Proof of Purpose
by pari106
Disclaimer: not mine; Rating: G.

Summary: How "Proof of Purchase" should have ended; Alec proves he has a purpose other than screwing
things up.

Author's Note: Okay…I think this kind of falls short. I don't know. I started it as a drabble…but it got
way out of hand. (Instead of 100 words, it's exactly 475). I tried, but…anyhow. I just *finally* saw this
episode (thanks again Laura! ? and had to write this. Let me know what you think.

Proof of Purpose
by pari106

"Congratulations…you're not dead," the doctor told him. Cocky, careless…what did it matter to him
whether one more transgenic lived or died?

But Alec had a different perspective on the matter. He felt so much at that moment. He rarely felt
anything…but now there was shock…relief so strong he was nearly dizzy. And beneath it all: guilt, a new
sensation; uncomfortable. He'd felt it as he'd held his knife to that kid's neck. As Max lay beneath him,
her life in his hands. He felt it now as she stood there, fighting tears. Watching that doctor pack up all her
hopes and dreams.

And he told himself he did what he did next so he could stop feeling guilty. But maybe it was more than
that. Regardless…he knew the deed had to be done.

One swift kick…and about eleven steps away from the door, the doctor fell to his knees…Alec's strike
having broken one leg. That was that. The guy was about to leave, but Max needed him to stick around
and cure her virus. Well… he wouldn't be going anywhere with just one good leg.

The doctor screamed and surprise registered on the faces of everyone present.

Except Alec's.

The man squeaked. "But…I saved your life."

A casual shrug…an indifferent smile. The same careless cockiness his prey had displayed only moments
before. "So? I've killed my own kind. Think I give a shit about you? You saved my life, I'll save yours.
If the need arises. Till then, you're not going anywhere. Max paid you good money…and you're gonna
deliver. You help her, and I'll help you get out of town. Otherwise, you can be uncooperative…and I can
make it so you leave Seattle in pieces."

Simple enough. Alec knew Max probably disapproved of his methods…but she didn't say anything. Her
surprise and displeasure were warring with newfound hope, and Joshua was standing there, dumbstruck.
Alec knew this was his chance to fix their mess.

"What do you say?"

An hour later the doctor's leg was set…his desire to escape Alec's wrath had momentarily overwhelmed
his desire to escape the city limits. He was back to work on the case Max had hired him for. And Alec had
the memory of Max's grateful smile to assuage his feelings of guilt. He most certainly was not dead. And
now he felt as though he could go on living with his reflection in the mirror, having proven that the man he
saw there was capable of good as well as evil in this life.

Joshua had found a friend in this big, scary world that was so new to him.

And Max…she and Logan had found salvation. All it had taken was one swift kick and a poker-faced
threat, properly delivered, and they had been saved. By Alec.

The doctor had been right…congratulations were, indeed, in order.