Chapter 10

Bobby was busy reading a new book that he had bought off of Rufus, when the door bell rang. He walked over and opened the door and found Sam standing there. "Sam, what a pleasant surprise."

"Hey, Bobby."

"Come on in." Bobby opened the door wider so Sam could come through. "Where's Dean?"

Sam had to come up with something real fast; something that would be believable. "Oh, he went up to visit Alex for a couple days to have some "quality" time with her. You know them two; can't keep their hands off each other. Plus I was needing some help on this hunt I came across."

"Right." Bobby knew differently. He had just got off the phone with Pamela before the line went dead. Pamela had told Bobby that Alex had left a couple days early because of some sort of emergency. Bobby had seen Alex's car pull up, but Alex wasn't the one driving. Sam had gotten out of the car and snuck around to the back of the house; Bobby knew something was up. "Can I get you a beer?"


Bobby had slipped into the kitchen to retrieve two beers. While popping off the caps to the bottles, Bobby poured some holy water into Sam's to check for possession. He knew there was something different about Sam, so he had to be sure. He returned back to the living room and handed Sam the holy water infused beer. Bobby watched as Sam took a swig of his beer and seconds later he was on the floor clutching his throat.

"You can't con a con-man, son," Bobby leaned down to Sam's level and punched his square in the jaw, leaving Sam unconscious in the floor.


Dean and Alex pulled into the driveway of Bobby's house within hours. As the pulled up to the house, Alex saw her Camaro.

"OMG. He's already here." Before Dean had parked the car, Alex jumped out and ran to the back door of the house. Alex drew her gun before opening the door and snuck in. Dean quickly caught up with her and was ready to stop her if she got to the point where she would shoot Sam for stealing her car; which was highly likely at this point.

Alex quickly swept threw the kitchen and headed to the front of the house; she called it his "office". Alex could feel Dean behind her. As she rounded the corner to her fathers "office", she stopped dead in her tracks. She found Sam tied up to a chair, underneath the devils trap. Sam's head was slumped down, which indicated her father had outsmarted him and took the upper hand.

Dean went up to Sam and took a good look at him. "What happened?"

"Well, Sam showed up and said that you went to spend some "quality time with Alex and that he needed some help on a hunt. I had just talked to Pamela and she said that Alex had left early due to some emergency. I saw Sam pull up in the Camaro and I knew something was up. Some holy water in the beer confirmed my suspicions. So I knocked him out and tied him up. He's been out for about 20 minutes.'

Alex walked over to her father and put a hand on his shoulder. "I'm glad your ok, dad."

"Well like I told him. You can't con a con-man." Bobby had pulled Alex close for a side hug.

Dean stepped in front of his brother. "What do you say we wake him up."

Before Alex had a chance to voice her opinion, Dean had slapped Sam a couple times on the face to wake him up. "Rise and shine, Sleeping Beauty."

Demon Sam had opened his eyes. Realizing his arms were tied to the chair, Sam struggled to get lose. He then took a look above his head and saw the devil's trap. Sam looked to Dean and gave an evil smirk. "Well, Dean. Back from the dead. How unfortunate. Although, I was truly hoping to end you little girlfriend there," Sam had turned to look at Alex.

Dean stepped in front of Alex, blocking Sam's view of her. "How about you shut your mouth and tell us what you want."

Sam sat up a little straighter. "You mean your girlfriend didn't tell you. Tisk, Tisk Alex."

Both Bobby and Dean turned to look at Alex. Alex continued to stare at Sam. He was smirking. Alex really hoped she didn't have to shoot Sam. It would probably put a strain on her and Dean's relationship. But at this moment, Alex was getting very close to it.

"Honey, what's he talking about?" Bobby's voice pulled Alex from her thoughts. She looked down to the floor. Alex didn't want to tell her father that the demon that was inside Sam was the demon that had possessed her mother and that the demon wanted her dead.

"Alex?" It was Dean's voice this time.

Alex took a deep breath, preparing herself for the outcome of what she was about to say. "It turns out that the demon I had tracked down for all those years and finally wasted wasn't the demon that possessed mom. It's the one inside of Sam." Alex turned to look up at her father. All color had drained from his face as he looked from her to Sam. Then his face turned red.

Sam's evil smile grew bigger." Now Alex, finish the story. It's the best part.'

Dean and Bobby looked at Alex again. Alex thought about the story Sam had told her at the bar. She refused to repeat the story to the most important people in her life. How could she tell a story that she didn't even know herself? Something about her being on the demons hit list and stopping the Apocalypse. If Alex was to tell them that, she knew things would change.

"No. Then I'll finish the story." Sam began the story that would forever change the Singer family. "The orders were to possess Alexandra Singer, with hopes of getting closer to her daughter, little Alex. But instead of little Alex walking through the door that day, it had been Papa Singer. So I thought to myself: Why not? But in the end, poor mom had gotten killed, by her own husband. So I had to move from the body. After that, you got wise in your old age and protected yourself and Alex. After years of searching for you, I finally found you; you had returned home to daddy. Then you went off with the Winchester brothers. It was perfect actually. Just so you know, there is still a reward for your pretty little head."

Dean stepped in front of his brother and leaned down right in his face. "Your not going to touch a hair on her head. I'll send you back to hell before you do."

"Now Dean. You would want to hurt your little brother would you.'

"Aww, this won't hurt Sam at all." With that Dean grabbed the pail of holy water Bobby had prepared and threw it on Sam.

The moment the water hit Sam's body, steam rose from his skin. The demon inside screamed from the pain.

"Bobby, will you do the honors of sending this SOB back to hell." Bobby complied and began the exorcism, speaking in perfect Latin. A grimace came across Sam's face as the demon inside was being tortured; on the verge of a trip back to hell. After a few more lines of Latin, instead of screaming, Sam had began to laugh.

"Oops. Doesn't seem to be working," Sam bowed his head and began speaking his own Latin.

As he spoke the words the house began to shake. Books and papers were being thrown throughout the room. Alex stepped closer to Dean and grabbed his arm to steady herself. Bobby stood in awe unaware of what to do.

"Bobby, what's going on?" Dean continued to hold on to Alex protecting her from the flying objects.

Bobby walked up to Sam and immediately saw the burn on his forearm. "It looks like a binding link. The demons locked itself inside Sam's body."

"How do we get it out of him?" Alex was determined to send the demon back to hell without hurting Sam, even if he did steal her car. Alex turned to her father who always had the answers.

"I have no idea." A million possible answers began to go through Bobby's head of how to break the link.

Sam finished his Latin ritual and with the last words, the devils trap above his head crack down the middle. The entire ceiling was split and debris began to fall. Sam looked up with crazed, black eyes. "There. That's better." He broke through the ropes that were holding him to the chair. With a flick of his wrist, Sam sent everyone flying across the room. Bobby landed on one side of the room, while Dean and Alex landed on stacks of her fathers books.

Alex had hit her head pretty hard and was a little dazed and didn't notice that Sam was making his way over to her. The next moment she felt large hands grab her around the throat. He lifted her off the floor like she weighed nothing and pushed her against the wall. Sam held her up with one of his hands and Alex felt her feet coming off the floor.

"Finally, we're alone," Sam's grip got tighter around her neck. Her air supply was quickly draining. Alex looked to her father and Dean; they were both still knocked out. "Once your dead, your father and boyfriend will be next. And I will be greatly rewarded for preventing Alex Singer from her destiny and bringing on the Apocalypse."

What was he talking about? Alex thought to herself. She tried her best to yell for Dean but nothing came out. She began seeing stars and knew if she couldn't get loose in the next few minutes she would be out cold or worse, dead. No longer having the energy to fight him, Alex began seeing the darkness. Sam was busy watching the light going out in Alex's eyes that he didn't notice that Dean had woken up and was making his way over to them. Dean grabbed one of Bobby's books and swung it with all his might, connecting with the back of Sam's head. Sam's grip on Alex loosened and she dropped to the floor.

Alex began coughing, her throat burned from the lack of oxygen and she could still feel where Sam gripped her tightly. It took Alex a few moments to get her breath back and when she finally stood up, she saw Sam knock Dean to the floor. Sam was telling something to Dean and he looked over to Alex with a scared expression. Their eyes met and Alex knew Sam had told him what he had told her in the bar. Alex knew she was no match for Sam, so she ran to her father for help.

Bobby was just getting himself off the floor when Alex came and helped him up. "Dad, what can we do?" Bobby saw the bruises on her throat and saw the fright in her eyes. Her voice was hoarse.

"I think I have an idea," Bobby had looked toward the fireplace and saw the hot poker. It was worth a try he thought to himself.

Alex looked over to Dean and saw that Sam now had Dean pinned and was pressing his thumb into his bullet wound. No longer waiting on her father, Alex ran over to Sam. She jumped on his back and threw her arms around his neck hoping it would distract him from hurting Dean any further. Sam had let go of Dean and stood up with Alex still on his back. He reached around and grabbed Alex by the hair and pulled her off his back. He threw her to the floor.

"You're a stubborn little b***h. I thought you learned your lesson," Sam had raised his hand, he made a fist and was bringing it down to connect with the side of her face when Bobby grabbed his arm and stuck the hot poker to the symbol.

As soon as the poker connected, the demon inside of Sam left his body; the black smoke rolled from his mouth and went out through the chimney. Sam fell to the floor and grabbed his arm where the poker had burned the symbol.

Alex looked up to make sure Sam was ok and eventually fell back to the floor exhausted from the fight.

"What did I miss?" was the first thing from Sam's mouth. Dean used the strength he had left to sit up. He reached over to Sam and punched him square in the jaw. Sam grabbed his face, looked to Alex and Bobby but didn't say a word.

Dean left Sam's side and crawled his way over to Alex. Dean found her laying on the floor with her hands over her face. Dean reached down and grabbed Alex's hands and pulled them off her face. When he did, he saw that she was crying. He pulled her to her feet and steadied her against his chest. Dean cupped her face between his hands and brushed the tears from her eyes. Dean could see fear, hurt and love in her eyes.

"It's over now. Your safe," Dean pulled her closer to his chest. He felt her arms go around his waist and hold tight. Dean had almost lost Alex two times already. After this last time, Dean knew the feelings he had for Alex were real; he had never felt this way about anyone. There was something about her that was different. In one way, she was just like him; damaged, seeking revenge for family and loved the classics, but there was something else that he couldn't put his finger on, but he knew that he wanted to stay around to figure it out.

Alex had loosened her grip on Dean and stood back from him. She remembered his wound and went into nurse mode. "You shoulder?" Alex said hoarsely.

"Oh, it's fine," Dean wasn't worried about his shoulder, he was more worried about Alex. When she had spoken, Dean noticed her voice was hoarse, He reached up and rubbed his fingertips lightly across her neck. He saw her slightly grimace.

"Oh it's fine," Dean knew she was mocking him and smiled.

Sam had walked up to them and bowed his head. "I'm sorry Alex. I'm sorry if I hurt you," Hr had risen his head to look at Alex.

Alex stepped toward Sam. She hugged him and then stepped back. "I'm glad your ok." Then without warning, Alex made a fist and punched Sam just like Dean had done. "Sorry I had to do that."

Sam gripped his jaw." Uh, I guess I deserved that." Sam turned to Dean. "Dean I think she hits harder than you."

Alex was glad that Sam was back to his normal self. Seeing Dean holding his shoulder, Alex grabbed him by the hand and drug him into the kitchen. She pushed him into the chair. "Now, your shoulder."

Dean smiled because he had never gotten the attention he got from Alex. She worried about him just as much as he worried about her. Alex helped him remove his jacket and flannel shirt. She knew his shoulder was killing him but he would never show it in front of her. Once his flannel shirt was off, Alex saw the bloodstained undershirt.

"How about we make this a little easier for me." Alex smiled to herself as she reached down and lifted the shirt off. Dean had no objections; he let Alex pull the shirt over his head. The bandage Alex had put on earlier was completely soaked with blood. Alex carefully removed the bandage and retrieved a wet towel to wipe the blood from his shoulder and chest. Alex carefully dabbed the wet towel around the wound and blood continued to pour from the wound." I think I am going to have to stitch it up."

Alex got a needle and thread; she brought the whiskey over again just in case. She began sewing up the wound. Dean noticed Alex was deep and thought. "What are you thinking about?" He tried to focus all his attention on her so he didn't have to think about the pain in his shoulder.

The question caught Alex off guard. She didn't realize she was that transparent. Dean knew her better than she thought. "I was just wondering if the demon was telling the truth. . I know demons lie, but I wonder if they actually tell the truth." Alex rarely listened to what demons had to say, but the story the demon told her touched home and it was hard for Alex not to wonder if it was true.

"I'm sure they do. Especially if it plays with you head." Dean continued to watch Alex as she took in what he had to say. She was still in deep thought as she finished stitching him up. She grabbed the bandages and wrapped his shoulder. Alex refused to meet his gaze because she knew he would ask what she was thinking about again. The demon that was inside Sam had revealed many interesting, yet scary things about her. What was so special about her that demons had wanted her dead? Of course she was a good hunter, but she didn't think she was that special. Alex finished bandaging Dean's shoulder.

"There, all done. Feel free to keep your shirt off as long as you like." Alex stood and walked behind Dean tracing her fingers across his shoulders. Dean turned around and grabbed her arm and pulled her into his lap.

"Wait just a minute. I think there's something we need to talk about." Dean held Alex around the waist preventing her from trying to get up. "What did he say to you in the bar?"

Alex thought back to her encounter with Sam at the bar. He had talked about her destiny, how her and Dean would stop the Apocalypse and yellow eyes' plans for Sam. Alex wondered if somehow these things were connected. Alex looked up to meet Dean's eyes and found him staring intently , waiting for her answer. She began playing with the bandage on his shoulder as she told him what the demon had said.

"Well, he told me how my mother really died; he enjoyed telling me that one. And then he went on a spill about how that, he was really after me. Something about stopping me from my destiny and whatnot. Then he mentioned something about "me and my boyfriend" stopping the Apocalypse and then yellow eyes plan being set in motion. After that you showed up. That's all.' Alex looked up to Dean's face and found him in deep thought. She felt his hand move and he began rubbing her back. "Do you think Sam would know what the demon was talking about. Maybe he remembers something."

"I'm not sure. It's possible he could remember something."

Alex got up from Dean's lap. Dean stood up and got a good look at his lean and muscular body. She whistled and he walked up to her.

"You know it's a shame that we didn't get to have our date." Dean reached for Alex's waist and pulled her closer to him.

Alex brought her hands up and placed them on his bare chest. "Aww, you mean getting tortured and beat up by a demon Sam is not your idea of a good date?"

Dean smiled and brought his hand up to cup her cheek . He saw the bruise on her forehead and the bruises on her neck and went into protector mode. Alex saw his face get serious and she put her arms around his neck. "Dean… you don't have to worry about me anymore. I'm fine. Sam's fine. You need to worry about yourself." Alex pulled his face down to hers. She wanted so bad to tell him she loved him, but refrained not knowing how he would take it. So, she tiptoed to kiss him instead. It was a short and innocent kiss and she hoped it got the point across. Alex broke from his hold and turned to go outside to get their things from the car. "You better get a shirt on. We wouldn't want Sam to get jealous."

She heard him laugh as she headed out the back door. She hadn't noticed that the sun was coming up. Alex looked up into the sky and prayed that they would get through whatever came their way because Alex knew something big was about to happen.

(She is Love, Parachute,VA) (Don't Stop Believin', Journey)

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