Harry lay on the grass half listening to Ron and Hermione argue about homework as Neville and Luna discussed plants and animals respectively though neither one really listening to the other.

This was perfection for Harry.

It was early June the sun was finally out for good constantly warming the grounds and the students. He had his friends, he had life. He had defeated Voldemort just after the Christmas hols and the wizarding world was rebuilding itself.

There was nothing better than lying in the sun with your radio. Harry grinned as Hermione swatted Ron for saying something infinitely stupid and Luna continued on about some obscure animal and Neville rambled on about his favorite plants.

A shadow fell over Harry. It was Draco Malfoy. It had come to light that Draco had in fact been under several Imperious curses. Including but not limited to Voldemort, Lucious and Dumbledore. He was still a right prat sometimes but so was Ron.

Draco sat next to Harry and gently kissed him. Ron and Blaise gagged and Hermione and Seamus cooed.

It had happened one night in February, the 14th actually. Draco and Harry were arguing. Neither could tell you what it had been about but there was yelling and hexes that had finally come to blows. In the end they had both ended up on the ground Draco straddling Harry everyone had stopped moving. Then Draco attached his lips to Harry's and Harry kissed back. Or had it been the other way around? It was a much debated point amongst the school. Neville and Luna said it had been mutual with the pair meeting halfway. They were the only ones who thought that way. At least out loud. Draco and Harry knew it had been mutual as had Snape and Remus. It had been hard to not see the signs though the entire school (and the wizarding world) had missed them.

Harry realized he was wrong as Draco carded his hand through Harry's untamed locks. There was something better then lying in the sun with your radio.

There was nothing better than lying in the sun with your radio and your boyfriend.