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It was coming to the end of the day in the Ootori gardens. The day had been quite eventful, yet the time had come to retire to the house. The hosts were staying with Ootori Kyoya for the summer. They had the entire west wing of the guest house to themselves, which was indeed quite vast. because of the vast size, everyone had their own rooms(except the twins, they shared.) and they could have the privacy that they would have at home.

Before bed, the Host's had decided to have supper in the sitting room. The twins were first in, there long matching bodies hogging the entirety of the sofa in front of the fire. Takashi was next in, with Mitsukuni bobbing on his shoulders chanting
"Pyjama Party! Pyjama Party!" Takashi set him down on the back of one of the armchairs and then sat down himself. Wolf-whistles echoed from the sofa as Haruhi entered the room. She was in a knee high strapped night dress, with a lace trim around the chest (her Dad had packed!) The chorus of whistles had brought forth 'The King'. Tamaki Suou came pelting down the corridor with fire in his eyes.
"STOP HARASSING MY HARUHI-I-I-I!" he screamed, as he dived through the door and landed in a heap at Haruhi'sfeet. Tamaki looked up, embarrassed, as Haruhi stood there laughing at his buffoonery. He pulled himself up and scraped up what little pride he had left. Kyoya was the last to enter. he had his own chair nearest the fire as the light was the best there. Haruhi looked around for a seat. the twins instantly sprung to make room, but she had decided to perch on the arm of the chair Takashi and Mitsukuni were sharing. Disgruntled huffs came from each twin as Tamaki sat beaming, int the space the twins had made.

Supper was brought to them soon after. Mitsukuni hopped off the back of the chair to get closer to the table (they had his favourite cake- the one with strawberries!) Everyone ate quietly but Tamaki looked confused. Hikaru spoke up.
"Hey Boss, the pointy end of the fork goes in your mouth," demonstrating the motion of eating mockingly. Tamaki waved him off. Haruhi then spoke.
"what's wrong, senpai? Can't you eat anymore?" Tamaki shook his head then answered.
"Is this what you do at a pyjama party?" Mitsukuni suddenly started chanting again, but quietly to himself this time. Haruhi was now the one who looked confused.
"What do you mean, senpai? You have food at a party, but that's..." Tamaki interrupted.
"What do COMMONERS do at a pyjama party?" Tamaki whinged. A grim look appeared on Haruhi's face. 'Is that all they keep me around here for? INSIGHT? At least it's better than being their lackey' she thought. Now even Kyoya's attention had been caught. Everyone was wondering what a commoners pyjama party was like. Haruhi was lost. She had been to parties when she was younger, but never a pyjama party. She had a pretty good idea, though.(films REALLY help!)
"Well, you eat," waving her hand over the spread of half-eaten cake and other food stuffs, "You listen to music, signalling to Kyoya and his laptop. He found his speakers and put on the first thing in his playlist.
"You play games." This got the twins' attention.
"Games?" They asked in chorus. They shoved Tamaki from the space between them and patted the sofa cushions. Haruhi sat on the sofa.
"Yeah, games. Like pillow fights or Truth or Dare. Stuff like that." Haruhi looked for response. Tamaki rose from the ground majestically and pointed at the air.
"Ok, Team! We will play this 'Truth or Dare'," he looked to Haruhi, "How do you play?" Haruhi's face dropped. Had they really never played before? She thought rich people did this stuff all the time. The Host's looked at her in earnest for a reply. Apparently not.
"Well, we take turns to get asked a truth, or we are given dares. For example, if it's Tmaki's turn, he could either ask for truth or dare. If he says truth, we ask him a personal question, like 'Who was the first girl you kissed?'. If he say's dare, we give him a task to do like 'Run outside screaming who you love' or something stupid. Something he would really hate. Do you get it?" Surprisingly, there were no blank expressions looking at her. They had looks of earnest and anticipation. Hikaru and Kaoru suddenly rose their hands.
"I want to go first! Hey, wait! No, ME!" They started squabbling with each other. Haruhi sighed, closed her eyes and randomly pointed at one of the twins. She then opened her eyes.
"Ok... Kaoru, you're first." Kaoru's face beamed whilst Hikaru sat in a sulk. Tamaki spoke next.
"Alright Kaoru, truth or dare?" Kaoru thought hard then decided on truth. Tamaki grinned.
"What is the most outeageous thing you have ever done with your brother? Now, we must agree. Anything said in this room, stays in this room. Understood?" A quick nod from everyone. Kaoru looked worriedly towards his brother. Hikaru nodde slowly.
"Fine!... It was our last birthday...


The door burst open and two entwined bodies sprawled out onto the floor. Kaoru climbed off of his brother and onto the bed. His shirt was off and his trousers undone. Hikaru crawled slowly towards his brother. his shirt was also off, but his trousers remained done up. Kaoru would fix that. He pulled Hikaru onto the bed and kissed his neck. He began to travel slowly down his body as Hikaru lay down. kaoru was in control. His tongue stroked down Hikaru's stomach, reaching the top of his trousers. Kaoru undid Hikaru's trousers and pulled them down with his teeth. He lay bare upon the bed. Kaoru's arms roped around Hikaru's waist as his mouth engulfed Hikaru's cock. A steady motion was created as Kaoru sucked continuously. Hikaru restrained his moans as they still had guests downstairs. Hikaru was ready. Kaoru removed his own trousers and reached for the lubricant in the top drawer. A shaky hand stopped him.
"I'll do it." hikaru said breathlessly. He lubed up his hand and began to widen Kaoru. His gentle purrs began to increase in volume. Hikaru began to slow as they didn't want to be found. Kaoru protested.
"Don;t slow down. You're... almost... there! I'm ready." this made Hikaru smile. He knelt behind his brother and entered him slowly. An exasperate breath escaped from Kaoru's lips. Hikaru seemed worried.
"Are you alright? It didn't... hurt, did it?" Kaoru shook his head with his mouth tightly shut. He wanted to scraem, but he had to keep quiet. Hikaru understood and began a slow rhythm. As kaoru started to breath normally, Hikaru increased the speed slightly. Suddenly, Kaoru screamed in delight. Hikaru had, unintentionally, brushed Kaoru's prostate, and he liked it. A lot. Hikaru grinned and began to thrust harder than before. A chorus of moans came from both twins as the tension increased. Hikaru curled his hand around Kaoru's front and began to pump his cock. He moaned louder. At this point, they didn't care about noise. This was the best brotherly bonding experience they had ever had.

By now, they both definitely needed to come. Hikaru started to shudder as he tried to control himself, but he kept thrusting and pumping simultaneously. Kaoru was almost crying with ecstacy. he wanted to scream so badly now. So did Hikaru. Kaoru turned his head to face his brother, but they didn't cease witht the act. They lokked eye contact. They need to come, now. Hikaru nodded and started thrusting and pumping like his life depended on it. Laoru embraced the build up of pressure in his erection. He was gonna... 'Just a few more' Hikaru thought, 'I'm... almost... there!' Hikaru and Kaori moaned in relief as they broke from eachother. thwo limp bodies were laid on the bed, breathless. Hikaru was the first to stir. He woke his brother with gentle kisses to the neck. They threw off the soiled sheets and rested togehter, their naked bodies entwined once more.

A thundering came up the stairs. Hikaru and Kaoru sat up in shock.
"They heard us!" they said together. They heard doors in the corridor being thrown open. Then, it was their turn

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