Summary; there she went, his priestess of the moon
Words; exactly 500! Awesomesauce.
Type; drabble
Pairing; TomomasaxAkane
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A/N; Prompted by the comparison between Akane and Kaguya-hime by Tomomasa in episode 26~ and bleh, this is old-ish, but I thought I'd upload it.

Priestess of the moon


Everything was a bright, blinding white.
It was so vast, so strong, that he closed his eyes, only to find that it was still there.

What was he..? What was he doing?
Where was..? Where was she? Where was the miko? Was she safe? His foolish, adorable, little miko..

Tomomasa clenched his eyes and opened them slowly, his vision blending from a white blanket to a rainbow of colors.

Ah. Still at the battlefield.

Only it didn't seem to be a battlefield anymore, he noted. Or at least, there wasn't anymore fighting, but the signs of it were still there. He made a quick checkup of his own injuries (it didn't hurt all that much, he was just so numb), before looking for the others. Seeing that they were still alive, he decided that that was most important.
And if the guardians were still alive, the miko must be safe as well; he was sure that, like him, her other protectors would rather die than let something happen to her.
The warm, relieved feeling that bloomed in his chest evaporated as soon as he looked to the sky.

"Priestess! Stop!" he wanted to call out, distressed, but only some sort of half-sound came out.

His priestess was hanging in the sky, her form slowly fading.

He dared to look around quickly before he focused his eyes back on her now see-through figure (any other day, he would've quite enjoyed the fact that he could see through her clothing); the Suzaku and Seiryuu of Earth were disappearing, too, as was the summoner of the Kokuryuu.

If he squinted, he could make out Akane's face; she looked a bit lost, hanging there in the sky, neither really here with them or at her real home.

But wasn't that here by now? After so long? Hadn't they become her family? But, he guessed, as he saw her eyes widen as she realized what was going to happen. A delighted smile threatened to split her face (and he could almost see her imagining herself and her friends throwing themselves in the arms of parents and friends), before she took in the field, the battered figures. Immediately, her eyes turned sad again, and he wished they didn't.

If she smiled when they said goodbye, maybe he wouldn't feel like crying, himself.

And then she was yelling.
"... everyone!" he heard, and than some bits that sounded like, "I'll.. really miss… okay?..forget!"
The rest of her words were eaten by the wind, swallowed before they could reach their should've-been-receivers.
A few drops fell down, and he wasn't sure if they were raindrops or her tears.

Far in the distance, he could hear Yasuaki and Eisen murmur a prayer of good luck to the three; Yorihisa, Takamichi and Inori whispered their goodbyes.

Tomomasa, lost in his futile quest to trace the miko's features with his eyes, almost forgot to say a soft farewell, as her figure blended perfectly within the sky.

There she went, his priestess of the moon.


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