I'm back!!! with another long fic!!! and a plot!!!

I think, and my friend agrees with me, that for there to have been kings and queens of Narnia after the Pensives went back to their own world one or more of them would have had to have had Narnian children, or a child at least.

This is the story of Trilliana, Peters daughter from when he was high king in Narnia.

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"Peter, Peter, come quick!"

"What is it?" The young king came running at the sound of his sisters voice, carrying the sword he had been polishing with him. "What's happened. Is everything okay?"

"God Peter, please. Your wife is giving birth and you're downstairs polishing your sword. Yes, everything is okay. We just thought that the high king should be present for the birth of his first child. You know, give a good impression to the kingdom and all that."

"But it looks like you've missed it now." Lucy added, ducking out from behind the curtained doorway and grinning at her older brother and sister. "Congrats, Peter. You've got a daughter. You going to go in there and greet her or stay there gawking like a brainless troll."

"Okay, okay. I'm going." Peter grinned, ducking behind the curtain and moving to the bedside to greet his wife. "You okay?" he asked, bending down and kissing her forehead softly. "I'm sorry I wasn't here, urgent matters called."

She looked down at the sword still in his hand and grinned sceptically. "Urgent matters my arse. Seriously Peter. You and your swords. I hope you're not going to bring her up to be as bad as you." Penelope looked down at the little baby she was holding in her arms and Peter sat beside her, resting his hand on hers, the perfect picture of perfection.

"Any name ideas?" He asked her in a whisper, looking down at his daughter, overawed by the magic of the situation.

"One. Only one, and its more of a tradition of Narnian history than anything else."


"I was thinking Trilliana. Like the ancient kings of olds first son Trillian."

"I love it." Peter looked up at her face, and then back down to his daughter. "Welcome to the family, Trilliana the first of the name, Princess of Narnia."

Short prelude. Chapters will be longer. And I have up to half way through chapter three done already so as soon as I get a review I'll post.