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Italics signify thoughts when in speech marks and flashbacks otherwise. Also used for dates.
Bold signify demons speaking. This is of course a demons thoughts.

Naruto: Incarnate
Chapter 1-Beginning

* * *

34 AK (After Kyuubi)
* * *

At the age of thirty four years old, on October the tenth, the famous Rokudaime Hokage of Konoha died, in an apocalyptic explosion that ended the Iwa-Konoha war with the utter destruction of the former village. The Shichidaime, his student, ended any chance of continued conflict by accepting their surrender, allowing the survivors to join Konoha.

On the very same day, in Konoha, a baby was born with a spiral shaped seal around her navel. No-one noticed.

* * *
46 AK
* * *

"I can't believe it." said Fudan Narumi. "I get to graduate! Finally!"
Her mother brushed her hair, trying to get it to lay straight.
"You've got to pass the exam first. Your grandfather only passed by the skin of his teeth."
"Really? How am I going to do it if he couldn't?" said Narumi, worried.

Fudan Narumi had long blonde hair in two ponytails, and clear, blue-tinted white eyes. She was twelve, just a few weeks previous, and her class was graduating from the academy today, becoming proper ninja.

Her mother, Fudan Nariko, looked like an older version of Narumi. She was fussing over her daughter, and suddenly stopped, and smiled.
"I remember the day I graduated. I was so worried I was going to mess it up, but I managed. You'll do fine. Love you." she said, kissing her daughter on the cheek. "I'll see you later."

* * *

"Fudan Narumi." said the instructor. "Can you do a bunshin, please?"

Narumi grinned.
"Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" she said, and with a puff of smoke there were another four of her.

The instructor smiled.
"That's what I expected. Congratulations. You pass. Just what I'd expect from you."

Narumi smiled at the compliment, bitter as it was. People always expected her to do well, and it was getting repetitive. Well, there was one way to stop it. Always do well, and outshine everyone in her family.

"You so remind me of your grandfather, kit." came a familiar voice in her mind.
"Go away." she thought. "I've heard everything I need to know from you, unless you're going to tell me the big secret."

The voice laughed.
"Not yet. I told you. When you make chunin, or your life depends on it."

Narumi sighed.
"Then go away."

* * *

"Congratulations!" said her mother, veins vanishing from around her eyes, as soon as she left the school building. "I saw you do your Kage Bunshin, it was very good!"
"Mum!" complained Narumi. "Were you spying on me again?"

Nariko laughed.
"No. Of course not. Me?"
She laughed again.

* * *
The next day
* * *

"When are you meeting your sensei?" asked Nariko.
"Umm… in a quarter of an hour." replied Narumi, getting ready, putting on her new shuriken pouch.
There was a swirl of leaves, and another figure appeared in the room.
"Did I tell you how proud I am?" said Narumi's father, hugging her tightly.

Her father, Fudan Sakumaru, had shiny black hair in a short ponytail, and a green shirt and trousers on under his flak jacket. He let go, smiled and gave a thumbs up.
"Love you, good luck! I tried to find out who's teaching you, but they're keeping it quiet."
"Thanks dad…" she said, embarrassed. "See you later." she said, vanishing in another swirl of leaves.

* * *

"Well, today I announce the teams." begun the sensei.
Narumi immediately switched off, barely paying attention for her name.

"…Team seven, Fudan Narumi, Inuzaka Hamaru and Yukimaru, Inuzaka Tsumaru and Aicumaru." said the teacher.

Narumi groaned. Anyone else… but no, she got the Fang Twins…
Meanwhile, said twins high fived.

"Your jonin sensei will be Nara Takami."

* * *

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