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A/N: Ok, wow this is old, this very short little one shot was lurking in the depths of a folder on my computer and I decided, because I love this pairing (shoot me) that I might as well stick it up.

A swirl of robes and the scent of wormwood announced his presence, the cold, flat, emotionless features daring anyone to step into his path. The tall, raven haired man glided, for there was in her opinion, no other way to describe the way he moved she mused, he was far too graceful to be described in such a mundane manner as simply 'walking', yes he glided she decided. The deep, penertrating, obsidian eyes glowed with power and knowlege, a well into one of the sharpest minds in the wizarding world, tiny windows into the medle of potions, philosophy and even poetry which burned in his soul if one knew where to look.

It was this, almost entirely obscured side of his nature, that she was priveledged to know, he spoke to her as his equal, an honour accorded to very few, he argued with her, matching her wit and knowing breath for breath like no one else had ever been able to, he had even once recited a poem to her and she had revelled in the new face, one of many she knew he posessed in his wardrobe of guises, marvelling in its beauty.

Beauty she thought, how very misleading, many would assume, as the old cliche went, that he was the beast and the rest of the world that he inflicted his uforgiving prescence on the beauty, how wrong they were, if they could not see the man he really was then it was they who were the animals. He had given so much, was giving so much, had suffered beyond measure, had been willing to stand in the face of a fate worse than death and defy it. This was the kind of man which inspired disgust and abhorrance, the very idea was ludicrous, he should be honoured not scorned.

The man who caused her such thoughts glanced at her, relaying in that single gaze entire volumes of meaning, meaning only she could, and was ever meant to be able to grasp. He was acknoledging the past, living in the present and showing her their future.

Their future, together, side by side, one.

Severus Snape took his place beside his smiling bride and allowed, for once, all to see his mask fall away and glimse the man he truly was, his lips mimiking hers. It was in that smile that she saw reflected the entire reason she now stood waiting to pledge herself to him, because he, and only he, could cause her to feel such binding happieness and love with a single, innocent act.

Yes, Hermione Granger was ready to join with this man, her lover, her confident, her friend.

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