The Endar Spire plunges out of hyperspace to find a Sith interdictor, the Leviathan, waiting for them, and it had in fact been the cause of hyperspace cut off. Snub fighters swarm out from both warships while the vessels engage their ship-to-ship guns. However in a ship to ship battle, the Spire is an underdog to the Leviathan's battleship armaments. Bastila channels what energy she can to the crew and the fighter pilots using Battle Meditation, but even she buries worries that they are hopelessly outgunned this time.

The other Jedi that came with her ready the shipboard assault teams for potential boarders. As if nearly prophetic, trooper shuttles breakthrough the snub fighter firing sights. Sith boarding parties penetrate the interior through the airlocks and the recovery bays. The Republic soldiers hold the line, but are eventually cut down by Sith reinforcements led by Dark Jedi under the command of Darth Bandon, the apprentice of Darth Malak. Malak had long since taken over the mantle of Dark Lord of the Sith from his former master, Darth Revan.

The ascension had been true to form for the Sith except not all went as planned as his other target Bastila survived the ship to ship barrage that killed the remaining members of her boarding team and fellow Jedi. Revan's fate is questionable though most subscribe to the belief that Revan died that day too. Those who know the true account neither speak it nor deny the rumors surrounding the events as for Malak's followers they believe the Sith following needs capable and strong icons. This time however Malak is set on capturing Bastila if possible, and eliminating if necessary.

The engines are taking too much of beating to maintain orbit and a flat twist of irony, the Spire is spiraling towards Taris. The descent and the alarms signals the beginning of the end for the warship, but not its crew though the Sith had literally taken them out. The route to the remaining escape pods is crawling with Sith troopers yet it is the only way out. Carth Onasi leads Bastila and the remaining bridge crew to the port side pods before swinging to starboard to look for stragglers and his own way off the ship.

There are only two active signals moving towards the port side as side from his. He alerts the pair to watch out for the troopers barring their way. One signal blinks out, but the other makes it through. Somehow Carth decides to wait this survivor's attempt to break their numbers. The survivor emerges from the nearby sections with cuts, but still kicking after overloading the section's power conduit on the last unit between them. The survivor falls over in front of Carth.

Carth carries the survivor to the pod and tosses what weapons he can into it. He initiates the final pod ejection sequence. The escape pod launches away as the Spire begins to break apart in the upper atmosphere. Malak watches the explosion with a fading smile as he vaguely senses Bastila is still alive though plummeting towards the planet. Sith forces were already on the move planet side to search for Republic survivors and Bastila. Always difficult to find, to get, and if necessary hard to kill, either luck or Force, maybe both kept her alive.

Two Years Earlier…

A Jedi strike team boards Darth Revan's flagship, which is the real mission while the battle is the ruse. Revan had been expecting the Jedi to attempt this for some time, but they had found an opportunity in Malak's designs to seize the throne from Revan. The team breaches the bridge. The bridge crew holds the line as Revan watches the battle from the forward area of the command deck. The Jedi cut them down with ease though the Dark Jedi bodyguards prove to be a challenge.

Bastila cuts through two with a sweep of her lightsaber. The others keep the stragglers off her back. Bastila advances towards Revan readying herself for a showdown with someone she had once held great respect for sticking to personal beliefs though the Mandalorian Wars had taken its toll on everyone. None had been expecting another conflict to follow the soldiers or the Jedi back to the Republic space. She assumes her new stance knowing and expecting Revan might have a counter for it, but facing without holding her own would be fatal for her.

"You cannot win…"

"You think I am doing this to win anything?"

"Why else?"

"Something worse than me is out there…"

He is cut off in mid sentence as he is sees Malak's flagship firing on his. He Force pushes Bastila and her remaining Jedi away from him. The others resist the push with their own, but Bastila allows it to throw her backwards deciding to trust her old friend for reasons she could not entire understand in the moment. In one brief moment Revan had seen beyond either side of the conflict in disregarding labels and titles in order to save lives, to save her life.

The Present…

Four days had passed since the battle as Bastila had been slipping in and out of consciousness. Events are blurry, she would see into the past and the future while occasionally aware of the present. The pod had violently hit the surface in the lower depths of Taris. The Republic soldiers sent with her were nowhere to be seen, but she had felt some of their presence especially as one had died at the hands of her captors who were obviously not Sith agents. She feels a cold metallic feeling around her neck and notices a neural suppressant collar there in the broken mirror reflection.

A human male enters with her lightsaber hanging from his belt while his own weapon is hanging from the other side. Her ability to use the force to retrieve her weapon is weak, too weak to do anything except slowly regain her strength in the hopes of eventually escaping this place though without a weapon she would be defenseless against her keepers. The male passes the lightsaber to one of his guards and reaches for her face. She spits in his eye, which he wipes and smiles at her.

"How the mighty have fallen, just an officer lost without her soldiers and her Jedi help."

"You know so little about me, but that will be your undoing, not mine…"

"Bold words for someone found unconscious in a wrecked escape pod from a vessel blown apart in orbit… what… oh right four days ago when the Sith Occupation finally took things up a couple of notches…"

"All the more reason you should not be found holding me…"

"They aren't looking for officers, they are looking for Jedi, but it seems none made it."

Bastila decides to hold on rather than escape for the moment. It would take some time before her strength is nearly enough to even overcome the two guards she begins to sense out her cell. She begins a healing meditation to rest her sore body as beginning to feel the extent of crash in her bones. The male, someone called Brejik, tells his lieutenants to spread the word that his prize for the swoop race is a female slave, which reaches Bastila's ears as the guards on a shift change comment about outside her door.

An opportunity in the making is all she could think when ending her meditation for a real sleep. A question not if, but when, the race is not on for another two days. She recalls bringing Revan's damaged flagship back to a secured rendezvous days after the attempt to capture the architect of the Sith's attempt to conquer the Republic. Doubts were constants these days, but Revan's architect maneuvers were far from the destructive methods of Malak who had his part in the devastation of Telos.

She felt a great sadness emanating from Carth Onasi when she saw his face at the mention of Telos as if the word itself held the power to wound him in way you could not see with your eyes, but with your mind or heart. All she knew about him by their first encounter is he was a native of Telos, his family had lived there too, but the bombardment like a war had a way leaving wreckage of the psychological kind in its wake. Bastila drifts off again remembering the look on Revan's face after seeing her face after the shot that nearly killed them both.

The glow in Revan's eyes went out as though the Sith had died yet Revan from before the Sith days had somehow kept kicking inside the injured frame. The healers had been with Revan for days before taking the former so-called Sith Lord to the secret Council meeting on Dantooine. The fate of Revan is in their hands, but the debate had hit many deadlocks regarding whether or not to allow him to live beyond this eventual decision.

Revan is physically healed yet the mind is still recovering though the dark side has not completely left. Bastila visits daily though Revan vaguely remembers her yet is aware of her confusion in her feelings. A runner comes from the Council chambers with their decision. The look on Revan's face as he led away stuck with her forever because the Jedi did not kill prisoners, but the Council like the waning population of Jedi and an ailing Republic beheld a great threat in this individual. Revan touches her through the Force unknowingly yet whispers it will go where it goes, as it must for me.

Tears stream from her eyes as she admiring Revan's courage and her own attachment to the man she had come to love before the Wars though it was a young love for them. As she sleeps remembering this in present, tears stream from her eyes too. Hours later she is told his fate by Master Zhar Lestin who had once taught Revan many years ago, and the irony did not escape her that Zhar had opted to allow Revan to live not only as an atonement, but to learn himself again.

"Revan is going to the care of a friend of mine in the military forces, and after he will be assigned to a vessel, slight physical alterations were necessary considering some might still recognize his appearance from before his mask wearing days…"

"You are certain this is a wise decision Master Zhar?"

"What would you have done Bastila?"

"I do not know Master… it was hard to look at him and not see the man I felt for so long ago yet still feel for in ways I cannot deny now."

"There is no escaping whatever is happening to any of us regardless of how things unfold, as much as Vrook would groan and belittle me for this thinking…"

"Master Vrook is right to fear a return for Revan, but you are right to consider a second chance for him too… can both be right? Can both be wrong?"

"Trouble yourself with this decision as little as you can because your responsibilities are about to multiply as some of the Masters feel you are ready for leadership of more teams in the future… you will see him again…"

"Why are you telling me this?"

"It is like you said redemption is a better teacher than death…"

"I do not know whether to thank you and the others who voted with you or not…"

"The past simply is, your life is waiting, so your next journey is waiting for you out there."

Bastila awoke with a start as she hears her guards shackling her for another move. Brejik is absent this time, but her strength is still not back, not even half. She feigns a half awake/half asleep state though dislikes the manhandling immensely. She kicks the one that tries to touch her hips and later her chest. Two figures retreat from a vague outline in the shadows. Two of her escorts take off after them, and she hears a fire fight from that general direction. One of the two comes back reporting that other is dead, and two spotters are dead at least it looks that as the other seem to drop after a few hits to the back.

"Keep moving, the boss wants her to the next site before anyone notices she is not there anymore and besides he wants her ready for the race day move too…"

Bastila frowns for a moment wondering if the thought she sent to the one that got away might get to the poor fellow's leader, apparently Brejik's rival and former leader. Only time would tell on that one she thought to herself before slipping off again.

A/N: This is the beginning of my interpretation of Knights of the Old Republic game, which I have played countless times in the past few years. Most times I played male, though at least twice I played female. Anyway highly enjoyable game from any angle or any side plus the personalities react a little different to what gender your character is of course.