Derek and Penelope had worked tirelessly on their marriage and communication. Derek had never been as frightened as he was at the thought of losing her, and he vowed never to make the mistake of taking her for granted again and risking what they had. Though it was a daily decision, he learned to share all parts of his life with her and vice versa. In the beginning he could see that she was reserved, and worked even harder at regaining her trust in him. He had also spoken to Tamara Barnes to tell her about his wife, and that continuing their friendship would have been inappropriate. Thankfully, she had been gracious about letting him off the hook.

The birth of their second daughter Emma Olivia Garcia Morgan had brought the Morgan family even closer. Evie, was born a few weeks premature, and right after her birth as a precaution the doctors had removed the mass in her pancreas. Derek had taken a couple of months off to just be at home to be with the kids and make things easier for Penelope. He nursed her back to health after the operation and continued to dote on her as he always had.

With three wonderful children, they were content, happy and incredibly blessed. They were surrounded by a loving family, and had the most amazing friends. Whatever came their way, they knew that they would be able to conquer it, for they had each other. It was a hard first year in their marriage, but once that year had passed, everything else seemed to fall into place and they had never been happier.