Star Trek: Odyssey 8: On The Line

A Danube class Runabout just left orbit at a high rate of speed from an M class planet with rings. The planet has a greenish tint to it and a green trail of particle dust circled the planet before trailing off into space. The Runabout showed some battle damage and was getting ready to leave the system.

"How are we doing?" Lieutenant McKenzie asked rushing up to the two pilots.

"Not bad so far." Stull said. "Just as long as we keep them off our backs."

"We have a Mirror universe Akira class starship on our tail. One false move and we're dead." McKenzie said.

Stull nodded. "Yes, sir."

McKenzie patted her on the shoulder. "It's ok. I have faith in you, Ensign." The Lieutenant turned to the other pilot. "Keep returning fire."

"Aye, sir." Ensign Vail said.

McKenzie looked back to her three other passengers. Dustin Zofchak lied on the floor recoiling in pain. Alex Merriell walked over to Dustin's left side to see if he could offer any assistance. On Dustin's right was Hoshi Sato. A large insect creature had wrapped itself around Dustin's neck.

"Get this damn thing off me." Dustin said.

"We can't." Hoshi replied.

"Just cut it off."

"Contact the Alexandria, tell them we have a medical emergency." Alex said.

"There must be something we can do for him." Hoshi said.

"Grab the emergency first aid kit."

Hoshi jumped to her feet and ran to get it.

"Commander, every time we try to remove it. It just makes the pain worse. Just try to be still." Merriell said.

After grabbing the kit, Hoshi came up between the two pilots. "Is there anyway for us to go faster?"

"I'm working on it. That Akira class isn't helping matters. As soon as we clear the system we can go to warp." Stull pressed another button and the hailing frequency sound emitted from it. "Alexandria, Runabout Tigris is en route with medical emergency. Hostiles in pursuit."

Captain Allensworth walked onto the bridge from his ready room.


"The Tigris reports a medical emergency." Sparhawk said. "I've alerted Doctor Plumley and she's standing by. The runabout is being attacked by hostiles."

"What kind of hostiles?"


Allensworth looked somewhat annoyed.

"Put me through to Commander Zofchak."

"He is the injury, sir."

"Just great." Allensworth said turning to the view screen.

Merriell and Sato worked to try and help Zofchak. Merriell rummaged through the first aid kit while Hoshi knelt next to Dustin who was moving his left arm around along with swaying his feet to try and deal with the pain. Hoshi grabbed his right arm and made him grab her arm as a squeezing tool. She winced at first but then dealt with it. It couldn't possibly be near the pain Zofchak was in.

"There's nothing in here that is going to get rid that." Alex said.

"Something for the pain?" Hoshi asked.

"We don't have anything?"

Allensworth's voice came in on the runabout's intercom.

"Runabout Tigris, what's the situation?"

"Commander Zofchak is injured, we're about to leave the system and we're being pursued by a starship from the mirror universe."

"What's the status of Zofchak's injury?" Allensworth asked.

"There is some sort of alien bug attached to his neck. He's completely immobile." Merriell said.

"What's it doing to him?"

"We're not sure, sir. We can't get it off him."

"You understand the risk of bringing something like that back to the ship?"

"Yes, sir but we really don't have a choice."

"Understood, Commander. We're on our way. Alexandria out." Allensworth said. He then tapped his communicator. "Doctor Plumley report to shuttle Bay Two."

"On my way." Plumley replied.

"Evacuate and quarantine the shuttle bay once you arrive."


The runabout was getting ready to leave the system. Stull entered the commands to prepare to go to warp once clear of the system. They would've left the system earlier if they didn't have to make all sorts of evasive maneuvers to avoid the phasers and photon torpedoes that the mirror ship was firing at them.

Hoshi did her best to make Dustin more comfortable. It looked like he wasn't in as much pain as he really was. Merriell was going through the other compartments trying to find something that could help them.

"We're clear." Stull said. "Going to warp."

The nacelles on the runabout lit up just as the ship was about to take off. Suddendly, the ship rocked violently knocking everyone over. McKenzie was thrown off her feet. Sparks erupted in front of Ensign Vail sending her to the floor. Ensign Stull banged her head off of an edge of a computer panel, knocking her unconscious. Merriell and Sato both fell to the floor. Zofchak banged the back off his head off the bulked he was leaning on and he was unconscious as well. Computer systems and the lights flickered and eventually went out. The Runabout hung lifelessly in space as the mirror universe Akira class flew past it.