This story ranges all the way from angst to humor, but generally it shouldn't be taken too seriously. It's no work of art - trust me - but it's enjoyable, and is a good read for one sitting.

At least I hope so. ;)


A bouquet of delicately placed roses were resting serenely against a dressing room door, where they'd been sitting perfectly still for three hours, when suddenly a foot clad in the latest designer men's shoe stomped across them without reason. Chad Dylan Cooper arrogantly scoffed at the pathetic picture before him, being so used to the sight of flowers from fans that it nearly sickened him to see another bouquet, and swaggered into his dressing room.

"Just toss those in the trash, Tony," he called over his shoulder to his assistant. Tony rolled his eyes at his employer, not even bothering to ask him to reconsider discarding the beautiful roses someone had been kind enough to send to him. Instead, when Chad wasn't looking, he dusted off the dirt from the sole of Chad's shoe and placed the flowers gently underneath his jacket to take home for his wife.

"You can leave now," Chad dismissed the man with a weak flick of his wrist, closing the door behind him. Once inside, he collapsed onto his sofa which was made of only the finest leather his assistant could find, of course and let out a deep sigh that he'd been holding in all day. Sitting back up, he put his face in his hands and attempted to magically wipe away the tiredness that resulted from his lack of sleep the night before. He knew he'd need to snap out of his desperate longing for sleep soon so that he could run over his lines for the next day's shoot.

'I could take a break though,' he tempted himself, reaching across the arm of the couch to grab the remote control off of the side table. Sprawling back across the leather, he turned on the small television set across the room and flipped through the channels until he (almost) subconsciously landed on channel twenty-five, which just so happened to be the very station that incessantly airs reruns of So Random! every few hours.

'Have you lost it, Cooper?' He quickly pressed the power button and the closeup of Sonny Monroe's face faded to black.

'A walk; that'll clear your head. Just circle around the lot a few times, rehearse your lines a little, and get a good night's sleep.'

As he walked down the carpeted hallway, he ironically began thinking of how easily his thoughts had been pulled to Sonny lately. Eating yogurt in the cafeteria reminded him of the day they met, getting fan mail brought back memories of wearing that ridiculous costume, seeing cameras around the studio made him think of those interviews he'd (sort of) intruded on... The different ways that she was haunting his thoughts seemed endless and he felt like he was bordering the point of insanity.

It's not like he liked her, though. No way. This was clearly just a phase that would soon pass.

He opened the metal door that lead to the lot and breathed in a refreshing breath of cold air, the bitter wind whipping against his bare skin. He liked this kind of wind because he felt like he could relate it. It was cold and harsh, like him. His body disagreed with his mind, though, and he instinctively zippered up his brown leather jacket before beginning his walk.

Absorbed in his thoughts and looking at his feet while he walked, he didn't see a figure exit the So Random! studio and head towards him. The person, whose eyes were also averted to the ground, looked up just in time to avoid a near collision with him and the two survived the encounter with just a simple brush of the other's shoulder.

"I'm sorry," the girl, which could be assumed from the voice, mumbled under her breath with her head still ducked.

"Sonny?" Chad questioned, immediately recognizing the voice. Sonny Monroe, also recognizing Chad's voice, looked up at him and almost instantly caught his eye. She knew at that moment that he'd seen the tears that were ferociously streaming down her face, but inexplicably she didn't bother to try and hide them from him. Chad stared back at her in both shock and silence, unable to speak yet unable to break the paralyzing eye contact with her.

"Why are you crying?" he asked finally, his face openly expressing his concern. Sonny turned on her heels quickly and began walking the other way, hoping and praying that he wouldn't follow. Much to her dismay, though, he was by her side in almost an instant and was keeping a steady pace with her.

"Please," she begged, her voice cracking ever so slightly while she quickened her steps.

"Sonny," he unwillingly grabbed her arm, causing them both to halt in their tracks. Chad tried to make eye contact with her again, almost craving it needing it but she kept her eyes glued to the concrete below them.

"Chad, I seriously don't want to talk to you about this! You really don't have to pretend like you care about me, so just let me go, okay?" she spit out angrily, her voice shaking more with every word she spoke. She tried to break away from him, but Chad tightened his grip on her arm.

"Just calm down, okay?" he said softly, trying to get her under control, to bring her back. He had no experience with this whole comfort thing, now finding it more difficult than he'd ever expected. How could he sooth her when his heart was now beating so erratically?

Her head sunk lower and he let go of her arm, allowing her to cover her face with her freed hands. Before he knew it, her entire body had begun shaking with almost violent sobs. Chad, at a loss for both words and actions, eventually guided her toward a nearby staircase and sat her down next to him. She folded over onto her lap and he, with much hesitation at first, began to gingerly run circles across her back with his hand. Her body became less tense at the gesture and he started tracing soft patterns with the tips of his fingers, inching closer to her as her sobs began to come less frequently.

He heard a whimper escape her throat and a sharp, painful pang hit him right in the middle of his chest, forcibly pushing the breath right out of him. And he had no control after how he was feeling after that moment, no control over his hands as they rubbed soothing circles across a fragile Sonny Monroe's back. It was then that he realized he did in fact care about her, and that scared him to a level he'd never known existed.