Today is Alice's cleaning day. It's the day when she goes through her closet, her dresser, and all of her papers. Whenever she cleans out her closet, there's never any room to walk, let alone breath if we actually could breath. Every time she cleans out her closet and dressers, there's always more clothes than the last time. I hope she can get out of that closet, she's been in there for a while.

"Jasper, can you help me? I'm stuck", I guess she can't get out.

"I'm coming, Alice", I ran over to the closet door and pulled on her arm.

"Ouch, not too hard", I guess I don't know my own strength when it comes to Alice. After pulling on her arm for a while, I was finally able to get her out, and we both went flying into the wall.

"I guess I should get another dresser?" she asked. We laughed and I helped her up.

"Maybe you should", I suggested.

"Alright, let's go. And I need you with me since I can't bring it home myself", Alice gave me her pity face and held my hands. She swung my arms back and forth with the rhythm of hers.

"I know Alice, I'll help you", she smiled and ran to the car. I met her in the car and we drove to the furniture store. We looked around for about an hour, passing from dresser to dresser, and Alice moved from them faster than I could finish looking at one. Alice finally came to a stop at a black dresser with red knobs.

"Jasper, can I get this one?" she asked without looking at me. Her voice sounded like a five-year-old asking her dad for candy.

"Sure Alice, whatever you want", she seemed to light up with my answer, and she ran over to the store manager. Alice was really excited when I brought the dresser to the car. Back at home, I didn't have much difficulty with bringing the dresser up-stairs, but Alice couldn't decide what to put in it once it was up there.

"Should I put my sweaters and jeans in here, or my skirts and sweatshirts?" before I could answer her, she said,

"I know! I'll put jeans and sweatshirts in here, and my skirts and sweaters back in the closet", I laughed at the fact that she asked me for my opinion, but in the end she knew what to do without hearing what I had to say. It doesn't bother me, only because she likes to do things her own way.

"But that leaves two extra drawers", I added.

"That just leaves two more drawers", it was like she didn't hear me, and maybe she didn't, but I laughed anyway.

"I'll put some of my jeans and scarfs in them", she seemed excited about knowing what to put in the extra drawers, but that's the way Alice is. I began to read my book, but then Alice said,

"Jasper", she seemed worried about something,

"Yes?", I said, looking over at her. She was sitting on the floor with a bunch of clothes around her. She then said,

"I don't know where to put these two coats", I tried not to laugh, so instead I suggested that she put them in the extra box on the floor.

"Okay!" she was happy again, now that she had a place for her two coats. Whenever she doesn't know what to do, she seems hopeless.

"Oh, Alice", I said to myself, watching her jump around, trying to put clothes in the right places. All of a sudden, she slipped on a shirt, and I ran over to her and caught her in the next second.

"Woah", she said. I laughed, "Thank you for catching me, Jazzy".

"No problem", I said and helped her back up. When Alice was finally finished going through her clothes, she sat on the bed and fell back on it. She called me over to her.

"Yes?" I asked when I sat down next to her. She wanted me to lay next to her, so I did, and she put her arm across my chest.

"I love you", she said, almost silent. I put my arm around her shoulder and said,

"I love you, too", and I kissed her head.