"McKay, you are so wrong. There is no way that would even be feasible without a constant. I mean, the energy requirements alone would be-"

"Oh come on. You know I'm right about the sine waves generated by the feedback loop. Admit it."

"No way. Your calculations are so far off. And you didn't account for the sheer size of the spatial-"

"-curvature. And I so did. These calculations here prove how big it is. You're just not using the right constant. You should be using point zero four, not zero three eight."

"Not a chance. It has to be zero three eight because of the variance in the harmonics when the electrons are in the excited state."

Excited state? Jack knew that Carter was just egging McKay on. He slid a little closer to the doorway of her lab so he could hear a little better. Who knew talking astrophysics could be so…dirty?


Jack grabbed Daniel by the shirt and hauled him away from the doorway before he could interrupt the discussion coming from Carter's lab.

"What are you doing?" Daniel mumbled through the hand Jack had over his mouth.

"Listening," he whispered back.

Daniel pushed Jack's hand away. "To what?" he whispered.

Jack nodded to the open doorway. "The sound of geeks flirting."