AN: I haven't posted a drabble in AAAGES! Wrote this in class today - and HuckingHarkness .net/u/1612200/HuckingHarkness wrote one based on the same scene =D

This isn't exactly canonically correct - but ah well. Guess who it is!

Disclaimey Thingey: Not mine.

Blood. Seeping. Creeping. Weeping. Blood.

The starched shirt slowly turning crimson. Red. Blood.

As the shirt slowly becomes sodden, she laughs. It's a bitter, humourless laugh which slowly turns to a manic giggle, and once she's started, she can't stp. The irony is too...blood. Red. God. God,no. This can't's not fair. It's not real.

And yet, it is.

As the man in te shirt staggers backwards, she arranges her face into a blank mask.

And lowers the gun.

AN: Who guessed? This mind is such fun to play around with....