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RATING: T for Teen
SPOILERS: Through US Aired Episodes
PROMPT: Booth/Brennan, Parker, Tooth Fairy
SUMMARY: Booth tries to delicately explain to Parker about the concept of the Tooth Fairy. Written for the Bones Comment Fic Challenge

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"It's okay, Buddy. You're supposed to lose these teeth." Booth used his handkerchief to wipe away the last traces of blood from Parker's face. "Maybe not all at once. But that's why I told you to watch out for that little monster playing wing."

Booth scowled at the over-sized eight year old currently making faces at them as he helped Parker off the ice. "Heth the one who gave Thandy a black eye latht week." Booth struggled to keep a straight face as his son's newest missing teeth had given him one hell of a lisp.

"I bet he is." Booth leaned down to whisper into Parker's ear. "Next time, drop your stick in between his legs and let him trip on it. That'll teach the goon."

"Dad!" Parker's shocked tone made Booth realize his son probably wasn't cut out to be the enforcer, like his old man. Thankfully Brennan was at the gate to back him up.

"Anthropologically speaking, Parker, that would be the correct course of action. He broke the rules of conduct in your little tribe, and now it's up to you as a protector of your clan to remind him what the rules are for the future." Parker fixed her with a blank stare and then she corrected. "Or more plainly… He broke the rules, and it's your job to remind him why you don't do that by clobbering him." She turned to Booth and asked, "Right?"

"Exactly." He retrieved the four teeth from his pocket and held them out for her to see. "You got one of those baggy thingies on you. We gotta save these for later."

Parker smiled up at her with his toothless grin and said, "Dad thayth I have to give 'em to the tooth fairy, or I won't get any money."

"Well, that hardly seems fair." Booth was confused with Brennan's statement, but it seemed to mean something to Parker.

"Thath what I thaid! I wanna put 'em on a chain, thoth I can thow everybody. Thath way better than any dollar." Parker seemed very serious, but Booth still thought it was morbid.

"That's exactly what many aboriginal tribes do with the teeth of their enemies. To display their power over the others. An excellent use of your misfortune, Parker." Leave it to Brennan to make things harder on him with his kid.

"Yeah, but in this culture, we leave our baby teeth under our pillows for the tooth fairy. That's her whole job, ya know." Booth leaned down to try and connect with his son. "And we wouldn't want to put her outta business, would we, Pal?"

Parker put a gloved hand on his father's shoulder and broke the bad news to him. "Dad, I hate to tell you…but there ith no tooth fairy. Lath time I got the thame dollar I put in Momth purthe after I paid the ithe cream man." He looked up to Brennan, hoping for a little support, but only found her covering her mouth with a hand to hide her laughter. "And if you think thath bad… We can wait to talk about the Eather Bunny."