Secrets Revealed!

Chapter 2

"Well, what happened?" Tamaki was curled up on the sofa like he had just watched a horror film. Haruhi seemed quite indifferent, with a thoughtful look on her face. Mitsukuni was listening eagerly, almost hanging off the edge of the chair; having to be propped by Takashi. Kaoru spoke up.

"It was one of the maids who came in on us. She didn't say anything. Heck, she suspected something was happening anyway. But that was the first time, and the last." Hikaru said,

"What about that time in France?" Tamaki suddenly started blabbering noisily to block what they were saying.

"La, la, la! Don't need to know! Too freaky already!" The twins looked offended. Haruhi dived in quickly.

"Okay! Whose turn is it now? How about you, Kyoya?" He began to babble about having work to do, but the twins would have none of it. A small conference began between the two of them. Spurts of harsh breath and giggles escaped. They then lifted their heads and smiled.

"Kyoya, who do you love? Who takes your hearts fancy? Et cetera, et cetera. Ok?" For the first time, they saw Kyoya blush. A bleak look appeared on his face. He began to speak.


"Kyo-chan, are you ok?" Mitsukuni asked sweetly. Kyoya was, strangely, staring over towards the seating area. Tamaki was fawning over a young blonde, with a high pitched squeal of a laugh. He must have a lot of skill to be able to withstand its sheer annoyance.

"Always the professional," Kyoya thought. He shook himself from his daydream and smiled down at Mitsukuni.

"Yes, I'm fine. I'm just a little flooded with these expense reports. But I'll be OK. See you soon!" He walked into the other room and left Mitsukuni stood there, quite confused. So he shook it off and skipped back to Takashi, who was about to serve his favorite cake for their lady guests. Kyoya crept back into the main room and gazed at Tamaki.

"If only that were me," he thought. Kyoya sighed and went back into the other room to finish his work.

After business had closed for the day and everyone was preparing to head home, Kyoya sat in the main area, with his laptop, as usual. Takashi left first, carrying a sleepy Mitsukuni. Then Haruhi, dogged by Hikaru and Kaoru. This then brought a grumbling Tamaki, who was last out (other than Kyoya) as he took the longest to get changed out of his Cosplay. Usually, small goodbyes would be said and the room would be silent, but something was different. Kyoya was no longer in the seating area with his laptop. He was standing up and blocking the door, his palms pressed firmly against the wood. Tamaki walked over to try and open the door, but it was locked. Only Kyoya had the key to the music room. Kyoya walked away from the door and to the centre of the floor. Tamaki walked over to him.

"Kyoya, what's going on? I've got to…" Kyoya placed his hands on Tamaki's face and kissed him deeply. He stepped back and breathed deeply. He had been waiting so long to do that. What was worrying him now was: What will Tamaki say? What will he do? Kyoya began to freak.
"Oh, God! I'm so sorry, I shouldn't have do…" Tamaki returned the gesture. Kyoya closed his eyes and wrapped his arms around Tamaki. They both fell onto the sofa, in each other's embrace.

Kyoya was ecstatic. The man, who he had been chasing silently, was now on top of him, undoing his shirt. Tamaki's soft and well-kept lips flittered on Kyoya's neck. Kyoya's glasses began to steam. Tamaki sat up and giggled. He removed Kyoya's glasses and began to kiss him again, whilst Kyoya was shrugging his shoulders, removing his own shirt. A sudden burst of confidence caused Kyoya to lift Tamaki and throw back onto the sofa. Kyoya knelt above him and tore open his shirt. Tamaki's bronzed and toned stomach was now at Kyoya's will. He ran his finger down Tamaki's six pack, and Tamaki laughed.

"That tickled," Tamaki then leant up and kissed Kyoya's neck again. This caused them to fall on the floor. They didn'tcare. Tamaki pulled himself and crawled to Kyoya. Kyoya jumped on Tamaki and grabbed his belt buckle. Tamaki chuckled. He was quite submissive, making Kyoya's job a lot easier.

Now Kyoya is the type of guy who seems well informed in every subject. This was one of his majors. He knew how to make Tamaki squeal, how to make him curl with pleasure. Tamaki was blessed to have such a clever guy taking him through this (!) Kyoya undid Tamaki's belt and pulled it slowly from around his beautifully shaped hips. Tamaki was a beautiful boy and Kyoya didn't want to waste this opportunity. He slipped his hand around Tamaki's waist, to the small of his back. His hand slipped lower and lower, taking Tamaki's trousers with them. Kyoya laid Tamaki slowly down onto the carpet. They kissed once more, as Tamaki's hands snaked between them to relieve Kyoya of his trousers. They slid down his legs, and Tamaki slinked from the floor to sit on the couch. His legs were crossed and one hand sat on his chin pensively. Kyoya knelt up, confused. Tamaki had gone slightly red, with a small smirk just peering from the corner of his mouth. Kyoya then stood, now worried. Was Tamaki having second thoughts? Kyoya flustered and went to sit next to Tamaki. Sneak attack. Tamaki grinned and pounced on Kyoya, causing the sofa to bounce. No more submission. He wanted control. Tamaki grabbed Kyoya's cock and he gasped. He began to move his hand slowly up and down, as Kyoya swayed with the shock. Kyoya arched his back slowly and breathed heavily. Tamaki purred as he drank in Kyoya's elation. His groans were growing louder. Tamaki kissed him to try and silence the young man's excitement. He began to wrap his legs around Kyoya's swaying body. Kyoya slid his hands across Tamaki's back and laid him down gently onto the sofa. One swift movement, one sharp gasp. It had begun. Kyoya began shifting gently as Tamaki purred with pleasure. Kyoya rocked back and forth, gaining slowly in speed. Tamaki kissed Kyoya deeply, and in the flurry, they fell off of the sofa.

The act continued, Tamaki's gentle moans growing slowly louder. Kyoya couldn't believe this. He had the legs of the most beautiful bishonen he had ever met wrapped around him. Tamaki was savoring every moment of the pure ecstasy that he was experiencing. But the moment was soon about to end. Kyoya's breath grew heavy and Tamaki began to shudder. He couldn't control himself. Kyoya was contained within Tamaki, but there was nowhere for Tamaki to go except out. The thrusting and groaning continued between the two as they reached climax. One final push and… Kyoya hit his prostate. Tamaki screamed and a stream of pure elation escaped his throbbing erection, all over the floor. Kyoya gave one final groan and it was over. They separated from each other and lay on the floor, exhausted. Tamaki was the first to sit up, the first to notice the "mess" that he had made. He looked shocked, and then began to giggle uncontrollably. Kyoya then sat up and stared at the carpet.

"Now look what you've done." Kyoya said smoothly, as he began to stroke Tamaki's stomach gently. Tamaki smiled as they returned to their secret act, unbeknown to the others.