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Luxord sat on the high back oak chair, legs elegantly crossed, black gloved fingers tapping on the arm of the chair, as his silver blue eyes scrutinized the figure on his knees before him. Every time he made even the slightest of movements aside from the tapping of his fingers the man before him flinched and tried to move away.

"Please sir." The small man pleaded in a low quivering voice.

Luxord didn't respond just continued to stare down at the man. He moved his hand from the arm of the chair to his knee. A small smirk played on his lips when the man flinched and let off a small whimper. How he loved to see beings cower in fear before him he could practically taste the man's fear on his tongue.

Another thing he enjoyed was dragging out the silence until they were on the verge of madness. He could actually count down the seconds until the man was going to swallow his fear and do something just to get his over with.

The man looked over the being in the chair, his long black slacks perfectly straight over black boots. His white shirt although loose laid in such a way that the curves of his muscled chest could easily be seen. The top two buttons were undone leaving his collar to lay wide open. However, as nicely dressed as he was he knew this man was someone that was very dangerous. If his powerful presence didn't emit fear his eyes most certainly did. The way they looked blue but somehow seemed silver at the same time was enough to put the fear of all things dark and dreadful into one's soul and his platinum blonde hair only seemed to enhance his strangely colored eyes.

He was on the verge of madness with the silence and the piercing stare the man was giving him. He couldn't take it any longer and he just wanted the man to do something, anything, just so long as the deafening silence was broke. "If you're going to punish me then do it!" He bit out then widened his eyes fearfully as the large man dropped his head slightly and he realized he voiced his thoughts.

"I see." Luxord purred smoothly. "You seem rather eager to be punished," he looked at the man pointedly. "or to die perhaps?" Slowly with deliberate movements he rose from his chair and walked to the wall that held a single coat hook upon it. He looked over his shoulder at the cowering man as he raised his hand towards the hook that held the leather strap. Again a smirk played on his lips when he heard the man gasp in fear.

With leather strap in hand, he turned towards the man, slapping it against his thigh. "Tell me gutter rat how many strikes do you think you are deserving of?" Luxord questioned his silky smooth voice filling the room to over flowing. This was his favorite game ask how many they thought they deserved then add on what HE thought they deserved and times it by two.

The man looked down at his hands on his knees and whispered. "Three?"

Luxord arched a brow highly at him. "Three?" He walked over and stood directly in front of the kneeling man. "Very well, three you shall receive." He watched as the man tilted his head back to look up at him his eyes showing his relief.

He slapped the whip against his thigh causing the man to cut his eyes down to the leather strap then quickly back up to his face. "However," he smirked at telling the man exactly how many he was going to actually receive. "you will get the three you have requested plus the seven I believe you deserve making a total of twenty." He loved seeing the fear an dread as his prisoner's faces paled to a ghostly white.

"Twenty sir? But... but... seven and three only make ten." He stuttered as he shook his head.

"So it does." Luxord nodded as he walked past the man to the door. "However by my calculations it makes twenty." He opened the door and motioned for Axel and Lexaeus to enter the room. As the two men entered Luxord turned to face the man on the floor. "Put him against the wall." He ordered.

Axel and Lexaeus grabbed the man by the arms and hauled him over to the far wall that held a black chain hanging from the ceiling with wrist cuffs dangling on the end. Luxord watched as the man attempted to fight against the two larger men a futile struggle at best.

The sound of metal locking around wrists echoed throughout the mostly empty room. The only thing aside from the chair was a large Asian rug in the center that held an image of a dragon dismembering a warrior. It was placed so that the person who was on their knees begging for mercy was forced to either look at the deadly image or face the being sitting in the chair.

The man stared wide eyed over his shoulder as Luxord approached him his eerily colored eyes locked upon his frightened face.

"Remove his shirt." Luxord commanded coldly.

Lexaeus grabbed the collar of the ragged cotton shirt that was covered in sweat, dirt, and who knew what else, and ripped it from the man's body.

Luxord watched as the man turned his head in acceptance and placed his forehead against the wall. Walking up to him Luxord placed the handle of the whip under his chin and forced him to look him in the eyes. "Please scream as loud as you like and if you must you may cry." He nodded curtly.

Releasing the man, he uncurled his fingers from around the whip, letting the remainder of the thin piece of leather fall and dangle next to his leg. Raising his arm he let the whip fly upon contact with the man's back a loud snapping echoed through the room. Again his arm rose and brought the whip down across the man's back.

The man whimpered against the administrations during the first two strikes but the third tore a painful scream from his throat.

"Very good." Luxord purred in sick pleasure. His muscles flexed beneath his shirt as he raised his arm and brought the whip down across his back all the while reveling in the screams of pain that he was eliciting from the man.

Red welts swelled up on the man's back as the whip struck again and again. Sweat began rolling down Luxord's back by the time his count reached ten at which point he stopped. When he saw the man's red puffy tear filled eyes look hopefully at him he smirked evilly. "Oh no need to worry, you will get your twenty." He said as he handed the whip to Axel. "Five from Axel and five from Lexaeus. I wish to watch you suffer."

He stepped back and gave Axel a nod to proceed. The screaming pleas coming from the man danced around Luxord's head as he watched his welted blood red back begin to bruise and even show signs of the skin beginning to break open.

When the last lash was administered Luxord moved up to the man grabbing his chin harshly between his fingers. "Perhaps next time you feel the need to break into my home you will remember this day and be glad that I didn't kill you." He walked over to the chair and pulled his long coat off the back draping it over his arm. "Send him to Anathema." He ordered as he left the room to the man's cries for mercy.


"Sir." Lexaeus said with a curt nod as he entered the large office.

Luxord looked up from the papers on his desk at the brunette. Lexaeus was a large man and rather quiet however for all his lack of words he well made up for it with his strict obedience. Lexaeus was the perfect servant, never speaking out of place, never questioning orders, and doing what he was told, no matter what was said.

Unlike Axel who when he first came to be his servant he had to place him under the whip within the first hour of service. For the first three months Axel as his servant talked out of place and questioned every order given to him. He was almost certain that Axel deliberately did things just to anger him. Forcing him to whip the boy until he was bloody and on the verge of death which finally got Axel to give the proper respect to those who were well above him.

"What is it Lexaeus?" Luxord questioned as he went back to going over the contracts that were three days overdue.

"Sir," he began as he walked up to the desk. "master Xemnas has sent you a gift." He handed Luxord the envelope he held in his hand.

"Xemnas?" He took the envelope from him. "What? Is that bastard looking for favor from Valorous?" Using the dagger on the desk he sliced the envelope open and pulled out the letter. Luxord sat back in his chair when he finished reading the contents. "So, where is this gift?" He questioned as he looked up at his servant.

"In the receiving hall." Lexaeus answered with a glance at the floor as if he could see it through it to the floor below.

"Hmm... bring me a gin then you shall retrieve my gift."

"Yes sir." Lexaeus nodded then turned and left the room.

Luxord rose from his seat and stared out the window overlooking the city which was illuminated in the red glow of the setting sun. "So Xemnas is trying to avoid the takeover of Halcyon Bay."He thought to himself with an inward laugh. The man was an imbecile if he thought that he could save his precious little town by sending him a gift.

He turned when Lexaeus returned with a glass in his hand, taking the drink he took a sip, and stood there waiting for Lexaeus to return.

The door soon opened with Axel and Lexaeus dragging in a fighting, screaming, and completely vulgar blue haired male. Luxord watched as the man kicked, growled, and tried everything he could think of to break free of the men holding him. He arched a brow in amusement when the unruly male landed a knee to Axel's sacred jewels causing his servant to cry out in pain. However, as much as he enjoyed the scene playing out before him he soon grew tired of the man's foul mouth.

"That will be enough." He ordered in a tone that all feared. His voice was low enough and held just the right amount of menace that all who heard it halted in their tracks. He looked the male over and he looked as if he was just pulled out of the gutter. His clothes were covered in dirt, blood, and smelled as if he had been rolling around in the sewers. His blue hair flew around him wildly, his amber eyes blazed with anger, and the strange X like scar in his brow seemed to flare jaggedly from the strain of trying to break free. "I must say that this is the most inconsiderate way to present a gift to someone." He said as he walked towards the trio.

As he drew closer to him the boy again began to struggle to break free. He grabbed his chin between his fingers he tilted his face up so that he could get a good look at him. "Do you have a name?"

To say he was displeased with his response would have been an understatement he was furious. Never in all his life had someone ever spit in his face and for him to do it in front of his servants was an unforgivable act.

He walked over to the wooden cabinet in the corner of the room and got a small towel. He silently cleaned his face then turned towards his servants and the glowering male. "You will have him cleaned, dressed, and taken to the Sanctuary." He stared at the man coldly. "And prepare him."

"Yes sir." Axel and Lexaeus answered simultaneously then began dragging the man out of the room.