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Chapter 2


Emily kept praying over and over as she desperately tried to staunch the flow of blood pouring out of Hotch's chest.

The bullet had knocked him to the ground, and given the spray pattern she was afraid that it had it an artery.

Anyone else would have been screaming but not Aaron Hotchner. He had bitten clean through his lip, but aside from the 'oomph' on impact the only sounds coming past his lips were that of his labored breathing.

She would have preferred a scream. Anything but the sound of him struggling to stay alive.

Her eyes began to burn . . . please God, please just give us a chance here.

As much as she hated it, Emily knew that she had to take one of her hands off the wound so she could pack it. So, pressing down harder with one hand, she reached over with the other to grab his tattered suit jacket from the floor.

Hotch watched as Emily pulled her bloody hand back from his chest. He felt a little woozy.

Oh shit . . . that was a lot of blood.

That was about his last focused thought before he started to fade out.

As Emily watched the blood pooling off of his chest, her fear started to fade away.

It was replaced by a cold fury.

This was NOT happening! They weren't going to get together and then be ripped apart a moment later. That was bullshit. He was not going to die. And she was not about to be gang raped either.

Yeah, that had been a fairly pressing concern rolling around in the back of her head as soon as she realized just how screwed they really were.

Once they ran out of bullets Hotch would only be able to do so much to protect her. And she had no doubt he'd die before they let them touch her... but that was the outcome that frightened her the most.

Him dying in front of her and then her getting brutalized.

Well . . . her jaw twitched . . . enough of that crap. Because if she kept on going down that road it was going to be a self fulfilling prophecy.

Hotch might be temporarily out of commission, but they had three guns between them and more bullets then UNSUBs.

Unfortunately she also had a bullet wound, but with the amount of adrenaline pumping through her system the pain from that had pretty much faded from her mind.

And she refused to look down at her shirt.

Knowing already . . . without the visual confirmation . . . that she was still bleeding too.

But that couldn't be helped at the moment. She just had to worry about getting herself and the man she loved out of this mess. Then she could worry about the medical treatment they both so desperately were going to need.

Listening intently, she realized that she could hear the footfalls of their assailants getting closer. She knew she was out numbered one to twelve, but with her body on an adrenaline high and her mind already made up that she was getting herself and Hotch out of there, she decided to face those odds head on.

She had ten rounds left in her clip, plus eight in his. Already that was more bullets then heads coming after her.

Plus she still had the gun strapped to his ankle and she knew that had a full mag.

Realizing that there assailants were quickly closing in on their location, Emily picked the gun up out of Hotch's hand and held it securely in her left.

Now with a gun in each hand and the most determined look in her eyes she leaned down quickly and pressed a kiss to Hotch's mouth.

"Don't worry, I'll get us out of here."

Hotch had no time to respond before Emily . . . as if channeling Laura Croft: Tomb Raider herself . . . snapped to the front on the balls of her feet with both guns aimed out on either side of the barrel blocking her chest.

And then she let the bullets rip.


It was something straight out of a James Bond film... and as the gang members dropped one by one in quick succession Emily let out an almost guttural yell of triumph.

As the bullets flew out of her guns and straight into her targets craniums Emily had to believe that God had heard her plea. No way would she ever be able to duplicate something of this magnitude again. Twelve head shots all in a row... and in less than 80 some odd seconds.

No way in hell.

That was something only God himself or the best Hollywood production team could create.

When the bullets were spent and Emily was sure that there was no one left alive besides herself and Aaron, she finally slumped back on her haunches and dropped the guns to the floor with a clank.

Two bullets from returning fire managed to clip her in her left arm... more blood oozing out of her body, and at a much faster rate than the wound on her side. And a third shot had gone through the barrel in front of her.. slowing down in the material just enough so that when it punctured her right shoulder it stopped just inside of the skin.

All in all the adrenaline had her high enough to hardly notice.

"HOLY SHIT" followed a rush of air from her body that she had locked tight inside of her.

She did it.

She really did it!!!!

She saved them.

But as she looked down at the paling man beside her she realized that her work was not yet over.

Leaning over him, she pressed her hand back down on his still bleeding wound and used her other hand to check his pulse.

He was still with her but he was obviously fading. He was still struggling to get air in and out and his pulse was getting weaker.

Quick Emily think . . . you need to get help, and fast.

She knew that if she was going to call for help that meant she was going to have to leave his side and run outside to use her cell phone. She didn't think she had the strength to walk away from this man for even a millisecond! But she knew that his life depended on her taking action now. So she leaned down and patted his cheek gently.

"Honey... Aaron, look at me ok?"

She waited until his eyes focused in on hers before she continued to address him.

"We're safe now honey but I need to go outside and call for an ambulance... we really need to get you to a hospital. I need to leave you for just a second to make the call ok?"

He nodded slowly, whispering, "good job sweetheart," just before he passed out again.

Biting her lip, Emily studied his face, committing every inch of it to memory just in case.

'In case what Emily, you just did the unthinkable to save him. God is not going to take him away from you in the two seconds it's going to take you to call for help. Right?'

She just had to go quick, tell them as fast as she could, and yet as clearly as possible, and then she could get right back to him.

With the plan firmly set in her mind she looked down at him once more, her eyes stinging as she pulled her phone out of her pocket.

"Sir, you are hereby ordered not to die on me!"

She leaned down to kiss him again and then made a mad dash passed the pools of blood and lifeless bodies she had just dispatched, before racing out the open doorway.

As she broke free of the concrete confines she frantically dialed 911 and within seconds she relayed their location and situation to the dispatcher.

Once she had confirmation help was coming, Emily left the call running and hastily set the phone down on the ground before she raced back inside to Hotch. She reached his side as fast as her legs could carry her.

And then she went back to her duty of keeping him alive.

The problem with that plan though was, the adrenaline was wearing off faster then she could have predicted. She was really starting to feel weak. Blood was still coming out of her side and her three new wounds... she was really beginning to feel lightheaded.

Reaching up to her shoulder, quickly, while she still had some strength left in her, she carefully and skillfully dug the bullet out of her skin using her nail. It feel to the ground with a tiny ping. Now the blood was really coming out.

This was not good. How would she help Aaron if she was going to pass out?

"Help is coming," she whispered to him, "we're going to be ok. I promise. And when we get home things are going to be great."

Hotch let out a shaky breath, knowing that he had to keep holding on through the pain for this woman by his side. She had worked so hard to save them against all the odds . . . he couldn't let her down now.

He had to get home to his little boy and start a new life with this amazing woman who he loved with everything he had.

'They would get home and things would be great,' that's what she had said.

And that was the thought he held onto as he heard the faint sounds of approaching sirens and began to close his eyes in relief.

'Yes, life with Emily by his side was going to be great.'


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