Disclaimer: I don't own Doctor Who. (Wow, that is so weird to be writing.)
A/N: This is my first venture into a fandom that isn't Star Wars. AU of the Silence in the Library, if you've seen it, that will make sense.

The shadows were moving.

He watched in fascinated silence. He was the only one left. The others had been taken. But he had done nothing. Nothing at all to save them. Of course, he had put up the pretense of doing such, but he had had no such intentions.

Donna was gone. She had become part of the computer. That had been the first part of this escapade that he truly hated. Of course, there was that other man, but he didn't really hate him, it was just pity.

Everyone else was taken by the shadows, except for Donna. She was the lucky one. She was taken by the computer. He hated that computer. It had taken away his companion, his best friend. She was gone.

Even now, he can feel the hate boil up within him. Even now, as the shadows move. He thinks back to the beginning of it all, when she was lost. It was after that disaster that he met Donna. He never thought that another companion would change his life, but she did. Now she was gone, just like the rest. Just like Rose.

He thinks about that Professor Song. How had she known his name? She wouldn't anymore. She was dead, and he had changed the timeline. It was all different, now. Everything was changing.

The shadows were moving, again.

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