We Build Then We Break


The last four months have been the hardest thing Alex Singer has have to go through. She's always wondered why when things are going so perfect and you couldn't have asked for anything more out of life; the most horrible thing happens to take all that way from you. Losing the one you love is like day after day drowning in an endless pool of sadness with nowhere to go; your paralyzed.

Sam and Alex have tried everything imaginable to bring him back, but nothing has worked. No demon would make a deal, no spell or any source of witchcraft has brought him back. But they still refuse to give up; this couldn't be the end.

Alex has spent endless days lying on her bed, reading through almost all her fathers books hoping she missed something. While trying her best to concentrate on the page, she heard a commotion downstairs.

"Dad, what's going on down there?" She asked but got no response.

She headed down the stairs to the kitchen to where she heard her father's voice, along with a somewhat familiar voice.

"Bobby, it's really me." The oh-so familiar voice keeps telling her father.

As she turned the corner to enter the kitchen and looked at the guest in their home, the breath was knocked out of her. Those green eyes, those perfect lips. This had to be a dream; there was no other explanation.


Where The Story Ends (Or Has It Just Begun) (The Fray)