New Horizons

Fandom: Doctor Who; Stargate (Atlantis, mostly), Torchwood

Pairing: 10/Rose, mentions of 10.5/Rose, Shep/Weir

Rated: T (might go up in the course of the story)

Warnings: unbeta-ed

Disclaimer: I don't own DW; Stargate or Torchwood, the Sarah Jane Adventures

Full Summary: Rose is pregnant. The Doctor knows it. The TARDIS knows it. Only, Rose doesn't. And what happens when the Doctor Who and Torchwood Crew have a meet and greet with Stargate Command, or it's Atlantis branch?!

Spoilers: This is the sequel to my post Journey's End Reunion fic 'How Long Is Forever?', so there are spoilers up until there (takes place about seven months after the end of that fic). As for Stargate Atlantis, I'd say anything up to the middle of the third season is fair game…

Chapter 12: Little Joys

No sound.

Not a single cry had left her daughter's lips since she was born into this world. The doctors kept reassuring her that the little girl was fine as they washed her, and dried her up, and then handed her to her awaiting father, but Rose couldn't quench the panic rising in her chest when her child remained silent. Then the Doctor smiled, and some of the tension left her body, but she still was not reassured.

"She's fine," the Doctor whispered.

He moved to join her on the bed, cradling their daughter in his arms. Leaning forward a bit, he showed her the tiny bundle of joy seeing as she was too tired to hold her. If it weren't for her fear over the screams that were not coming, she would've fallen asleep minutes ago. Now as she looked into that little pink face, Rose realized that her fears were needless. Her daughter was fine, already staring at the world with wide, and strangely understanding eyes. Rose wasn't sure whether to be proud or a bit scared of the little girl.

"Roryssanaxandrome," the Doctor said.

"Wha'?" she asked her Lifemate, confused.

"She just told me her name. Roryssanaxandrome. That's her name. Beautiful, isn't it?" he asked with such a gleam in his eye as if Christmas and Easter had fallen onto the same day.

"And impossible to pronounce," Rose snorted.

"Well, we can call her Rory, for short. No one is supposed to know her real name anyway. There's a power in words, after all. Power of a name, and her name is one of the most powerful words in the universe. No, Rory will do just fine," the Doctor grinned at her.

Rose nodded slowly.

"So, Time Lords…Ladies choose their own name?" she wondered. "No wander you didn't want to make a list."

"Yup, it's one of the advantages of being born really intelligent, and a telepath. You get to choose your own name, you don't have to live with whatever silly puzzle of letters your parents would come up with," replied the second-to-last Time Lord eagerly. Then his face fell. "Why, don't you like it?"

Her daughter let out a tiny whimper for the first time.

"I love it," Rose murmured, her eyes fixed on her daughter's face. "My little Rory…"

A giggle erupted from the little girl's throat.

"I heard giggling that wasn't Rosie's, so…does that mean we can join the party?" Jack asked, coming up behind them with all of their new and old friends. They all gathered around her bed in the infirmary, and Rose almost feared that Rory might get claustrophobia, but the little joy was happy to be looked at, and tickled, and played with by everyone. She seemed to love the attention- 'as bad as her father', Jack put it; 'or McKay', John piped up- and how people went all 'aww' over her.

Yup, she was definitely gonna be a daddy's girl!

And everybody loved her for it.

End of chapter 12!

A/N: This was supposed to be a short epilogue to my story, but now I'm not so sure. Maybe I'll add a couple of one-shots to continue this story at a later date. I don't know yet. Tell me what you think, please.