blow for them both. The impact was tremendous and so much pain he could barely keep conscious to shift in mid-air to shield Moka when they hit the scarecrow that marked the bus stop. When they finally skid to a halt Moka unsteadily got back up on her feet while Ranma struggled barely managing to get up on all fours.

"Ranma!" Moka grabbed onto an arm to help Ranma to his feet. His uniform was torn and he was cut and bloodied in several places.

Ranma let out a groan as he shook his head to clear it before looking at Moka. "Daijobu ka?" He asked.

"Baka! I should be asking you that." Moka said. "You have to stop you'll be killed at this rate."

"No chance of that." Ranma said placing a hand on Moka's shoulder to push her away. "I have to finish this fight." Ranma winced and let out a gasp as one of his knees decided to give out at the moment causing him to stumble his hand slipped off Moka's shoulder and briefly caught onto something before it gave way. 'Kuso I took more damage then I thought.' He mentally cursed as he steadied himself again. Ranma then realized that he was holding something. 'Wait what is this?' Looking closer at the object in his hand it took a few seconds before he realized what he was holding. 'This is…' He turned to look at Moka just in time to witness the large spike in youki that forced him to shield his eyes. When he finally let his arms down Moka's entire figure was covered in bats. Even with his senses dulled because of his sealed Ki Ranma could feel the power radiating off the figure before him. 'What an aura.' He thought. 'She's not on Dimitri's level but definitely not something to be taken lightly. The bats covering Moka's body suddenly dispersed revealing Moka's true form.

"Red eyes, silver hair, and a huge youki she's an S-class daiyoukai, a vampire." Saizou said stunned.

R-Moka brushed an offending lock of hair off of her face as she took on an almost arrogant smile as she looked at Saizou. "So you're the one who woke me up." She said.

Saizou huge body began to tremble. "Why am I trembling, it can't be that I'm scared of her is it?" He said. As Saizou was arguing with himself R-Moka was casually stretching out. "No way, it can't be. Go for it, it doesn't matter if she's a vampire."

"Oi bakayaro!" Ranma yelled out drawing Saizou's attention.

"What, you little bastard?" Saizou snapped.

Ranma smirked. "Nande mo nai, I'm just being a distraction." Saizou's eyes widened as his eyes moved back to R-Moka who stood in front of him yawning.

"You should realize your place." R-Moka said before executing a high kick sending Saizou flying back and embedding him in the face of the hill.

"I'll be aware of it from now on." Saizou said before falling unconscious.

R-Moka now faced Ranma the same smile on her face as she slowly walked over to him in an arrogant gait. 'Now she really does act like a vampire.' Ranma thought as the extent of his injuries began to take its toll. That prideful way she's holding herself up and that air of arrogance, however.' Ranma's legs finally gave out but R-Moka quickly rushed in and caught him and with his consciousness slipping he didn't even realize that his face was resting right between her breasts. 'This warm feeling is just like Moka from before.' He thought just before darkness took him.

Ranma began to stir as he groggily opened his eyes. 'Oh man I hurt all over. My head is lying on something soft and warm though.' He thought his eyes focused and made the discovery that his head was occupying someone's lap. 'Hello!' Ranma jerked back eliciting a startled gasp from Moka before she smiled.

"Thank goodness you're finally awake Ranma." Moka said as she began to run her hands along his face. "Are you hurting anywhere?"

"Everywhere." Ranma replied. "But I'm used to things like this." Something caught Ranma's eye picking it up he realized it was the schedule for the bus. "What the hell? The bus only comes here once a month." He stated.

"Yes, you didn't know?" Moka said, the look Ranma gave confirmed that he had no idea. Moka had the sense to look sheepish before she spotted that several cuts on Ranma had reopened. "Oh you're bleeding again."

"Oh would you look at that." Ranma said looking at the cuts he could see slowly seeping blood.

"Hold on, I'll wipe it off." Moka said as she used her handkerchief to dab at each of Ranma's cuts.

Ranma stared at Moka as she gently dabbed at his wounds. 'Two sides totally different from each other, yet they both contain the same warmth. Alone and hated on familiar ground or Not alone and hated in the unknown.' Ranma smirked. 'Not much difference but not being alone was a little better then just being on familiar ground.' He nodded slightly 'Alright I stay in school at least a little while longer.' Moka pulled back after finishing wiping Ranma's wounds and brought the stained handkerchief up to her nose.

"This scent is just too much." She said here face entering a daze. Alarm bells went off in Ranma's head at Moka's words.

"Uh Moka, are you alright?" Ranma asked nervously.

"Gomen ne Ranma." Moka lunged forward and bit into his neck. Kapuchu!


To be continued.

Author notes: Damn it that was long. I had actually started this awhile back but was sidetracked by other works like my Tenchi Muyo crossover. I know everyone is looking forward to updates for my other stories but please bare with me and believe me when I say I'm doing my best finals are coming up and this first semester away from home was stressful to me. I'm hoping my War Angel Ranma will be complete soon and I plan another chapter for Ranma of Shishin or Returner Ranma. That what I have planned but things can change so don't really count on those stories being the ones I'll update. I had hoped I could have gotten this out sooner and be the first author to make a Ranma and Rosario to Vampire crossover but someone beat me to it.

While I'm typing this I'm going to tell few things that you are going to see in this story. It's going to follow the manga and anime pretty closely with it diverging off the normal track later in the series. Ranma-chan will not be seen very often in here. I'm not cutting her out she's going to make appearances but not as much as you expect and the reason will be revealed in the Swimming Club arc. Ranma has a pretty extensive knowledge of youkai since he was in Makai and decided to actually research on various monsters that he might end up fighting. The stopwatch seal that Ranma wears around his waist is very similar in appearance to the watch in Chrono Crusade if you wanted a description. That's it for now, I hope you enjoyed this chapter and look forward to the next one, although that might take awhile, so until next time.