The Missing Hokage - A story by me - Idea gotten from Perfect Lionheart

Author's Note: I decided to do this after reading through all of Perfect Lionheart's Chuunin exam day, a great story that I don't recommend to the weak of heart. However this story might not be that great, seeing that I haven't been writing for that long and that I don't have a beta reader. Though that doesn't mean I won't try to live up to the challenge. Wish me luck everyone (by luck I mean give me reviews). Also as a little side note, I may be using some concepts from Perfect Lionheart's story which shouldn't matter that much in the beginning. If by some chance anyone reads my other story and wants me to continue with it, then I might do so, though you have to tell me.

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" " ---- Talking of course

' ' ----- Thinking

( )----- Demon talk (while in Naruto's head)

So without further a due, the story presents itself. Please enjoy.

~~~~~~~~~~In the Beginning~~~~~~~~~~

In the beginning there was a battle, a battle between two powerful ninja to decide who gained control over the new village of Konoha. This massive battle that was fought would create a valley in that location, a valley that was justly named "The Valley of the End." In fact, two giant statues were erected here to honor that battle, so that future generations may remember what exactly happened at that location. Who would have guessed that a similar battle would occur at the same place between similar, yet not as skilled, ninja? Of these two ninja was a Uchiha and a Uzumaki; the first fighting for the prospect of power, and the second fighting for friendship and family.

This battle would end differently then the one in a different universe had ended. Before it ended by the Uchiha beating the only person that had ever tried to be an actual friend to him. Though by some twist of fate, Naruto had won in the battle of good vs evil. However some people wouldn't say that he won exactly, seeing how the both of them were passed out when Kakashi arrived at the scene. It was an amazing feat that the two of them had managed to land on the ground instead of land in the water where the would have most likely drowned.

"Didn't expect this to happen," Kakashi honestly stated after checking that both of them were alive though knocked out. Kakashi had figured that Naruto wouldn't have a chance of beating the Uchiha boy that he had trained himself. Overcoming the cursed seal that Sauske had as well as the sharingan was an amazing feat, a feat that Kakashi wanted to know how he accomplished. In the end though, Kakashi was glad that the both of them were alive and that they would be coming back to the village in more or less one piece.

Though there is only one reason Kakashi would have gotten why this battle changed so greatly then it had in a different time and or universe. That reason was that Naruto was tired of Sauske's arrogant attitude and unleashed all of his power into his famous rasengan. It was thought that Sauske got away before because Naruto held back not wanting to hurt his friend to badly on getting him back, even though he said he would break all of his bones to get him back to the village. So instead of getting beaten back by Sauske's chidori Naruto had pushed another surge of power into the rasengan, using the power of the fox to its full potential.

Kakashi did a few hand seals and summoned some dogs to aid him in taking the two genin back to the village. After this day Kakashi wouldn't be surprised if the village did something to reward the Uzumaki boy, maybe even look past the Kyuubi that was sealed inside of him. However that thought was a bit of a stretch, though who knew what the people would think of Naruto once they figured out he beat the Uchiha. So without further a due, Kakashi made his way back to the Village hidden in the leaves.

~~~~~~~~~~Konoha, a day later~~~~~~~~~~

There was shock and confusion among the ninja world when they figured out that Sauske had decided to leave the village. Some of the ninja had figured out that there was a chance that he might leave the village, that wasn't the biggest surprised of the news. No one expected that Naruto, the seemingly dead last of the ninja world, would be the one that brought the Uchiha back. To some this wasn't that unexpected, for they knew that he had beaten Garra of the Sand, another person with a demon sealed within him. Also to those few people they knew how he had helped in the defeat of Zabuza, one of the swordsman of the mist. Though with all good news there came some bad as well.

Bad news came in the form of Sauske, the last Uchiha. The biggest problem with the Uchiha was that he had tried to run away from the village and join one of the most dangerous criminals out there in the world, Orochimaru the Snake Sannin. So this would mean that the Uchiha would have to be imprisoned and kept imprisoned until it was deemed safe to let him out again. This news was a crushing blow to a lot of fangirls out there, seeing how they so adored the last of the Uchiha to only see him thrown into a prison where they wouldn't likely see them again.

Since it was known that Orochimaru wanted Sauske, he was being kept in a super secret jailing facility in the Hokage palace itself. This was mostly to keep Sauske safe from the clutches of the snake sannin, for Sauske wasn't able to use chakra that efficiently anymore. The reason for this was the demon chakra that came from Naruto in his last attack. After the demon chakra over powered the power of the cursed seal, the chakra went through Sauske's body as well. The chakra from the demon fox did not mix well with the influence that came with the cursed seal, rendering the chakra in Sauske to become erratic to say the least.

Naruto had no idea that there would be a consequence to unleashing more power from the demon fox, willing wanting the beast to help him beat Sauske. This allowed the seal to become a little more lose than it had been before, which was starting to bring about changes in Naruto. These changes were not being felt by Naruto; well at least not much; instead these changes were felt by the people around him, feeling that there was something wrong with the chakra inside of him. This disturbance of chakra also spread through the ninja ranks and people were starting to wonder what happened to the genin that had beat all of the odds.

~~~~~~~~~~Hokage's Office~~~~~~~~~~

"We are going to banish Naruto Uzumaki from Konoha," Homura Mitokado said in a commanding tone as he entered the Hokage's office along with Koharu Utatane. The command that was issued by Mitokado didn't hit Tsunade until two minuets later, which during that time she just sat there staring at the two of them just process what was suddenly declared. There was no way that she heard what she thought she heard. Hell, this was the child of the Fourth Hokage that they were talking about, not a simple matter in the least. This was when she realized that she was halfway through signing an approval for a mission, the command stunning her.

"What was that you said?" Tsunade asked as she finished signing the paper before her, she needed to be sure if they were talking about what she thought they were talking about.

"It is in the best interest of Konoha that we get rid of Naruto," this time Utatane spoke up rephrasing the statement that Mitokado had stated and going farther, "In light of recent discoveries we have concluded that the seal on the Kyuubi is getting weaker. We don't know if the seal may come off entirely, though it is a too much of a risk to take." Pausing for a second to collect her thoughts, she was soon talking again. "Also due to the combined attack by Sound and Sand we would not be able to fight back against the demon if it was released, which would lead to our downfall." On that note she stopped, figuring that it should be good enough of a reason to get rid of the boy.

"You can't be serious!" Tsunade declared as she stood up violently slamming her hands on the desk as she did so, "Didn't Naruto just go out and get the Uchiha back? Preventing one of the most dangerous missing-nin in the world from getting his hands on him? Also wasn't Naruto the one that saved the village from the Jinchuuriki from sand, preventing who knows how many lives from ending?" Tsunade was angry, very angry about these turns of events. Just when she thought she could relax the council had to bring this to her, wanting to get rid of the main reason she came to Konoha.

"We are dead serious," this time Mitokado said speaking for the both of them, "Though you do present some good points, if the demon fox got lose in the village there would be death and destruction on an unrealized level. There is no possible way we can risk that chance. Remember what happened all those years ago? Do you want that happening again?" After that the two of them put stoic faces on, not willing to budge from the decision they made. Even if Tsunade would have tried to argue her point they would just use the reason that it was for the sake of the villagers and not for their own safety. Tsunade figured it out after yelling at them for a few minuets and they just had that stone expression on their faces. If there was ever a time where Tsunade felt more helpless, she would be hard pressed to find one.

Shizune was out getting a spot of tea when this all happened, and when she came back she was surprised to see the Hokage with such a serious face. Instantly she knew that something had gone on when she had stepped out for a little break, but it must have been something life changing to make the Slug Princess care so much about it. It wasn't like it was that bad of a thing, more surprising than anything, in fact it was a good thing when she got serious, then there wouldn't be anything that could get in her way. Though what Shizune didn't know was that Tsunade was going to some very drastic things during the rest of this day and the next, acting fast to make sure that Naruto's future wasn't ruined.

"Shizune!" Tsunade demanded, causing said person to jump a bit, "Make us some very strong tea, we have a long night ahead of us." Tsunade, being as clever as she was, had already thought up a plan of action. This plan was going to be drastic and needed to be pulled of exactly right so she could get away with it, a plan that would make sure that Naruto would be safe and that would also get back at the council for wanting to banish him. Although it did seem a little childish, Tsunade didn't care about the consequences of what she was doing. There was no way she was going to let the council get rid of Naruto's, as well as her own, hopes and dreams.

~~~~~~~~The Next Night~~~~~~~~~~

Naruto woke up with a start the day after the day he was brought back to Konoha. For a while Naruto was confused about where he was and what he was doing there, figuring that he should be out getting Sauske back. The last thing he actually remembered before now was making a deal the with the demon fox within him, after realizing he didn't have enough power to beat the cursed seal Sauske. However, no matter how much Naruto tried, he couldn't remember what exactly that deal was. It wasn't a good thing that he couldn't remember what the deal he made with a nine tailed demon within himself was. He did know that the deal he made wouldn't hurt him in any way, hell, it was guaranteed to make him stronger. However he wasn't so sure that it wouldn't hurt the people around him.

Moving to get up from the bed he was laying on, Naruto felt a rush of pain flow through him as he tried to accomplish that action. Naruto figured this pain was what was left over from the gaping hole that Sauske made in his chest with the chidori, that was just healed later with the demon chakra. Also it could be due to all of the fire attacks or just getting hit with Sauske's physical blows, any of those reasons could be why there was such great pain. However, unknown to Naruto, none of those reasons were why he was actually hurting as much as he was, it was because of what the demon fox was doing to him. The pain would go down in a bit of time, but right now Naruto had some other things to worry about.

"Where am I?" Naruto asked aloud to the air as he found himself in a room unlike his own, very confused and the such. It was a small room, about seven feet by eight feet in all. There was only one light that hung down from the center of the ceiling that was honestly not all that bright in terms of light. The bed he was now sitting on was was a twin bed, with a single sheet and a pillow on it. The only other thing that was of note in the room was a toilet that sat in the corner of the room, a strange place for a toilet especially in a room with a bed in it. Taking a look at the door Naruto noticed that it was a metal door with a single slot near the bottom, almost at the level of the floor, a strange place this was.

"Wait a sec..." Naruto said aloud as he started putting all of the pieces together. A single bed, toilet in the bedroom, a metal door with a weir slot in it... He was in a prison! Why would he be in a prison? The only reason he could think of being here was if he was caught by some enemy ninja, but Naruto was in Konoha during this last mission to get Sauske. He might have been captured by Orochimaru and be in one of his bases, but Naruto doubted that seeing as it would be fairly difficult for the missing-nin to get in to Konoha again after all that has happened. Naruto couldn't place the reason why he was in a jail cell, seeing no logical reason in his not so logical mind. Getting up Naruto tried to open the metal door to no avail, using any and all jutsu he could think of using in this situation. Apparently they made prisons now a days that even ninja couldn't get out of, his attacks not doing anything to the metal door.

However soon Naruto's mind stopped wondering why he was in a jail cell and started wondering how everyone else was doing, and if he had managed to beat Sauske with that last blow of his. Laying back in the bed again after his futile attempts to open the door, his mind continued thinking about how everyone was doing, how all of his allies were doing right now. It had been a hard fight going from one sound ninja to the next, but they had made it and eventually got up to Sauske. Naruto was just hoping that none of his comrades had died during their fights with the Sound four or anyone else they may of encountered. However knowing his luck, it wasn't likely that any of them had died, for Naruto was a lucky person like that. Though anything could change, seeing that he was now located in a prison cell instead of his own bed at his crappy apartment was proof of that.

(Luck may have been on your side till now, but you're not going to be so lucky anymore.) The Kyuubi inside of him stated out of nowhere. Naruto was a little confused at this turn of events, seeing how he has never actually talked to the Kyuubi before besides begging the demon inside of him for power. Most of the time Naruto was just intimidated by the demon sealed within him, since he always wanted Naruto to take the seal off and all. So Naruto usually refrained from going inside his mind scape where he and the demon could talk, not wanting to see the demon that was forced upon him.

However, before Naruto could start talking back to the demon, he was knocked out by some strange force, a force that came from outside the cell. A moment later two people came into the room and picked up the knocked out form of Naruto, knocked out by a genjutsu, his greatest weakness. Even though the person that had come to get him wasn't that great at genjutsu it would be more than enough for the thick headed genin in the cell room. However the guard wasn't so simple to get past, being forced to knock him out with a swift kick to the family jewels.

The plan that the Lady Hokage had thought up needed Naruto to be knocked out, if it had any hope of being accomplished. Seeing that if Naruto knew what she was doing he would probably do anything in his power to fight against her. It was really sad that she had do to this without Naruto knowing about it, but there was no other choice. If she wasn't doing what she was doing right now then Naruto would end up way worse than he was before. Tsunade was furious about what was going on in this stupid village, the council deciding something and not even letting her have a say in it.

"Damn it!" Tsunade yelled out suddenly and punched the metal door off it's hinges on her way out of the cell, anger gathering inside of herself after thinking about the past day. That act of rage had caused Shizune to jump as she was accompanying Tsunade in fulfilling her plan, knowing full well that she couldn't leave her alone to do this herself. However Shizune made the smart decision and decided to a little distance between herself and the Hokage as they moved to leave the building, not wanting to get too close to her when she was furious like this. Calming Tonton down as they departed the building, Shizune knew that things were changing, drastically.

~~~~~~~~~~South entrance of the Village Hidden in the Leaves~~~~~~~~~~

Arriving at the south gate of the village, Tsunade, Shizune, and their pet Tonton were almost ready to leave the village. One thing was missing in this entourage though, they needed one more person to join their little group. It would have to be someone that would get along well with Naruto, someone that would be able to help their party as well. First off they started looking at people who were the best in the genin community, though they have been known to have some bad relations with Naruto. Then they looked for a genin that Naruto knew pretty well, but they didn't work with what they needed for the team. Actually the hardest part of this secret mission was finding out who they were going to take with them, because it would seem that no one cared about the boy with the Kyuubi sealed within him.

~~~~~~~~~~Courtesy of a flashback jutsu, we find ourselves at the Hokage's office earlier that day~~~~~~~~~~

"We need someone to take along for Naruto, he can't survive without someone around his age," Tsunade stated after finishing some paperwork needed for the mission. More specifically some paper work that would allow them to get away from this place without anything against them, as well with some money with them as well. Though Tsunade knew that the paper work was the easiest part of this secret mission, the hardest part was acting out the plan successfully.

"How about Sakura?" Shizune asked, mentioning the teammate that managed to let Sauske get away. The idea was pretty good in Shizune's mind, seeing that she was a part of his team they should get together well and make things that much easier. Though the Lady Hokage had reasons of her own why she should not be the one to come with them.

"Saukra? No I don't think that would be that great of an idea. First off, she is a Sauske worshiper, and wouldn't want to leave the Uchiha's side in any circumstance. Also Sakura wouldn't be any use to us, since she isn't that strong of a ninja. If were are to survive for a long time then we need someone who could help us out right away as well as in the long run." With that Tsunade finished with her narration, even though it didn't get them any closer to finding out who they were going to take with them.

The two of them just sat there for a few minuets, trying to figure out the missing piece of their misfit group. The answer came to Shizune first, mostly because of the fact that Shizune was more of a down to earth ninja and spent more time out in the village just examining how things were going. Thinking back to the powerful ninja needing to be a requirement, she thought of the Hyuuga clan and their powerful bloodline. After that she realized right away that there was one person that would fit perfectly in their group, Hinata Hyuuga. When she told Tsunade about the Hyuuga, a visible spark was seen in the Hokage's eyes, thing were starting to come together.

~~~~~~~~~~Returning to the present, we find ourselves again at the South Gate~~~~~~~~~~

"I'm off to get Hinata Shizune, please keep Naruto knocked out until I return," Tsunade commanded as a sort of request as well. This was the last part of their scheme, but if this part failed then she didn't know if they were going to be able to escape. Even though if anyone found about what she was doing it would be nigh on impossible for them to stop her. The only thing that would allow her to be stopped is if they figured out she wouldn't kill them, then they could go full force while she was holding back. That would lead them to get captured and Naruto's future to be utterly ruined.

"Hai," Shizune answered nodding her head in acknowledgment to the 5th Hokage. By now Shizune was gaining some paranoia as their plan proceeded. Though she knew that if there was anyone who would be able to pull this off it would be the Lady Tsunade, there was always the possibility that something horribly wrong could happen. This would just cause Shizune to pray for the best, because if something bad were to happen, it was going to happen soon, very soon.

~~~~~~~~~~The Hyuuga Compound, inside the Village~~~~~~~~~~

Arriving at the Hyuuga compound with no complications, Tsunade just needed to get Hinata and get out of there. Even though she was the Hokage of the village, she knew it was no laughing matter to infiltrate the Hyuuga Compound. Due to the fact that this compound held the secrets of the Hyuuga bloodline, it was highly guarded so that even someone with her skills would have some trouble sneaking in. So that was why she was going to take the direct approach and just ask to see the little Hyuuga, using a simple lie to gain access to the Hyuuga she wanted to see.

"I need to see Hinata Hyuuga," Tsunade stated with a tone of utmost authority to the guard at the front door. "We believe that she may of contracted a highly contagious disease during her last mission." The guard was panicked by being put into this position, but that was what Tsunade was hoping for. People that were panicked tended to make more mistakes than if they were to keep a cool and level head. The story was also fitting for what her profession was, being a medical ninja before the Hokage made the guard believe everything she said.

"Hai, right this way!" the guard exclaimed and threw open the gate to the Hyuuga complex, leading the way to Hinata's quarters. Because it was fairly late into the night by this point, there weren't many people about so there wasn't anyone to question why the Hokage was in the complex, which suited Tsunade just fine. The less and less people knew about was going on the better he plan was going. Then soon the two of them arrived at Hinata's room and Tsunade ordered the guard to stay outside.

When she entered the room she noticed that the girl she was here for was still asleep, which was good. Now all Tsunade needed to do was make Hinata look like she was sick then she could get her out of here. To accomplish that task Tsunade used a jutsu to increase Hinata's body temperature, and used some water to get her clothes wet, not wanting to wait for the sweat to do that for her. Using another jutsu to make sure that she would stay asleep, Tsunade picked up the girl and took her out of the room. Before she got out of the room, she noticed Hinata's ninja gear and quickly grabbed it, knowing she would need it later.

"How is-" the guard started saying, soon to be cut of by Tsunade.

"She is in bad shape, she needs to get to the hospital at once," Tsunade started to the guard, "I need you to tell the rest of your family to stay indoors for at least two days to make sure this disease doesn't spread. If anyone else gets sick send them to the hospital." All the guard did after that was nod and headed off towards another section of the compound, most likely to talk to some important person in charge of this place. Tsunade figured that whomever that person was going to talk to wouldn't want her to take the heir away so quickly, wanting to do their own examination before they would let the heir go. By the time they got everything sorted out, Tsunade would be long gone and the heir with her. Even though this was considered kidnapping, Tsunade was already cleared of this charge due to something she had done earlier, preparing for an event like this.

Looking down at the sleeping Hyuuga, Tsunade felt a twang of guilt by the actions she had done this night. That guilt soon went away however, due to the knowledge that this girl was going to be safer than she had ever been before in her life. Before now she would just sit in the village and could potentially be attacked for her eyes, but if she was with Tsunade one of the sannin, there was no way anyone would attack her openly. So Tsunade considered this a favor for the girl, taking some of the stress off of her life.

'No more time for reflection, I've got to get out of here,' Tsunade thought to herself as she suddenly turned from her path heading in another direction to throw off anyone that my be following her. She knew that it wasn't likely that anyone would be following due to the fact that she was the Hokage. It never hurt to make sure however, and she didn't become the sannin by not being cautious. Soon she would find herself getting closer and closer to the south gate, where she would be leaving this village for good.

~~~~~~~~~~South Gate, Everyone Present~~~~~~~~~~

Standing at the gate was the party of four that were about to leave the village. Naruto and Hinata were being roused awake by Shizune while Tsunade was looking back at the village. There was a weird feeling in her gut as she took one last look at the village she was about to leave and most likely never return to. The only reason they weren't gone yet was because she needed to let Hinata and Naruto say goodbye to the village. If she didn't let them do so, their morale would be horribly low and wouldn't survive knowing they left without one last meaningful look.

Hearing a groan from Naruto as he was the first to be awoken from the jutsu induced sleep, she noticed the four packs that were near the others. These packs contained all the gear that they would need in the future, as well as a sizable amount of money that Tsunade took from Konoha to fund their travels. Also present next to the bags was a very important scroll that Naruto was tricked into stealing a time ago, the Scroll of Forbidden Jutsu. Tsunade figured that this scroll would be very helpful in the future, providing many learning tolls for the their group.

"Hey Granny," Naruto started in a annoyed voice, "what are we doing here in the middle of the night?"

"We are going on a special mission Naruto, one that requires us to be gone from Konoha for a long time." Naruto was about to ask something else but Tsunade just held up her hand, not wanting to be interrupted. "This mission is for the good of all of us, I'll explain more when Hinata wakes up." After she mentioned Hinata Naruto looked to his side and noticed that Hinata was with them as well, being totally oblivious to the fact a moment before. That is what you would expect from the number one knucklehead ninja in Konoha. Telling Naruto that they were going on a mission was technically a lie, used to keep Naruto as calm as possible until Hinata was awake.

Noticing that Hinata was now waking up, Tsunade now owed an explanation to the two of them.

"I fully understand that the two of you are confused about why you are here in the middle of the night," she started on he little on the spot speech, "But I have formed a new team for Konoha today, and that team is called 'Team Hokage'. It is a four man team consisting of one Hokage, one Jounin, and two Chunnin." Letting that sink in a little so the two kidnapped people could comprehend what she had said, Naruto was the first to say something.

"You mean that the two of us are Chunnin now!" he exclaimed jumping into the air, all sign of sleepiness gone, "Take that Sauske-kun! Hard work beats your stupid natural talent!" Preforming a little dance, there was nothing Tsunade could do but smile at this display of joy, knowing that some pain would come later. All Hinata was doing was pushing her two fingers together nervous about being a Chunnin and being in close proximity to Naruto. Now it was time for the hard part, the part that Tsunade thought Naruto wouldn't like.

"Our team is going on a trip, a trip that will last a long time if I planned it right," she started Naruto, Hinata, and Shizune watching her as she talked. "We are leaving Konoha to do this, which would technically make us missing-nin if I haven't pardoned us from all crimes before this moment. While he are traveling Shizune and I will be training the two of you personally, so consider yourselves the luckiest ninja in Konoha."

"But why are we leaving? Wouldn't you two be able to train us if we were still in the village?" Naruto asked as he thought everything over, not wanting to leave the village he was destined to be the Hokage of.

"It's because they want to banish you from Konoha Naruto," Tsunade answered, not wanting to prolong the departure, "Because of what is in you they consider you to dangerous and want you banished where you will most likely die out on your own. It isn't fair and I know, but if I had not done what I did today. You would most likely die within a week." It was a little harsh but it was the truth of the situation. Naruto wasn't experienced enough to travel alone in the world.

"As for you Hinata, you don't have to stay with us, you may go back to the village if you want. We just chose you because we thought you would fit good with our group," she said addressing the Hyuuga now. "We will understand if you don't want to leave Konoha and stay with you friends and family. So what do you say? Stay or go?" Waiting for an answer, Naruto was to shocked to say anything, so Hinata had plenty of time to say something.

"I'll st... stay," she answered quite shocked about the situation she had found herself in. But if there was anyway she could spend time with Naruto then she would take it, even if it meant leaving the village she had grown up in. "I... I wouldn't want to make the Hokage think less of me," though that was only a small part of it, she didn't have the courage to say her true intentions even though she would be with Naruto for a long time.

"I am sorry that you didn't have the proper time to say your good byes but the best I can do is let you write out what you want to say and leave it here," and with that she gave the two of them some paper and a writing utensil each. Letting them write for a few minuets and when they were finished she took the papers and pinned them up against the wall, where a ninja would find it in a day or so. "Now take one last look, for it will be the last one you will get for a long time."

Naruto, Hinata, Shizune, and even Tsunade turned to the village and looked at what they were leaving. It pained them all to be leaving this wonderful village filled with it's corrupt leaders, but they all knew that it was for the better. After they had all turned away from the village, Tsunade motioned for the packs and each took one, Tsunade taking the giant scroll.

"Alright, let's go!" she exclaimed, taking the Hokage's hat and putting it on her head, now the official Hokage member of Team Hokage. It was going to be a long and bumpy road ahead of them, but she knew that they could survive it, being that they had some of the best ninja in Konoha in their group. Tsunade couldn't help but be a little happy about how the way things were going. If someone made a bet with her on if they were going to survive or not, she would bet on them making it.