I've been really disappointed lately of the lack of interaction between Penelope and Derek on the show. It's like they've lost their unique connection and this is my way of holding on to that tightly! I also thought you guys deserved a fun story without so much angst, as I am up to my eyeballs in angst with my other two stories.

"Hey P, are you ready?" he asked leaning against the door of her bunker. Penelope looked up from her screen and smiled up at him.
"Hey Cupcake, I have a few more things I need to do that just came in. I'm sorry, but you don't have to wait."
"I don't mind, take your time." He said pulling a book out of his back pocket before throwing himself on her couch. Penelope smiled and turned back to her tasks on hand. Her car was in the shop and he was her self proclaimed designated car pool partner.
"I spoke to Mom today and she said to say hello," Derek remembered,
"Oh how is she? That reminds me her package arrived today. I have to call and say thank you when I get home. I meant to call her right after it came but the madness hasn't stopped" Derek chuckled
"Yours too?" Fran Morgan sent her son a care package regularly, usually with home baked goods that he loved. Every so often Fran sent Penelope her own care package. Fran knew that Penelope was Derek's life line, and that she looked after her Derek, for that she was grateful. Fran and Penelope had hit it off immediately after meeting one another years before, and the two shared a great respect for the other.
"Do you have plans for dinner?" she asked never one to assume
"No, I was thinking Pizza at yours and maybe a movie?"
"Sounds good. I'm done here, so if we order we can just pick it up on the way home."
"On it," he replied flipping his phone open to make the call.

"I'm just going to get changed." Derek nodded as he placed the Pizza on the coffee table and grabbed drinks and napkins from the kitchen. When Penelope emerged from her room, she wasn't surprised to find that Derek had changed into his sweats too, which usually meant he was taking the couch for the night. Penelope had cleared a shelf for him in the hallway closet for his clothes, and he kept a set of toiletries in her bathroom for such occasions. It was such a norm that there was never a discussion about it. Emily and JJ too owned their own shelves in her hallway closet, and vice versa. Penelope picked up her phone as she plonked herself on the couch beside him.
"You mind?" she asked apologetically. Derek shook his head knowing it was his mother she was calling.
"Hey Fran, it's Pen."
"How are you my Darling?" Derek grinned as he heard his mother.
"I'm well thank you Fran. I just wanted to call to say thank you for my care package. It totally made my week."
"I'm glad honey. I figure you could use your own so you wouldn't have to share with Derek."
"I'll tell him that."
"MOM!!!" Derek protested, while Fran laughed not at all surprised that her son was once again at Penelope's. Penelope and Fran chatted for a little while longer catching up on a few things before they hung up. Derek rose from the couch to scour through her DVD collection, though she wondered why as he always always always picked the same movie.
"Now there's a surprise." She teased as the opening credits to Bad Boys blared through her surround sound.
"You love this movie just as much as I do so don't even." He threw back,
"I didn't say I protest or didn't like it, I merely pointed out the obvious… that you my beloved friend are predictable."
"Would you like me to dig out Em's copy of Grease,"
"Hey, we all have our little quirks, you leave Em's alone." She defended her friend as he grinned.

Derek was half asleep when his phone began to buzz. Penelope nudged him gently
"Dirk, your phone." In addition to their many terms of endearment, she had long since christened him Dirk as a payback for Gomez.
"You have my permission to answer it P," he mumbled sleepily
"Nuh uh, it's one of your booty calls." Penelope said placing the phone in his hand as a girl's name flashed incessantly on the screen. Penelope watched Derek's eyes fly open and giggled rolling her eyes before getting up to get a drink from her kitchen.
"Hello, oh hey Sandy. Tonight? Sorry, I've already made plans. Thank you anyway, sure I'll call you." He said not entirely paying much attention as he hung up.
"You could have gone Derek. It's still early." She said as Derek threw her a look,
"What? I'm just saying you can if you wanted to."
"If I wanted to I would have. Now plonk your butt back down here." Doing as she was told Penelope sat back down on the couch beside him. Derek shifted so that his head was on her lap. Habitually, Penelope traced patterns on his head absently watching the rest of the movie. Not long after Derek Morgan was fast asleep, and by the depth of his breathing, he was down for the night. Easing herself off the couch took some effort as Derek had a firm grasp on her legs as his arms hugged her knees to his face as though it were a pillow.
"Sheesh Morgan, make it difficult why don't you." She muttered as she finally slipped out of his firm hold. She took the blanket that was draped on the back of the couch and covered him with it. She placed a quick kiss on his head before retiring to her own room.