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Chapter Eight-Yellow Eyes

The ceiling began to crack, and Konohamaru bit his finger, before going through a short series of handsigns.
"All to me!" he cried.

Narumi, the twins, and Takami all ran to stand next to him, and he slammed his palm to the ground.
"Kuchiyose no Jutsu!

A cloud of smoke, and when it faded Konohamaru was holding a long black staff, its ends golden.

Takami looked impressed, as the staff multiplied again and again, until it formed a cage around them.

Rocks fell.
They bounced from the cage, leaving it undamaged.

The cage vanished into one staff, and the three genin stared in awe.
"Meet Enmai." said Konohamaru. The staff vanished in smoke, revealing itself to be a monkey, wearing a headband and a brown suit.
"She's my personal summon." said Konohamaru. "Enmai, you help Takami with the genin."
"Got it." said the monkey.
"She talks?" asked Tsumaru.

Konohamaru leapt away towards the door in the giant stone dome-now slightly cracked from the rockfall.

The four enemy ninja appeared next to them in a flash.
"Hello again!" said the boy, Shin, brightly.
"You." hissed the girl. Her shoulder was bandaged.

"These are the ones that beat you?" asked the adult.
"The Kage was helping them." said the girl. "I'll prove it. Magen: Itami!"

Narumi screamed.
So did both Tsumaru and Hamaru, collapsing.

Pain everywhere.

Takami was wincing too, her eyes closed. She was leaning on her fan, drawn from her back quickly.
She stood, wincing again, and swung the fan.
"Kamataichi no Jutsu!" she managed to say.

The cutting wind managed to blow the younger enemies, distracting them enough to end the Genjutsu.

"Kagemane no Jutsu." she said, holding the fan above her head, stretching it out.
"No you don't." said the adult. "Suiton: Nami Arashi!"

From the ground came moisture, forming into a great sphere of water above his head in an instant, and then blasting towards them as a spiralling vortex.

Takami groaned, throwing herself to the side, as did the others.

"Suiton: Kangoku Kabe!" spat the girl.

The water curved, forming a circle around them all, travelling far too fast to travel through.

"Suiton: Tsuiraku Shikon Maro!" said the other boy.

The circle crashed inwards towards them like a closing mouth.
"Jujin Bunshin no Jutsu, Yontsuuga!" said the twins simultaneously.

Four spiralling fangs slashed through the water, disintegrating the technique and flying towards their enemies. Predictably, they all managed to dodge.

"Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" said Narnumi, determined to take part. "Byakugan!"

Six of her ran forwards to catch up with the twins.
Takami caught up a moment later.

"Impressive." said the adult. "You might be a challenge for me."
"And who are you?" asked Takami.
"I am Enkei Chikara." he said.
"Never heard of you." she said calmly.

He scowled.
"Nara Takami. I'll enjoy killing you." he said.

Takami folded her fan, holding it like a staff.

All eleven of them ran forwards.

Shin came to meet them, met by a group of the Narumi clones, who, regardless of being defeated in bare seconds each by the more skilled boy, managed to land a few hits-which is all you need with Jyuken.

The boy hit the floor.
"Baka." hissed Hazu, the girl.

She found reason to regret that insult as she had to dodge four vicious Inuzuka attacking her. And taijutsu was anything but her strong point.

A Yontsuuga sent her crashing to the floor by Shin, unconscious.

The remaining Narumi, including the original, were attacking the third boy.

She was winning up until the point when he said
"Suiton: Ja no Kuchi."

A snake formed of water appeared, slashing through all of her clones, devouring them, before fading away into a river.

Fortunately, the rest of her clones were just approaching, along with the twins.

He swore, and ran over to Enkei Chikara, helping him against Takami.

Takami was swiping with her fan, and Chikara was fighting with long, fast, sweeping movements, flowing from one attack to another.

Takami jabbed him in the stomach, throwing him backwards.

"Kuchiyose: Kirikiri Mai!" she said, opening the fan, and spiralling it.

There was a flash, and a weasel like creature appeared, clutching a scythe.
It vanished, moving incredibly fast.

Chikara and the younger boy both collapsed, huge gashes cut from them. Dead.

The wall behind them was slashed all the way through, in hundreds of places.

The weasel alighted next to Takami.
"Thank you, Katami." she said quietly.

* * *

"Konohamaru." smiled Kabuto. "Here for the captives?"

Konohamaru didn't speak, just forming three Kage Bunshin.
"They're just through there." said Kabuto. "But you won't get through me, the heir of Orochimaru, the Toxic Scalpel."
"This is going to be a very short fight." said Konohamaru. "Prepare to see my two most powerful techniques… together. Oh, and the Toxic Scalpel? Crap name."

Two of the clones began working with the other, and the real one, in pairs. They were patting an area over one hand…
Two of them had glowing, rotating spheres of Earth chakra-which extended, forming a large drill around his hand, at least a metre long, most of it after the hand, forming a slightly pyramid-like shape.

And two of him had them.
"Doton: Rasendaiga." said Konohamaru with a wolfish grin. "One."

The other two vanished as those put their free hands together, forming complicated handsigns, while commanding.
"First gate, Kaimon, gate of Opening, second gate, Kyumon, gate of Healing, third gate, Seimon, gate of Life, fourth gate, Shomon, gate of Pain, fifth gate, Tomon, gate of Limit, sixth gate, Keimon Gate of Joy, open!"

His skin was glowing red.
"Nibai Inferuno!" he said, the handsigns culminating in Tiger.

Both he and his clone dashed, vanishing, and they ran opposite dirfections around the shocked Kabuto.
Holding out their spare arms towards him, a stream of fireballs bombarded him, lightning fast and repetitive.
They stopped after a few seconds, both of the Konohamaru waiting for an instant, seeing Kabuto stagger, on fire.

Then they dashed through him, their earth blades slashing into him, propelling him backwards into a wall, leaving an immense hole-not counting the terrible gash in Kabuto.

No way could he survive that.

"Two." said the Shichidaime, turning for the door with the hostages.

"Kekekeke… thank you, Shichidaime." came a voice from the wall. Not Kabuto's

Konohamaru froze. From the little he knew, it sounded like…

"I taught him too well. With his skill, it would take a very impressive opponent to harm him to the point I can take over." said the voice.

Kabuto's appearance was changing, his hair growing out and changing black, his skin flaking away, becoming pale underneath, his normal eye going gold.

"You can have the hostages. I need special subjects." smiled the man.
"I can't let you leave." said Konohamaru.
"Oh, you know you can't stop me." he purred. "Your grandfather couldn't."

Konohamaru charged at him.
"Goodbye, Konohamaru-san." smiled Orochimaru, fading away with cold flames.

* * *

Kuchiyose no Jutsu-Summoning Technique
Magen: Itami-Demonic Illusion: Pain
Kamataichi no Jutsu-Cutting Whirlwind Technique
Kagemane no Jutsu-Shadow Imitation Technique
Suiton: Nami Arashi-Water Release: Wave Storm
Suiton: Kangoku Kabe-Water Release: Prison Wall
Suiton: Tsuiraku Shikon Maro: Water Release: Crashing Fang Circle
Jujin Bunshin no Jutsu-Beast Human Clone Technique
Yontsuuga-Four Piercing Fang
Kage Bunshin no Jutsu-Shadow Clone Technique
Byakugan-All Seeing White Eye
Suiton: Ja no Kuchi-Water Release: Snakes Mouth
Kuchiyose: Kirikiri Mai-Summoning Quick Beheading Dance
Kage Bunshin-Shadow Clone
Doton: Rasendaiga-Earth Release: Spiralling Blade
Nibai Inferuno-Double Inferno

* * *

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