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Ranma sighed as he took his time walking over to the bill board where the postings for the mid-term exams were. Although he had gotten better thanks to the persistence of both Felicia and Mei-Ling his academics were still pretty poor. Truthfully he was quite surprised to see that he had made the mid hundred forties but he was still far from what both darkstalkers had wanted him to reach. He winced as he felt phantom pains of Mei-Ling pulling his ear at the sight of his current academic standing. "Man I hope they don't find out about this." He muttered to himself before some commotion behind him drew his attention.

"Moka-san is amazing, not only is she the most beautiful girl in class but she's also one of the smartest in the school." A male student stated as the pink haired vampire strode past him.

"Smart and beautiful she's the symbol of perfection." Another student said.

Ranma blinked before turning back to the board and scanned it from the middle to the right, his gaze stopped on Moka's name practically at the end of the board.

"The gap is way too big chuu." The bat said.

"I already know that ya damn bat." Ranma muttered as he glared at the bat that was now flying off.

"Ranma!" Hearing his name Ranma turned to see Moka running up to him the angry gazes of the surrounding male students once again focused on him, he ignored them and instead did his best to focus on Moka.

"Hey Moka you did really great on the mid-terms right in the top ten, unlike me." Ranma stated rubbing the back of his head as he sheepishly glanced at his placement.

"It was just a coincidence, but if it is alright with Ranma next time…" Moka trailed.

"Next time?" Ranma repeated questioningly.

Moka began to nervously twiddle her fingers as she shyly said. "Next time, lets study together."

Ranma blinked before smiling. "Thanks Moka, I'd really appreciate that."

"Really? that's great!" Moka said smiling.

Ranma continued to smile before his limited senses began to tingle making him glance around nervously.

"Ranma what's the matter?" Moka asked.

"I sense hostile intent." Ranma stated continuing to glance around he spotted a small figure with a pointy lop-sided hat dart back behind the pillar it was leaning out from.

"Is there something wrong Ranma?" Moka asked looking at where Ranma was staring at.

Ranma shook his head, the intent vanished and he wouldn't pursue it unless it became a problem. "Nah it was nothing Moka let's go get some drinks." Just as they started to head in the direction of the nearest vending machine there were three loud bangs. They turned to see a little girl in a lop-sided pointy hat and cape laughing at three male youkai who were clutching their heads in pain, the three metal wash basins on the ground was a clear indicator of what was the cause. "Man like always people always pick on the small people." Ranma muttered then his eyes narrowed as one of the boys got up and lunged at the little girl. Two things happened right then one was Ranma appearing right behind the attacking boy and stopped his lunge with a strong restraining hand on the shoulder, and the second was Moka leaping in front of the little girl to shield her.

"Hey there man just what the heck were you going to do with this little girl hmm?" Ranma asked in a cold even tone. The attacker briefly thought of turning on Ranma but upon taking a quick look around he saw that the commotion was drawing a lot of attention which would look very bad on his part if he started trouble. Shaking his shoulder loose from Ranma's grasp he and his companions stalked off while loudly announcing that Ranma and Moka could stay in the company of such a filthy species.

Ranma snorted as he looked back at Moka who was comforting the little girl clinging to her skirt. "Hey are you alright?" He asked then flinched back as the girl glared at him. 'What's with that hostile intent?' He thought.

Ten Minutes Later…

"Thank you for saving me Moka-san, I'm Sendo Yukari." Yukari said bowing her head toward Moka as the trio sat at a table in the cafeteria.

"I didn't do much it was Ranma who stopped them." Moka said gesturing to the pigtailed martial artist who paused momentarily from his deluxe oyako donburi lunch set to speak.

"Hey, it was no problem." He stated.

Yukari's expression darkened momentarily. "Thanks." She said halfheartedly.

Ranma frowned, that "Thanks." was more dismissive then an actual word of gratitude but decided not to make a big deal out of something so trivial.

"Though I'm amazed Yukari you're only twelve yet you're a first year like us." Moka said.

Ranma blinked as he fed his brain the current information. "Wait a second that means she's skipped most of middle school." He stated.

"That's right she's also ranked number one in the school, you must be very smart Yukari-chan and your clothes are cute too." Moka said.

Yukari blushed and hung her head. "No it's not cute at all, besides the one who's cute, beautiful and smart is you Moka-san." Suddenly Yukari leaped across the table and tackled Moka down with a glomp. "I love you!"

Moka barely managed let out an "eep!" before she was forced off her seat.

Ranma blinked, this was different usually he had to go through getting glomped by a girl. This was the first time he wasn't the target and the target themselves was a girl as well. Of course the sudden commotion attracted most of the other students in the room and Moka was in a compromising position with Yukari. The young girl was snuggling her head in Moka's bosom and there was no sign of her stopping any time soon. He leaped out with arms spread trying his best to shield his friend and the adolescent girl from view with his body.

"Hey nothing to see here people, just go back to what you were doing." It seemed to work, most of the other students backed off. Unfortunately it didn't end there.

Ranma groaned as he continued to walk in front of Moka his arms bent back in an attempt to shield the vampire from being viewed from the side. His efforts were futile though, Yukari had not relinquished her grip on Moka instead she had shifted her body to Moka's back and had a firm grip of both of the vampire's assets. Despite Ranma being in the way most of the other students had a pretty good idea what was going on. After awhile Ranma's patience wore thin, between his awkward position and the snickers from the other students he just about had enough. "Yukari would you let go of Moka already, can't you see your embarrassing her?" He stated as he reeled on the young witch.

Yukari's dreamy look turned sour as she finally relinquished her grip from Moka's bosom not hearing the pink haired vampire silently sigh in relief. "You're the one who should be embarrassed." She pointed an accusing finger at Ranma.

"What?" Ranma said he was getting a little bit irritated at this girl.

"Saotome Ranma, grades are barely making the average mark, athletic abilities are sub par, favorite interests and hobbies are martial arts and eating, all in all your typical dumb jock and weak one at that." Yukari stated.

"What was that? You are really pushing me here you brat. I trying to be polite here and your throwing everything back in my face." Ranma growled out, Moka quickly appeared in front of Ranma holding him back.

"Wait Ranma she's just a kid." Moka said as she gently pushed against Ranma's chest.

"Right, and kids who act up like that deserve a good spanking." Ranma retorted as he continued to growl at Yukari.

"I take it back your not just a dumb jock you're a brute. Someone like you should never dirty the pure image of Moka-san with your presence." Yukari pulled out her wand.

Ranma laughed when he saw Yukari's wand. "What's up with that? That looks like something you ripped off of some magical girl show."

"Oh really, well let's see you handle my power." Yukari chanted a spell and for a few seconds all was quiet.

"I think your spell's a dud." Ranma stated with a smirk, just then a nearby janitor's closet burst open and various cleaning implements began raining attacks on the pigtailed martial artist. "Hey! Cut it out!" Ranma began to bat aside the cleaning tools luckily he was used to being attacked in large numbers and the relentlessly attacking brooms, mops, and pails were more of an annoyance then anything else.

"Yukari-chan, stop it!" Moka cried out.

"I won't, someone so unworthy of being in Moka-san's presence should be beaten down and swept up into the burnable trash." Yukari stated.

Just then there were several cracking sounds along with the protesting screech of metal being crushed. Both girls turned their attention back to Ranma who was in the middle of a circle of broken brooms, mops, and crushed metal pails.

"Who are you calling burnable trash?" Ranma demanded as he crossed his arms.

Yukari backed up a step. "Not bad, but don't think I'm done yet. You're unworthy of being in Moka-sans presence. Prepare yourself Ranma Saotome, I'll drive you away from Moka-san, I swear on my pride as a witch." Yukari took off running as Ranma sighed.

"Uh that's just great now I've made an enemy who should barely be out of backpacks and yellow hats."

Unknown to both Moka and Ranma a few figures had been hiding just around the corner eavesdropping on the whole exchange. "It's against the rules to reveal your true form." One of the figures said grinning.

"Now we a have a reason to put that little snot in her place." Another said as all of them started to chuckle evilly.

The final bell rang ending classes for the day. Ranma slumped over his desk exhausted from racking his brain. "Physics are the bane of the universe." He mumbled into his desktop.

"Ranma!" A familiar bubbly voice called out. Ranma barely had enough time to lift his head before he found it buried in between two cloth covered mounds.

"Ya hoo hoo!" Kurumu said as she rubbed her breasts in Ranma's face. "Class is finally over walk home with me Ranma."

"Kurumu stop that! Can't you see you're bothering Ranma?" Moka stated as she pouted.

"What do you mean bothering him? He seems to be enjoying himself, see." Kurumu pointed out that one of Ranma's hands was currently groping her chest rather intensely. As Kurumu moaned in delight Moka shot Ranma an accusing glare only to see Ranma looked very distressed, in fact he looked like he was trying his damn best to pull away from Kurumu even going as far as pulling on the hand that was grabbing onto Kurumu's bosom.

"Moka my hand ain't listening to me!" He shouted as he began to hit it in an attempt to dislodge it from the succubus. Suddenly the hand let go and Ranma's was sent crashing backwards.

"Ranma!" Both girls cried out rushing to the downed martial artist.

'What the heck was that?' Ranma thought, already his head was cycling through the many different possibilities and writing off the ones that he knew didn't fit his current situation. 'Not possession, mind control is out, puppetry is out since there aren't any strings, so what does that leave?' Suddenly his body jerked forward crashing into Kurumu and landed his face into a rather intimate spot on the blue haired succubus.

"Ah! Ranma you're so bold today." Kurumu cried out although she was delighted she was also embarrassed since there were still students in the room watching the event unfold. There were a good number of red faces on the girls and jealous glares from the boys as they gazed upon the trio.

'This is so not good.' Ranma thought, he could practically see his life flash before his eyes even though they were currently closed.

"Ranma…" Moka said in a very low and menacing tone. Ranma started to panic as he managed to pull away from Kurumu when the sound of childish laughter outside of the room started up. Immediately the tension that was building stopped as all three turned to face the source of the laughter. Outside of the room by the partially opened door of the classroom was Yukari laughing and holding something in her hand.

"A voodoo doll." Ranma stated as he recognized what was in Yukari's hand. "I should have guessed."

"Yukari-chan!" Moka shouted jerking the young witch from her laughter as she realized she was caught.

It didn't take long to catch Yukari and drag her off into an empty classroom where Ranma blew up on her. "I've just about had enough!"

"Ranma calm down she's just a child." Moka said although her tone betrayed a bit of strain in it. It seemed even Moka was starting to get a little frayed along the edges.

"That ain't an excuse to go manipulating me like that with a voodoo doll." Ranma snapped. "She even got Kurumu involved and she hasn't done anything to her."

"You're right but still…" Moka trailed off as she looked at Yukari uneasily.

Ranma gave Yukari a stern look. "If you keep doing stuff like everyone's going to hate you, and you'll be all alone in the end."

Yukari blew a raspberry at him. "I'm a genius I don't need friends with pea-sized brains like you." Then she lowered her head. "Besides I'm used to it I was alone from the beginning."

Ranma blinked at Yukari's words before his hands shot up and caught the metal basin that was about to drop on his head. "Yukari!" He shouted as the girl turned and ran out the door Ranma was about to yell at her again when he saw a tiny glint of light fly past Yukari's head as she turned the corner. 'She's crying?'

"What she said is probably true." Kurumu stated as she leaned against the chalkboard.

"What do you mean?" Ranma asked turning his attention to the succubus.

"Well witches are considered the bane of the youkai world they are neither youkai nor human and in fact they're considered half-breeds and are heavily discriminated against. On top of that even the human world seems to hate them, long ago in the middle ages humans conducted witch hunts where many witches were hunted down and killed."

Ranma was stunned he absolutely didn't know about that. "I didn't know," He said, he looked at Moka who gave him a troubled look. "Did you know?" He asked.

Moka nodded. "Yes I knew, I know she wants to be friends but she's been shunned the whole time that the only way she knows to react is with that childish behavior."

Ranma groaned as he clapped a hand to his forehead. "I really screwed up on that didn't I? I have to apologize to her." He cast a passing glance out the window, than his gaze froze as he spotted three figures dragging away a smaller figure who was clearly struggling to get away. The familiar wide-brimmed pointy hat was a dead giveaway of whom it was that was being dragged away.

"Let me go!" Yukari shouted as she pulled with all her might against the larger student who had a vice-like grip on her arm. It didn't do any good as the older student's strength easily surpassed the prepubescent girl. Finally the boy flung her roughly against a large tree. Yukari hissed in pain as she regained her feet to face the class president in her class and his two flunkies.

"Naughty, naughty, little witch, revealing your true form is against the school rules." The class president sneered down at the young witch.

"What shall we do with her?" Asked one of the two subordinates as he eyed Yukari hungrily.

"Let's eat her." The other stated licking his lips in a manner that made Yukari shudder, she pulled out her wand and held it defensively in front of her but before she could start an incantation the class president unleashed a wicked backhand that knocked her wand out of her hands and into the bushes.

"I'm going to enjoy this." The class president said as he and his subordinates quickly reverted back into their youkai forms and began closing in on Yukari.

Tears welled up in her eyes as Yukari pressed into the unyielding trunk of the tree behind her as the lizard men drew closer. Suddenly something small and black smashed into the back of one of the subordinate lizard men's head making him squawk in pain and for his two compatriots to whirl around to face their attacker.

"You three again, really when will guys like you start taking a hint?" Ranma stated as he flipped a rock in his hand casually.

"Stay out of this Saotome we're simply enforcing the rules which she's broken." The leader snapped.

"Uh huh," Ranma gave them look that screamed 'bullshit'. "So the three of you have to enforce the rules of the school huh?" Ranma jerked a finger behind him. "Just leave."

The three lizard men turned on Ranma. "Do you want to join her Saotome? Really I don't mind she's a little on the scrawny side, and you have this delectable smell just like a human."

Ranma tossed the rock into the air. "Just try it." Suddenly Ranma spun his leg lashing out and hit the rock just as it started dropping past his head. The rock was sped straight into one of the subordinate lizard men's head and hit right between his eyes. He went down and immediately the remaining two lunged at Ranma.

Yukari stared as Ranma easily weaved through the wild swipes of razor sharp claws and let out a yelp when a hand rested on her shoulder. Looking over she saw that it was Moka's hand on her. The pink haired vampire put a finger to her lips to make a shushing sound as she began to quietly lead Yukari away from the fight. Unfortunately the first lizard man that Ranma downed with a rock recovered and saw Moka and Yukari sneaking away and with a loud roar he charged at them.

Moka's alarmed cry got Ranma's attention he didn't hesitate as he leaped over the two lizard men before him and landed in front of Yukari and Moka he had just enough time to shield them with his body as the lizard man brought down his talons. The claws tore through Ranma's shirt and back, hissing in pain he spun lashing out a backhand catching the assailant his face. There was a shrill angry cry from above as Kurumu came swooping down feet first landing fully on Ranma's attacker and putting him down for the rest of the fight, but the damage was done. Blood oozed from the deep lacerations in Ranma's back as he faced the remaining two lizard men who gloated at him even as Kurumu sidled up to him, her fingernails extending.

"Not so tough now eh, Saotome?" The leader stated as he saw Ranma wincing painfully.

"His blood smells good." His cohort stated as drool fell from one side of his mouth.

"Tastes good too." The other stated as his forked tongue lapped at blood staining his talons.

"Moka…" Ranma said softly, the vampire looked toward Ranma their eyes met after a few seconds she nodded. She knew what needed to be done. Ranma reached up gripping the rosary and gave a quick jerk. Once again youki burst forth from Moka giving pause to the lizard men as it washed over them blinding them. When it finally faded the sultry silver haired form of R-Moka stood staring at the lizard men like they were something you'd scrape off your shoe.

"I would think you'd be able to handle something of this level Ranma." R-Moka stated glancing at Ranma an eyebrow rose slightly as Ranma slipped off his torn shirt and ripped it into strips to be used as bandages.

"Yeah well," Ranma said as he started to bandage himself but it was quickly taken over by Kurumu. "In my defense I had to guard somebody instead of just worrying about myself." R-Moka said nothing else as she looked back at the lizard men. Who flinched under her gaze.

"D-Dyed hair is against the school rules!" One of them yelled out charging. It was a pitiful attempt of courage and reason and ultimately futile. He didn't even see the kick that launched him up into the air and landed him high up in a tree.

"Impossible… In just one moment." The last lizard, the leader of them sweated as he realized he was alone.

"Only able to bully other when numbers are on your side, you're really are nothing but trash." R-Moka stated from behind him.

Spinning to face her, the lizard man lunged jaws wide open to take a chunk out of R-Moka, instead a leg crashed into his mouth shattering all his teeth and propelled him back with such force that he actually skipped a few times before sinking into a nearby lake.

With the defeat of the last lizard man Yukari finally broke out of her state of awe. She looked to Ranma to see that Kurumu just finished bandaging him. "Why?" She asked, drawing the attention from the others. "Why did you come to save me, after all I've done to everyone?"

Ranma stared at her for a few seconds before raising a hand gesturing her to come closer, when she complied he held up three fingers. "There are three reasons I did it, first…" *bonk!*

"Ow! What was that for?" Yukari cried out holding her head after Ranma gave a quick rap with his knuckles.

"That was for all the stuff you put me through." He stated. "The second is…" He bowed. "I'm sorry for my words earlier I was a stupid jerk who didn't even give the time to know you." Yukari was stunned by Ranma's apology and was surprised again as Ranma rose from his bow and extended his hand. "The third is, Hi my name is Saotome Ranma, do you want to be friends?"

Yukari stared at Ranma's hand then glanced around. Kurumu was smiling reassuringly and while R-Moka was glancing away her expression was neutral. Tentatively she raised a hand to meet with Ranma's, part of her expected that hand to suddenly and cruelly be pulled away instead Ranma's hand extended further and gripped hers gently but firmly. With that the gasket broke and tears began to flow freely from Yukari's eyes only this time she wasn't doing it because she was sad and lonely.

A few days later chuu.

Moka and Kurumu were carrying supplies to class while making some idle chat of the happenings at school. "You know I heard Yukari apologized to her class for all the pranks she pulled on them." Kurumu said. "Also when she did everyone began to think about how they treated her before. While it still needs a little more work they are they are starting to get along."

"That's a relief." Moka said as they arrived at class and slid open the door.

"Ranma-san! I love you!" Yukari shouted happily as she hugged a seated Ranma around his neck. The pigtailed martial artist sat in his seat with his hands covering his face. Two dull thumps were heard as Moka and Kurumu both dropped what they were carrying. Hearing this Yukari looked to see both Kurumu and Moka in the doorway. "Good afternoon, my classroom is next door so I came to play."

"P-Play? What do you mean?" Moka asked.

"Because since I love Moka-san, I've also fallen in love with Ranma-san as well." Yukari stated.

"Eh?" Both Kurumu and Moka stated while a barely audible whimpering sound emanated from Ranma.

"When Ranma came to my rescue he was so dashing and handsome, and when he shielded me I felt a mature atmosphere." Yukari blushed and put a hand to her cheek, the whimpering sound rose in volume at her statement. "In other words I hope he'll take me in his arms even more."

"I won't cry, I won't cry." Ranma muttered softly the first words said since the whole incident started.

"No way! Ranma is mine!" Kurumu rushed over to the unoccupied side of Ranma and wrapped her arms around his neck from there thus starting a tug of war.

"I can't breathe." Ranma muttered as he shifted left and right. Finally lack of air and the stress of everything got to him. "Hey!" He yelled out standing up and breaking the grips of Yukari and Kurumu. "I don't belong to either of you!"

"That's right." Moka said from behind him making him freeze.

'How'd she get behind me without me sensing her?" Ranma thought just as two arms locked around him. "Wait, Moka. Hold on!"

"Ranma is mine!" Moka shouted. Kappuchu~

"Ow! Not this again!"

To be continued

Author notes: Yeah people I realize that it has been a very long time since I updated any of my work. I blame it on an online FPS called Combat Arms which I got into earlier this semester. By all means this doesn't mean I've given up my stories I just have to wait for that initial excitement to go away. Also start checking the Anime crossover section or my profile if my main stories aren't being updated you might find it is because I'll be putting up chapters of possible stories I might try when my current workload lessened. I won't promise anything on updates although it will most likely be "Fists of Life" So until next time.