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For my Star Wars location information and travel times between different points I am using the galaxy map that came with the official Star Wars fact file as this is the most accurate and easy to understand. And its above my desk :P

I HAVE MODIFIED A GALACTIC MAP TO SHOW MY STAR WARS GALAXY AT THE END OF THE YUUZHAN VONG WAR. However I have nowhere to post it so if you email me I'll email you a copy. You can (hopefully) understand by my descriptions the state of the galaxy by looking at a standard galactic map from Google images search as I have only added two planets to it.

Almost all the armour and weaponry for the Star Wars main characters comes from a couple of fan created mods for the standard game. I will describe them in detail but links are available at the bottom of the page. The mods have visual accompaniments so you can see them for yourself.

I should mention now that I am going to make some serious changes to the Star Wars universe before contact is made between SG1 and the Republic. This is because I just don't like the Empire or the Old Republic and its Jedi in its final years so I have torn up quite a bit and this is where a little of Farscape and Freespace 2 and Babylon 5 come in providing me with the resources and races to use. I have made the changes to the star wars universe brief, a whistle stop tour of the important events so that the contact between the Stargate universe and the Republic doesn't come 30 chapters in but this story is still pretty much all Star Wars, the crossover begins in its sequel Republic: Into The Fire. Unfortunately if you don't read it it will be pretty difficult to keep up with the changes I've made to the Star Wars Universe. However when I'm done the Galactic Republic that the Jedi exile is part of should be more or less the same as the one he left simply less corrupt and with new ships and weaponry. I Just couldn't make the final old republic, New Republic or Galactic Alliance into what I thought they should be.

I have taken some liberties with the timeline of both the Star Wars universe and that of Stargate. The chief ones being that the siege of Atlantis was 100,000 years ago not 10,000.

I will be using the classic "Scene Break" signified by the line below so I can jump around a bit. I'm sorry if you don't like it but it's the easiest way to do it and I'm still very new at this.

As I said I'm still very new at this so all constructive criticism is welcome. If you just want to complain though don't bother, cause I certainly wont read it.

Ok lets get on with it

I don't own Star Wars, Knights of the Old Republic 1 and 2, star wars, Stargate, Farscape or Freespace


It has been said that one person, one decision is all that it takes to change the universe. That is not strictly true. One decision can start an avalanche but only if another acts on it, and another and another, but once it begins there is no stopping the avalanche that that first decision has unleashed. Deep in the heart of Malachor V in the central chamber of the Trayus academy such a event was about to take place. For the last time master and student stood together, for the last time the student questioned and the master answered. Deep in her mind the master pondered her students last question. How much information should she give him? The mere sentence that her training said she should? Or the more detailed answer that she longed to give her pupil? Unbidden a memory flashed before her eyes. "There shall be no more secrets, no more lies, that I promise you" she had promised her student the full truth, she decided to trust her instincts, to keep her promise and tell all she knew. The universe held its breath. The student would think long and hard about the answer he had been given before deciding that the fate of the galaxy was to dark, the consequences to dire to let the future unfold unchallenged. The universe turned. The second decision had been made, the avalanche had begun…

Chapter 1 – In the Heart of Malachor

120,000 years ago – Corellia

In the space above the planet that would one day be known as Corellia an event that would change the fate of three entire galaxies was about to occur. Among the brightly shining stars a purple and blue cloud appeared and spat out ship the like of which and never been seen in the galaxy before. It was a beautiful ship, sleek geometric lines gave her a graceful and yet deadly appearance, the copper colour of her hull appeared both warm and welcoming and strong and durable. She was one of the most deadly ships in known space. She was a Alteran Aurora.*

After a period of intense scanning to make sure the system was uninhabited, required for the Alterans as they would never forcibly displace an indigenous population nor interact directly with them for fear of being seen as gods, the ship gracefully entered a standard orbit above Corellia. From the holds of the ship containers and material fell onto the surface to begin the process of teraforming it so that it could support life in this form. Others moved out passed orbits where Centrepoint Station would place planets to create the Lantian capitol in this galaxy and began to construct a giant ring shaped object. Every race would have assumed it to be decorative or an observation or military outpost, after all what else could something that large be? Two years later when the supergate activated for the first time they would not have believed their eyes.

101,000 years ago – Corellia

Alteran general Hippofulralkis stood on the bridge of his Aurora and looked out over the lush planets in the distance. It just didn't seem fair. For as long as they had been in existence the Lantians had always been the supreme military power where ever they were. Now, because of one dammed little bug that had all changed. The Aratis bug as Dr Carson Beckett would call one day call it had blended with the humans on their world and become a terrifying new life form. They called themselves the Wraith. And they fed off human and Alteran life force.

It had all started out so promisingly, victory seemed only a matter of time for although the wraith were indeed powerful and their mastery of bioorganic technology unsurpassed the Alteran fleets still held a great technological advantage. Supreme in their confidence the Alteran high council had sent their mighty Auroras deep into wraith territory hoping to bring the war to a swift end. Unfortunately, though it cost the wraith much in ships and drones, three of those ships had been boarded and captured. Shortly after the wraith started to appear in unheard of numbers and began to wear the Alterans down by sheer attrition. The council was recalling all Alteran assets in this galaxy to help defend Atlantis while their scientists and tacticians searched for some way, any way, to shift the balance back in the Alterans favour. He understood it, he agreed with it, it didn't mean he liked it.

He felt rather than heard his first officer approaching and knew that the time had come to leave. As he gave orders for the fleet to form up he offered up a silent prayer for the humans that were seeded on the core worlds of this galaxy, they hadn't installed a Stargate network yet and now they would not be their to protect and guide them. The future of the galaxy was in their hands now, for unlike the rest of his crew he had access to all the reports from the front lines and he did not think that the Alterans would ever return. The humans of this galaxy would now rise or fall on their own.

The Alteran fleet entered the event horizon of the supergate for the last time. Once they were gone the gate powered down and cloaked, waiting silently until the day that it would be needed again.

100,000 years ago – Atlantis

"It is done" Janus thought to himself as he entered one last command into Atlantis's command console. "The supergate connecting the Pegasus Galaxy to the Kailua and the Milky Way galaxies has self destructed. The Wraith will never be able to use it to follow us to Earth or to exploit the Kailua Galaxy. Now those two supergates connect only to each other, we will have to decide weather to destroy those ones to once we have our civilisation up and running again on the ancient home."

Looking around one last time the last Alteran entered the Atlantis Stargate for Earth, they never returned.

4,000 years ago – Malachor V

Standing atop the central spire of the Trayus academy Jedi Exile James Koren paused and looked around, the silver spires reached up like a claw all around him, the floor, appropriately blood red, was scorched and pitted, the result of the last battle with his master, Jedi Master Kreia or as she had been at the end, and perhaps all along, Darth Traya, Dark Lady of the Sith. He looked up, his long brown hair that ended just above his shoulders was matted with sweat from the battle and framed his pale face, his full red lips that would not have looked out of place on a girl parted to ask his final question, the one he longed to ask, the one he dreaded the answer to.

"I already know what he is going to ask" Kreia thought to herself with some amusement "his light blue eyes are sparkling with hope and love. Anyone else would think he is to ask about a lover but I know him better than most. No woman nor man could make his eyes light up like that, only his beloved Galactic Republic can do that."

"And what of the Republic? James whispered Have I done enough? Is it safe?" "please let it be safe" he thought "I have done everything I could to preserve it because The Galactic Republic stands for something. Its stood for something for 15,000 years and if its light goes out the galaxy will feel nothing but pain and despair. I know its not perfect but it's the best that we have, and its proof that we are trying to create a true free and just galaxy, one system at a time" James felt the burning in his chest that came whenever he thought about the Republic. "We are still so far from the goal but so much closer to it than we have been at any time before. A galaxy where the weak do not have to fear that the strong will enslave or kill them simply because they can. A galaxy where those who have no voice will not have what little they own ripped from them by the powerful and the greedy. A galaxy where the weak and the powerless will not bleed on the front lines of a thousand small and petty wars, where they need not die alone in the cold and friendless night. This is why I fight so hard. This is why I love the Republic" with great difficulty James tore himself away from the thoughts running though his head to focus on his master one last time. "She has been a long time preparing her answer" he thought "could it be she is debating how much to tell me?"

"The Republic is safe for now"

James had almost collapsed at the news that the Republic was safe but as soon as the last of that sentence registered he fell into the standard stance of his favoured lightsaber form. Form VII, Juyo. The ferocity and power of this form was unmatched against a single opponent and performed very well against multiple opponents even if they were wielding blasters. Unfortunately the concentration required left the user very vulnerable to force power attacks so it was best to keep your enemy to busy defending to use them. James's eyes sharpened allowing the formidable intelligence that lurked just out of sight to locked onto Kreia and demanded answers. "For now?" Kreia new that this was not a question. It was a demand

"The Sith are cunning 3,000 years from now they will go into hiding and the Jedi will become weak and stagnant but proud of this. When the Sith corrupt the senate from within, when the Republic weakens they will dismiss the signs, when the Republic enters its death throws they will pin their hopes on a small boy, a chosen one, for none of them are powerful enough to stand against the Sith any longer. He will be found on the outer rim and brought to the temple but the Jedi have become flawed. The arrogance and blindness of Kavar, Zez Ki El and Vrook is nothing compared to the council that will preside over the death of the Republic they swore to protect. Placed under so much pressure and with nothing but hypocritical teachings as his guide the Sith find him easy prey, 4,000 years from now THE REPUBLIC WILL BE REORGANISED INTO THE FIRST GALACTIC EMPIRE, FOR A SAFE AND SECURE SOCITY." The last was exclaimed in a male voice, the voice of a kindly old man speaking of what he is passionate about, the voice of the Sith that had used deception and guile to achieve what 15,000 years of repeated war had not. The downfall of the Galactic Republic.

James could not, would not believe that the Jedi had become so stupid, so blind as to completely fail to protect the Republic from a single Sith Lord. "But then", He thought wryly, " look at the situation we are in now myself and my companions are forced to save the Republic because the Jedi could not. Because they grew weak and then fled into hiding looking for some way, any way, to justify abandoning their responsibility to stand and fight for the Republic they swore to preserve. Hiding hoping to draw your enemy out seems like a bold and courageous plan when compared to putting all your hopes on a small boy and saying well WE'RE not going to fix the mistakes we've made and fight, YOU better do it for us! Just when I think the arrogance of the Jedi has reached its height it breaks through the ceiling yet again."

"Surely" James asked his master "There will be those that fight, that rebel, to keep the principles of the Republic intact. How long does the Empire last? Does a New Republic not rise from the ashes of its inevitable fall?" "and the fall will be inevitable" he thought " If not from rebellion then from civil war as the Sith multiply and fight amongst themselves. So it has been for all the Sith Empires that have risen since the dark side users first split from the Jedi. I see no reason for this one to be different."

"It does" Kreia replied " But the galaxy is left weak and fractured by the civil war that brought down the Empire. Many sectors decided to strike out on their own, warlords carved out their own territories and the Imperial Remnant held onto all the territory it could. The New Republic was the largest and most powerful of the factions but it was still a mere shadow of the government that spans the galaxy today. Then with the galaxy divided, distracted, the enemy strikes. I know you have felt it, just as Revan did, the enemy that lies in the dark between the galaxies. Arriving in the dying days of the Republic they were patient, they waited until the galaxy was at its weakest and struck. The major powers of the Galaxy held to much hatred for each other and arrogance in their own superiority to put up a unified front and the New Republic and its rival states were destroyed. Further than this I can not see, the enemy is like an absence in the force and they hide the fate of the galaxy from me. I fear though that their victory was total and that from then on the galaxy shall know only pain."

James immediately began to plan on how to save the Republic from the fall that his master had predicted

Kreia seemed to read his thoughts "There is one last thing that I wish to tell you. The Republic that survives to that era cannot be fixed. It has quite simply become rotten to the core. Even if you save it from the fate I have predicted it will not last much longer. But there is hope for the civilisation that you dream of. What you love is not the Republic itself but the principals on which it was founded. Deep I the unknown regions, on a planet known as Arnessk there is a race that thinks as you do but the Sith are about to strike them down. Save them and you can create a new government in the unknown regions, one that is free of corruption, free of the Jedi hypocrisy and that will live past the Republics fall, that will remain strong to meet the enemy that lies in the dark.

As much as he wanted to scream and rage James could feel that Kreia's wounds had finally caught up with her and that her time on this plane of existence had ended. "That is all I wished to know. Thank you Master, you can rest now"

And Kreia, Jedi Master and Dark Lady of the Sith died.

As if Malachor V had sensed her death the entire planet began to quake, and a feeling that he had not experienced since the end of the Mandalorian wars took hold. "Good" James thought "Bao Dur has managed to reactivate the mass shadow generator. At last we will finish what we started so long ago and send this planet to its grave." "One small problem he thought while dodging dozens of falling boulders "IM STILL ON IT!"

Suddenly his premonition was screaming that he needed to be at this spot NOW, said spot was well off the central pillar with a several kilometre drop but the Jedi premonitions had never let him down since the force had returned to him so James took a deep breath, looked into the void, and leapt…

…Right into the arms of Mira who was leaning out of the Ebon Hawks boarding ramp.

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